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Adelman Opens New Defense Track on Tech Central Station

By James K. Glassman - January 9, 2001 12:00 AM

Ken Adelman, with a quarter century of defense experience, opens a new track for TechCentralStation as host of Defense Central.

With the incoming Bush administration pledging to build missile defense and to fundamentally reform the military to reflect today's post-Cold War world, TechCentralStation is launching a new, activist web site. Ken Adelman, former assistant to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (1976-77) and arms control director in the Reagan administration (1983-87), will lead Defense Central for both analysis and action in the intersection of national security and technology.

As Ambassador Adelman wrote more than a decade ago in The Defense Revolution: Intelligent Downsizing of America`s Military, co-authored with Norman Augustine, ex-Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin: "With the downsizing of defense must come more, not less, risk taking on revolutionary new weapon concepts. ... Qualitative advantage grows more important as quantity shrinks and more difficult as technology becomes more diffused throughout the world."

Given its technological promise but political controversy, missile defense will be the most inflammatory as well as important defense issue for the new Bush team. Defense Central will become the hub of raw information and political activism for this cause.

Adelman is also co-author of Shakespeare in Charge: The Bard's Guide to Leading and Succeeding on the Business Stage and helps run "Movers and Shakespeares," which provides executive training by using case studies from Shakespeare's works.

"His wit and his wisdom will give viewers of TechCentralStation a better, more comprehensible view not only of the role of technology in defense but of America in the world. And we are glad to welcome him aboard," says TechCentralStation host James Glassman.


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