September 2010 Archives

George Shultz: The Case for Nuclear Zero

Guests: George Shultz,
George Shultz served in four Administrations, serving as an economic advisor to three Presidents before turning his efforts to international relations as Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan at the height of the Cold War. Still actively analyzing policy a Read More

The Principal Factor: How Leadership Can Turn Around America's Failing Schools

Guests: Dan Elsener, James Guthrie, Len Stevens,
Most plans for education reform focus on improving teacher performance in the classroom. But education reformers are catching on to a promising new approach: Training principals in management techniques that work in the private sector. Three guests discuss new prog Read More

The Great Brain Race: The Globalization of Higher Education

Guests: Beth McMurtrie, Peter N. Stearns, Ben Wildavsky,
It's not just American business that has gone global. American universities have, too. In response to the worldwide demand for American-style higher education, American universities have expanded into countries across the globe - opening branches from Cai Read More