January 2010 Archives

Arne Duncan: Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans”

“ABC News’ Mary Bruce Reports:   Education Secretary Arne Duncan said today that Hurricane Katrina was ‘the best thing that... Read More

A tribute to Robert Park, martyr for something worth martyrdom

Claudia Rossett reminds us that there were really two Christmas day martyrs.  One was the wretched rich boy Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, whose indulgent father tried pathetically to stop him from killing himself and 300 other innocents.  The other "was a 28 Read More

Microfinance: Translating Research into Practice

Amol Agrawal, a Mumbai-based economist and investment analyst, blogs intelligently about the fashionable subject of microfinance, and presents all-too-rare research on its practical impact  in various Indian deployments (from a recent conference, "Microfinance Read More

Sadly, the catastrophe in Haiti has many precedents: let's learn from them

Such is the sensible advice of John Simon, former Senior Director for Relief, Stabilization, and Development on the National Security Council.  He's thinking of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004,  the South Asia earthquake of 2005, and the Chengdu earthqua Read More

James Guthrie: the coming fiscal disaster for public schools and how schools must adapt

The growth path in education spending since the 1920s has been astonishing, according to Bush Institute Fellow Jim Guthrie:  per pupil spending rose 70 percent and teachers per pupil rose by about 50 percent.   But it is inevitable that this growth w Read More

A conversation with Mark Dybul and other participants in PEPFAR on Public Radio's "America Abroad"

A recent episode of America Abroad radio examined "the Bush Administration's unprecedented Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief that has provided life-saving treatment for over two million Africans."  Host Ray Suarez interviews Fellow Mark Dybul, Warren Buckingham, Read More

Dybul on Uganda's tragedy: a key ally in the war against AIDS turns on its own gay citizens

Uganda, notorious for considering legislation that would outlaw homosexuality and punish gay men and women, actually has been a leader among African nations in the battle against AIDS. Bush Institute Fellow Mark Dybul writes: "The practical impact of the law wil Read More

The American left begins to gag on Castro's Cuba

In an exciting and knowledgeable piece, Ron Radosh writes:  "recently, it appears that the once monolithic support by the American Left to the Cuban Revolution is beginning to dissipate. Two surprising examples of this have just now come to light."  Read More

Virtual immigration - what it is and how it benefits US workers

W. Michael Cox (also director of the William J. O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at SMU's Cox School of Business), Richard Alm and Justyna Dymerska show how technology permits "virtual immigration" which allows "highly paid workers in the U.S." to sell Read More

The Paul Krugman nobody knows: an admirable theorist and stalwart defender of international trade

Paul Krugman writes a beautiful little essay on international trade, demonstrating his subtle, open-minded, and masterful understanding of the subject: an implicit demonstration of how free trade is generally a good thing for all,  a splendid overview of how t Read More