February 2010 Archives

The Dallas Morning News’ Q&A with James Guthrie

The Dallas Morning News’ editorial columnist spoke to Fellow Jim Guthrie about the nature of school leadership – the topic of the Bush... Read More

To the teachers of Central Falls (RI) High School: “I demand of you that you demand more of yourself and those around you.”

So said B.K. Nordan, a Trustee of the Central Falls School Board, to the 78 high school teachers that the city’s school superintendent Frances... Read More

New studies expand our understanding PEPFAR’s success

Correspondence published in Annals of Internal Medicine in response to the paper by Bendavid and Bhatarchaya we posted in January  elaborates on the... Read More

Will Inboden: how Reagan would have supported the Green Movement

Will Inboden of the Legatum Institute attacks the notion that it would be harmful for Iran’s Green Movement for the U.S. actively to support... Read More

The New York Times: Protect and cherish No Child Left Behind!

According to today’s New York Times, it is “important to protect what is good in the law and resist pressure from powerful forces –... Read More

Iranian Dissident Mohsen Sazegara Joins Bush Institute as Visiting Fellow

DALLAS (February 4, 2010)—The George W. Bush Institute today announced the appointment of Iranian dissident Mohsen Sazegara as its second Visiting... Read More

Institute Fellow Kress responds to Arne Duncan’s NCLB plans

An Open Letter to Arne Duncan, by Sandy Kress Mr. Secretary, first, I want to congratulate you for a superb year. You pushed solid reforms... Read More

Former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings hopes we “find the will” to make NCLB more robust, not weaker

Find The Will By Margaret Spellings,President and CEO, Margaret Spellings and Company, and Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Education I will... Read More