April 2010 Archives

America's Morning News - Interview with Jim Glassman

On Monday, April 26th, our host Jim Glassman was interviewed by the nationally syndicated radio program, America's Morning News.  Click here to listen to the interview. Read More

The Wall Street Journal: The Freedom Agenda after Bush

From Bari Weiss’s report: Adrian Hong, who was imprisoned in China in 2006 for his work helping North Koreans escape the country (a modern... Read More

Boston Globe: Despite forecasts, freedom takes more than technology

By Jeff Jacoby.  Here’s an excerpt: For all the wonders it makes possible, information technology is only a tool, and like all tools it can be... Read More

AIDS flat-funding hits women and children first in Uganda

Here is a report from around Kampala from Asia Russell,  traveling in Uganda for Health GAP, on how flat-funding of AIDS programs is causing a... Read More

USAToday: Gedmin keynote at Bush Institute’s Conference on Cyber Dissidents

USAToday publishes Jeffrey Gedmin’s keynote at the Institute’s Conference on Cyber Dissidents (Dr. Gedmin is President and CEO of Radio... Read More

The trickle-down price Ugandans pay for flat-funding PEPFAR

If there is no funding to treat every family member, no family member will seek treatment.  And if there is no treatment available, then no one will... Read More

Boston Globe: Bending the healthcare cost curve in Africa

“WASHINGTON — US officials have asked some AIDS clinics overseas to stop enrolling new patients in a US-sponsored program that provides... Read More