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The Day After Christmas

By Duane D. Freese - December 26, 2000 12:00 AM

'Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the land
Millions of households awaited digital broadband.
Fiber optic lines were strung from the North to the South,
In the hopes they'd deliver more than words from one's mouth.

But then what did the public's longing ears start to hear?
Why, the seven little Baby Bells with their GTE peer.
These local monopolists did not innovate,
Yet they knew how to manipulate telephone's fate.

First they agreed to join a fat dereg pact,
Known as the '96 Telecom Act.
Then they sued to prevent the law's implementation,
While making ties to competitors' lines a frustration.

And when long distance reached people's homes by cable,
The Bells sought "open access" to make it unstable.
And as SBC, PacTel and Ameritech became one;
While Bell Atlantic joined Nynex and GTE as Verizon.

Through all this they promised, "We'll give you speed,
Our DSL broadband will fill every need."
"Just let us into data and long distance," they muttered.
And the people responded, "One Bell for all? Isn't this just where we started?"

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