March 2012 Archives

A Matter of Leadership: An Ideas in Action Special Report on Ending America's Dropout Crisis

Guests: Dr. Robert Balfanz, Michael Brown, Dr. Dewey Hensley, Liza Herzog, Dr. Lindan Hill, John H. Jackson, Jennie Niles, Jane Patterson, Wendy Puriefoy, Governor Bob Wise, Michael Yudin,
As part of CPB's American Graduate initiative, Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman takes an in-depth look at nationwide efforts toward ending America's dropout crisis. This new one-hour HD documentary is A Matter of Leadership. Success stories from schools across the Read More

The Quest: Energy, Security and the Re-making of the Modern World

Guests: Daniel Yergin,
Interview with author Daniel Yergin, international energy expert and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Prize, in 1992. Read More

How to Solve a Problem Like Illegal Immigration

Guests: , Doris Meissner, Ali Noorani,
With states shaping their own immigration laws and courts taking up the issue, experts from across the spectrum discuss what is currently lacking and what is needed in shaping true immigration reform. Read More

Has Nuclear Power Run Out of Power?

Guests: Thomas Cochran, Charles Ferguson, Tony Pietrangelo,
The nuclear power industry has suffered severe setbacks recently that bring into question whether it will be a viable source of energy in the future. Yet China has committed to nuclear in a big way. A discussion of the future of nuclear energy at home and abroad. Read More