March 2010 Archives

Natural Gas Nation Conference: Natural Gas Holds Promise, But Serious Challenges Exist

By Will Brackett, Managing Editor Reprinted by permission, Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter The promise presented by America\'s vast reserves of... Read More

China monopoly on vital material for renewable energy source

The Chinese control the market for the rare earths that are necessary for wind-powered energy generation – making it more expensive or... Read More

Dallas Morning News: At SMU institute, Bushes put attention on Afghan women’s plight

From Diane Rado’s story: Former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush spotlighted the harsh reality as well as the... Read More

Uganda’s Dr. Peter Mugyenyi: “health system strengthening” in Africa at the expense of HIV-AIDS funding may backfire and hurt all patients

The idea is that now that AIDS is under control, we can divert funding from PEPFAR and other programs which target AIDS and spend it on overall... Read More

Wisdom from President Obama’s US Trade Representative

Ron Kirk, speaking to the footwear and apparel manufacturers trade group, made a number of great points that can’t be emphasized too... Read More

Giovanni Peri: New evidence that immigration increases productivity, affluence for all workers

Immigration leads to significant gains in productivity without any negative impact on the wages or employment of less-skilled workers and with a... Read More

Two U.S. Bills Seek to Lure Foreign Entrepreneurs

From Jeffrey Mervis’ Science Insider blog at Science magazine: Foreign scientists who want to start a U.S. company would have a better shot at... Read More