July 2010 Archives

American Automakers: An Industry on the Rebound?

Guests: Tammy Darvish, Paul Ingrassia, Anthony Yezer,
American Automakers: Almost a year and a half after the American auto bailout, our panel examines the future of the American auto industry. Read More

Cyber Dissidents: How the Internet is Changing Dissent

Guests: Jeffrey Gedmin, David Keyes, Christopher Walker, Bari Weiss,
Jim and guests discuss the ways dissidents are using the Internet to communicate with each other and the outside world, and the methods used by autocratic regimes to clamp down on opposition. Tweet with dissidents from around the world: Arash Kamangir (Iran) @kam Read More

Robert Pozen: One on One

Guests: Robert Pozen,
Now that the U.S. financial system has come "back from the brink," what more should be done to re-structure our banking system? Read More

Drones and the Changing Face of War

Guests: Abraham Sofaer, Gary Solis, P.W. Singer,
A wide-ranging discussion about the legality and morality of using drones to target terrorists and enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Read More