February 2012 Archives

Bringing Better Health Care To Women In Africa

Guests: Dr. Eric Bing, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Groesbeck Parham,
A discussion about innovative programs designed to reach more women in Africa to improve their health care, with a particular focus on cervical and breast cancer detection and prevention. Taped during the Global Health Conference sponsored by the Bush Institute in Read More

How to Remember Everything: A Discussion with Author and Memory Champion Josh Foer

Guests: Joshua Foer,
Does mobile gadgetry make a good memory less important? Ancient orators memorized entire books. Can we all remember everything if we so choose? Author Joshua Foer explored these questions during his quest to become a national memory champion. Read More

Afghan Women: Prospects for the Future: Former First Lady Laura Bush, Goldman Sachs Dina Powell and others

Guests: Former First Lady Laura Bush, Shahla Akbari, Dina Powell, Mina Sherzoy,
With the U.S. slated to draw down its troops in Afghanistan and the Afghan government seeking to negotiate peace with Taliban militants, the fragile strides made by Afghan women may be in jeopardy. Jim Glassman interviews former First Lady Laura Bush and others wh Read More

Ending America's Dropout Crisis Part 2: A Matter of Leadership

Guests: Dewey Hensley, Jane Patterson, Robert O. Gibson Middle School, Leslie County High School,
A look at what can be done at the middle school level to keep students in school through high school and beyond. We will profile middle school leaders, teachers, students and programs that have turned troubled middle schools into models of success. Read More