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Why We Don`t Want Net Regulation

Whenever the FCC ponders new regulations for broadband networks, or the FTC proposes new online privacy laws, tech consumers and investors should recognize a major threat to growth and innovation. Fortunately, the government has begun to quantify that threat, and.. Read More

TCS host Jim Glassman talks with the eight-term Congressman from Arizona

Standing up for technology and free markets can definitely carry a political price, as Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) has found. When Kolbe fought to allow more highly-skilled immigrants to come here and help our tech companies grow, the result was... Read More

Strategic Defenses

As often noted, one problem with the National Missile Defense (NMD) debate is that most Americans think we already have it. If you ask the average man in the street how many ICBMs aimed at their city we could intercept... Read More

The Fed Learns to Stop Bloodletting

Back in the 1700s, a German-born physician known as Franz Mesmer was the hottest doctor in Paris. Mesmer, would put patients in a trance - "mesmerize" them, that is -- and then "rebalance" their magnetic fields. He was said to... Read More

James K. Glassman interviews Fannie Mae Vice Chair Jamie Gorelick

Fannie Mae, America's largest financier of mortgage loans, has been catching some heat on Capitol Hill for its government charter, which has allowed the company to borrow money at low rates. The stock has taken a beating lately, but when... Read More

A Surfer`s Guide to Online Privacy

Have you been targeted lately? For online marketers, "targeting" means watching everything you do online, recording your interests and then using that data to offer you what you`re most likely to buy. I experience targeting every time I log on... Read More

Medicare Madness

The great political wit H.L. Mencken once noted, "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." This election year politicians are keeping us alarmed... Read More

If I Had to Pick One Tech Stock. . .

Let's assume for a moment that you have a variety of stocks in your portfolio, spread across multiple industries (I recommend owning stock in at least eight companies in different fields). You have a pharmaceutical firm, a consumer products company,... Read More

Our Favorite Lawsuit

Here at TechCentralStation, we're not big fans of litigation. We don't view plaintiff attorneys as selfless heroes just trying to help the little guy. And we're even less enthusiastic about government lawyers who sue great technology firms. The Microsoft... Read More

James K. Glassman speaks with the former Speaker of the House

Author of the Contract with America and the Republican take-over of the House in 1994, Newt Gingrich shook the American political system to its foundations. Now he wants technology to do the same thing to American health care. TCS host... Read More

The Hyper-hyping of Privacy

"Privacy for this election and for the rest of the decade will be as important as health care for the nineties," a political analyst told a high-powered meeting of the Committee on Economic Development. "A hot new issue is lurking... Read More

Where's My Dividend?

We've all heard of the peace dividend. The politicians cut defense spending after Ronald Reagan's victory in the Cold War, and we've been enjoying the benefits ever since. Thanks to defense cuts and an awesome economy created by all you... Read More

Fun with Funhouse Mirrors

When it comes to using government statistics to think about the new economy, what you see isn't even close to what you get. We can't go forward using the data the government gives us to think about the world without... Read More

Silicon Valley East

Recently I talked about investing in companies that make semiconductors - otherwise known as computer chips. Most of the companies I mentioned are American firms, but of course innovation in the digital age isn't confined to the United States. Another... Read More

Election 2000: Year of the Investor Class?

George W. Bush has seized an early lead in the polls and he's dominated the national debate by urging tax cuts and a reform of Social Security. Despite Social Security's reputation as the "third rail" of American politics, Bush's proposal... Read More

Jim Glassman interviews Robert Hormats

Will U.S. tech companies continue to lead the world? Which foreign firms could challenge American leadership? And what effect will the decline in dot-com stocks have on the world economy? Recently, TCS host Jim Glassman spoke with one of the... Read More

Hidden Costs of Government in Energy Prices

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - This spring, when gas prices spiked above a buck fifty, drivers across the country had to start cutting back on the daily latte habit. For me it meant giving up my daily Pepsi on my evening commute... Read More

Traffic Jam

Auto Dealers Use Government to Build Internet Roadblocks For several months, we've been warning about the lobbying efforts by auto dealers to prevent Internet competition. In this piece, which originally appeared in Reason magazine, the authors tell us just how... Read More

Adventures on the

Will run out of money in the next year? A recent report from Lehman Brothers said yes, causing the stock to swoon even further below its 12-month high of $113 per share. After positive comments from founder and CEO... Read More

The Difference Between Bill Gates and Larry Ellison

It's an old joke in Silicon Valley. Q: What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison? A: God doesn't think he's Larry Ellison. This week, we learned the difference between Larry Ellison and civilized society. Don't get me wrong. I... Read More

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