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A Bad Mix: Government Suits And Contingency-Fee Lawyers

"We should never hire lawyers for the government on a contingency-fee basis," says a lead philosophical opponent, Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor. He tells TechCentralStation host James Glassman he disagreed with Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman doing so in a... Read More

Will Bush, Congress Overturn Clintons Parting Shot at Consumers Pocketbooks?

Even before President Bush was sworn in, teams of well-honed cleaning technicians swept through the White House, tearing up carpets, replacing furniture, and scrubbing the Oval Office sink. The new administration soon did those technicians one-better and announced Read More

New Technology, Market Approach Are Answer To Climate Fears

There are two, or maybe three, major international environmental issues. One of them is climate change. And last week, in one of its first environmental policy decisions, Bush officials asked for a delay of the United Nation's international meeting... Read More

The Best Defense Doesn't Just Add Up; It Reaches Down to the Troops

"You could hear the sigh of relief and feel the warm welcome," said a prominent spectator Friday at the Pentagon's welcoming ceremonies for its new defense chief, Donald Rumsfeld. Sitting there with Secretary of State Colin Powell, five additional cabinet... Read More

Turbo-Appointee: Software For The Cost Conscious Nominee

The din surrounding John Ashcroft, Linda Chavez and Gail Norton may leave the misimpression that only a few controversial nominees have difficulties with the appointments process. In reality, the system is broken. Even the cabinet members who were confirmed... Read More

Is Fed Acting To Halt A Recession, Or A Vacation?

Three big pieces of news last week all point to a half- point interest rate reduction at this week's Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meeting to head off recession. First, orders and shipments for December durable goods were pretty weak... Read More

Publicity-Seeking Politicians and Contingency-Fee Lawyers Corrupt the Law

The corps of 50 attorneys general around the nation - those wannabe governors - is at it again. Often in league with trial lawyers, they have gone after tobacco, guns, Microsoft and other high tech firms. Lately, their target has... Read More

High Techs Top Concerns: Over-regulation, State Of Economy

"The technology community thought we might be immune from some of these old economic forces. I think we know now that that is not necessarily the case,'' says new TechNet CEO and former Seattle-area Congressman Rick White. He tells... Read More

Whitman's Big Challenge: 'Managing For Results'

As inauguration revelers began gathering at the Capitol last Friday, eight organizations presented a report on the Environmental Protection Agency to incoming President George W. Bush. The report was a nonpartisan collaboration guided by the Los Angeles-based Reas Read More

New Environmentalism: Where Free Markets And Nature Meet

Welcome to Tech Central Station's site for environmental news, commentary, information, and ideas. Nothing is static -- hence, the name for our site, "New Environmentalism." We promise it will be dynamic, evolving, imaginative. Over the past three decades, environ Read More

Setting Priorities: Of Bt Corn, Butterflies and Children

Why are miniscule hypothetical dangers to monarch butterflies or people by bioengineered corn crops widely reported, while scientific evidence of the safety of such crops -- and the dangers posed by the conventional crops they replace -- are largely... Read More

DoubleClick, eBay And Their Promising Ilk

Two pieces of news: First, a Reuters/Zogby poll finds that one in four Americans think they will be poorer in the next four years. That sounds like a stock-market "buy" signal to me. Second, and more interesting, USA Today... Read More

Will Cyberspace Look Like France or America?

On Nov. 20, a French court ruled that Yahoo! - the popular Internet portal -- had to bar its French users from visiting American sites that displayed Nazi memorabilia. If not, Yahoo! would have to pay a fine of... Read More

Profit-from-doom Overstock boss prophesizes e-tailing's quick demise

"All the pure e-tailers, essentially, will be gone," Patrick Byrne, CEO of inventory liquidator, tells TechCentralStation Host James Glassman. He predicts only eBay, Amazon, uBid, and his own company will be around after September; calls venture capi Read More

Let's Hold A Contest For Truly Honest Elections

Three outside-the-beltway firms - Dell, Unisys, and Microsoft - have announced plans to create a primary-to-post election system that will count votes accurately, provide real results quickly and curtail fraud in the process. Once again, capitalists are poised to r Read More

Attacks On Norton, Whitman Focus On Form, Not Results

President-elect Bush's selection of Gale Norton, an articulate champion of property rights, as his Interior secretary has triggered a volley of protests by credentialed environmentalists. These protests ignore the record. Norton has pursued innovative state and loc Read More

What Will An Old Economy Tax Cut Do To The New Economy?

Of all of the academic results I have seen over the years, the one that is most reliable is the positive correlation between a booming economy and the re-election of incumbents. Our politicians clearly believe in that link as well,... Read More

Pipe dreams: Will Rush To Deregulate Telecom Really Expand Broadband?

Deregulation is all the rage in the new Congress and the incoming Bush administration. Indeed, some members of Congress already are spouting pipe dreams - promises of how faster telecommunications deregulation will quickly bring faster communications lines into pe Read More

Put Missile Defense On 'Cruise' Control

Assuming that Don Rumsfeld, whose Senate hearing is today, is confirmed once again as defense secretary, deploying ballistic missile defense will be one of his top priorities. This will require overcoming almost as much reluctance within the Pentagon and... Read More

Adelman Opens New Defense Track on Tech Central Station

Ken Adelman, with a quarter century of defense experience, opens a new track for TechCentralStation as host of Defense Central. With the incoming Bush administration pledging to build missile defense and to fundamentally reform the military to reflect today's... Read More

The Postal Service: E-commerce victim or predator?

Millions of mailers this week are scrambling to find those pesky penny stamps they'd bought the last time the U.S. Postal Service raised their first-class mail rate. But don't complain to officials of the first-class mail monopoly for this unwanted... Read More

Will Dot-com Failures Lead Us to Recession?

The carnage along the dot-com landscape is stunning. Back in May 1999, a share of eToys sold for $83.56. At that price the online retailer had a stunning market capitalization of about $11 billion. Last Friday, eToys closed at... Read More

AOL-Time Warner 'Open Access' Deal Threatens New Economy

During much of 1999, America Online devoted its considerable lobbying prowess to trying to convince federal, state and local governments to enact laws guaranteeing the company cleverly called "open access." Cable companies had invested tens of billions of dollars i Read More

Kyoto Dragon Slain

The Kyoto Protocol's chickens are coming home to roost all over the globe - and it's not a pretty sight. As government ministers begin to get a better understanding of the true economic impact of the carbon dioxide emission restrictions... Read More

Kyoto Dragon Slain

The Kyoto Protocol's chickens are coming home to roost all over the globe - and it's not a pretty sight. As government ministers begin to get a better understanding of the true economic impact of the carbon dioxide emission restrictions... Read More

Patent Nonsense

Those concerned about the global fight against HIV/AIDS can find a prescription for victory by looking at a recent fight against another disease: malaria. Shortly before World AIDS Day last month, the South African Department of Health held its annual... Read More

California Passes the Buck on Electricity

George W. Bush isn't even president yet and already key California Democrats are trying to pin their energy crisis on him. "Bush cannot allow his friends in the energy business to gouge California," Garry South, political strategist for Democratic Gov.... Read More

E-waste Politics

A decade ago, disposable fast-food packaging and diapers dominated the waste-watcher agenda. Now waste watchers are turning their sights on those engines of the economy, computers, and other electronics products. Those taking aim at this latest waste-manag Read More

Cut Interest, Taxes and Regulation to Save High-Tech Economy

The big news in technology as the year comes to an end is the sickening decline of the Nasdaq - from an all-time high of 5048 on March 10 to a 2233 last Wednesday - a drop of more than... Read More

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