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What Now, After the Air Crew's Release?

By Ken Adelman - April 11, 2001 12:00 AM

Four key steps to reinforce the right tone of the whole Bush Administration toward the Chinese government:
  1. Appoint someone between George Patton and Ross Perot to the joint U.S.-China commission to investigate the incident.

    Don't appoint a State Department diplomat or accommodating official to analyze precisely what happened and to smooth things out.

    Instead, choose the orneriest person around who'll present what we know happened. Have him stick to it relentlessly, even obnoxiously.

    Background the press like mad about the propagandists he faces. Generally, make a big fuss.

    If there's a word meaning the opposite of kow-tow, that's the delegation's instructions. Make the Chinese "very sorry" or "very, very sorry" they ever engaged us.

  2. Convince the Congressional delegations scheduled to go to China to go to Taiwan instead.

    There, they can see and experience the basic decency and stunning prosperity of a "free China," as opposed to the warped values and stunning indecency of an authoritarian China. What Congressional delegations do best is send signals. That's what's needed now.

  3. Proceed with approval of Taiwan's whole military wish-list.

    This, of course, includes the Aegis equipment on ships and all the lethal items they desire. This green-light doesn't need lots of publicity; the ornery jerk we pick to head the U.S. delegation at the joint commission should grab that.

  4. Kill any notion of a Chinese-hosted Olympics.

    Turn the phrase into an oxymoron, just like decent communism.

    Now that the American crew is back and celebrating, the Administration should begin to have fun, too. Don't be gracious about the incident. Make the Chinese sorry, regretting their abominable behavior.

    Show that 2001 just so happens to be the Year of the Snake in the U.S., as well.


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