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The Message From Los Angeles: Helping the Internet?

Will you be better off if the Federal Government leaves the Internet alone, or takes an active role in its development? Are creative people and free markets the crucial ingredients in America's high-tech success, or do government funding and... Read More

FCC: Enough Already with the AOL Merger

Sometimes cultural trends take a while to migrate from California to the east coast. And they take a particularly long time to penetrate the Washington Beltway. Take, for example, the Silicon Valley concept of "Internet time," as in: The pace... Read More

DNC 2000 Notes

Maryland Governor Wants End to Net Tax Moratorium Cyber-shoppers in Maryland may soon be paying online sales taxes when they buy from out-of-state merchants -- if their Governor has anything to do with it. At the Democratic National Convention in... Read More

Tech Dividends

The value of any business is based on its ability to generate dividends for its owners. Period. Whether we're talking about Philip Morris (Ticker symbol: MO), which pays a whopping 7.5% of the value of each share in annual dividends,... Read More

Government Privacy Violators

The battle over the FBI's "Carnivore" system for wiretapping email brings some needed perspective to the privacy debate. These days it's hard to find a politician without some plan to impose new privacy regulations on business. The physicians should first... Read More

GOP Convention Notes

Net Tax Moratorium Gets a Boost in GOP Platform; Lott Says Senate Will Vote The Internet may remain free from crippling interstate sales taxes after all. A five-year extension of Rep. Chris Cox` Internet Tax Freedom Act passed the House... Read More

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