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GOP Convention Notes

By TCS Daily - August 7, 2000 12:00 AM

Net Tax Moratorium Gets a Boost in GOP Platform; Lott Says Senate Will Vote

The Internet may remain free from crippling interstate sales taxes after all. A five-year extension of Rep. Chris Cox` Internet Tax Freedom Act passed the House this spring but has yet to make it to the Senate floor. The anti-tax movement seemed to be losing momentum and some wondered whether the Senate would ever vote on the bill.

The news from Philly is that the GOP is solidly against new Net taxes. The Republican Platform calls for an extension of the moratorium on new, multiple and discriminatory taxes. In other words, as an online transaction bounces across the country through servers in various states, local tax collectors can`t collect a toll at every stop along the way. And, consistent with the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, states can`t force out-of-state merchants to collect their taxes for them.

In an exclusive interview with TCS Host Jim Glassman, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott promised a vote this year on at least a three-year extension of the Net tax moratorium. To watch the Lott interview, click here.

What would George W. do about Microsoft?

The Clinton Administration has conducted a vigorous legal assault on America`s largest software company. Would a George W. Bush Administration continue the assault or let the market decide what to do about Microsoft? We asked Georgia Congressman John Linder and California Rep. Chris Cox for their forecasts. Click here to watch these exclusive TCS interviews!

Dennis Hastert`s high-tech agenda

What technology initiatives can we expect from the Speaker of the House? Rep. Dennis Hastert spoke with us in Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention. To learn what the Speaker thinks about online privacy, telecom regulation, Internet taxes, and more, click here!

FCC Commissioner: We can`t regulate

TCS Host Jim Glassman caught up with FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth outside the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. One key issue before the FCC is the question of "cable access." Will the owners of high-speed networks be forced to share them with competitors at government-mandated rates, terms and conditions? Well, at least one FCC official believes that the Commission doesn`t have the legal authority to intervene in the market. To watch this TCS interview, click here!

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