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James K. Glassman interviews David Hankin

This week, Jim interviewed David Hankin, President of the Digital Coast Roundtable, an organization of top new media and Internet executives in Los Angeles. Hankin, a former CEO of Hyundai Internet Technologies and Vice President of Sony Online Entertainment, think Read More

The Billion-Dollar Question for E-Business: Who Owns the Data?

If knowledge is power in the information economy, then control of data can mean big money. More and more the issues at stake in precedent-setting litigation and major New Economy policy decisions come down to a single question: who owns... Read More

Tech Boom Hides Looming Disaster

Well, by now you've probably paid the IRS for all those wonderful government programs that you enjoyed in 1999. And weren't you amazed at how reasonable the price was? All jokes aside, we naturally focus on the huge amount the... Read More

Why You Should Never, Ever Invest in France

In America, we tend to think that the Internet is a fairly positive development. Technology is a good thing. Innovation is a plus. Similarly, business mergers are usually celebrated as shrewd deals or as aggressive moves to become more competitive... Read More

How to Invest in Tech Stocks

If you're like many investors, you may be considering diving into tech stocks now that the NASDAQ has suffered a large decline. Your instincts may tell you that it's a buying opportunity. Many of the best-known tech names are selling... Read More

Digital Divide: The Search for Victims Continues

Civil rights politics don't seem to translate very well to the fast-moving, consumer-friendly world of the Internet. Still, left-wing pols figured they'd found a 21st century cause and a catchy buzzword with "The Digital Divide." The theory was that only... Read More

James K. Glassman interviews Commissioner Orson Swindle of the Federal Trade Commission

Here's Jim Glassman's interview with our TCS Big Shot of the Week, Commissioner Orson Swindle of the Federal Trade Commission. Commissioner Swindle, who once fought for freedom in south-east Asia and served his country as a POW in Vietnam, has... Read More

Anti-Trust Law For Dummies

There`s a secret to anti-trust law, but learning it isn`t likely to reassure a high tech investor pondering the implications of the Microsoft verdict. The secret is that the most basic terms used in the field, concepts crucial to great... Read More

The FTC's Internet Power Grab

Have you ever wondered why reporters choose to cover a certain story at a certain time? What is it that makes something newsworthy? And where do stories come from? I've been wondering about a recent story on NBC's "Dateline." The... Read More

'Erin Brockovich,' Exposed

Erin Brockovich, which was No. 1 at the box office for a second week in a row, is a slick and enjoyable movie. The film tells the true story of Erin Brockovich, a legal assistant, who in 1993 lined up... Read More

How to Respond to a Declining NASDAQ

On the morning of April 3rd, I released a TechCentralStation Investor Alert. The message was simple: tech companies and investors faced a new element of risk, based on rising political interference in technology markets. That afternoon, Judge Jackson and the... Read More

If I Were Bill Gates

Lately, Microsoft has been running television ads featuring its chairman, Bill Gates, reassuring investors, employees, software developers and other business partners that his company is moving ahead despite legal setbacks, that a great company will become even gre Read More

Qualcomm's China Lesson

It seems that every established high-tech company is looking toward China and its billions of citizens as the motherlode of markets. Unfortunately, doing business in China, as Qualcomm found out, can be fraught with peril. However, where there's peril... Read More

You're Eating Genetically-Modified Food

There's no escape. The milk on your Cheerios this morning came from a genetically-modified cow. The Cheerios themselves featured genetically-modified whole grain goodness. At lunch your french fries came from genetically-modified potatoes, along with that bucket o Read More

Congress: Please Sell My Kidneys

Congress and the Clinton Administration are debating how to fix a system that cannot be fixed. Each year, thousands of Americans die waiting for an organ transplant, and their deaths are the direct result of government policy. There is a... Read More

Three Cheers for Volatility!

When a market index rises and falls by hundreds of points in a single day, is that cause for concern? Should you worry about wild price swings in the stocks you own? Well, Warren Buffett, one of the most successful... Read More

Is Government Strangling The New Economy?

It's not hard to understand why Microsoft's stock price plummeted in the wake of Monday's unfavorable court ruling, but what explains the decline of the other high-tech companies that dominate the Nasdaq Stock Market? Just look at Microsoft's competitors, the... Read More

Tech Central Host James K. Glassman interviews House Commerce Committee Chairman Tom Bliley

Tech Central Host James K. Glassman sat down this week with House Commerce Committee Chairman Tom Bliley, who's retiring this year after more than 30 years in public service and three terms as Chairman of the Commerce Committee. Jim Glassman:... Read More

The Disappearing Problem of Online Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission announced to some fanfare recently it would be investigating various health care Web sites, along with Internet advertising agency DoubleClick, Inc., for possible privacy violations. Whatever the merits of these specific cases, it's imp Read More

No Title

Tech Central Host James K. Glassman sat down this week with House Commerce Committee Chairman Tom Bliley, who's retiring this year after more than 30 years in public service and three terms as Chairman of the Commerce Committee. Jim Glassman:... Read More

Saving the environment from environmentalists

The smartest guy I know has just written a great book. So the first chance you get, buy a copy of Peter Huber's Hard Green. The subject, "a conservative manifesto for the environment," may sound a little dry, but it's... Read More

Taxpayer rip-off in progress

By the time you hear about some Federal scheme to waste your tax dollars, it's usually too late to do anything about it. Often, the media starts covering a government boondoggle only after your money is misspent, and it's an... Read More

Should you Yahoo?

Last week was a rough one for tech stocks, as the NASDAQ composite officially slid into "correction" territory, meaning a decline of at least 10% from its high. Why the sell-off? Well, it may seem like there's been a lot... Read More

Car Dealers Declare War on the New Economy

US auto dealers are waging war against the American consumer. And so far, the car dealers are winning. In virtually every state in this country, car dealers have successfully lobbied to prevent new cars from being sold by anyone but... Read More

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