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Where Rising Hot Air Hits Cold Hard Facts

By Mark Steyn - April 1, 2001 12:00 AM

From "Where Rising Hot Air Hits Cold Hard Facts," a column by Mark Steyn in London's Sunday Telegraph, April 1:

The Express declared "Polluter Bush An Oil Industry Stooge" and The Independent dismissed the President as a "pig-headed and blinkered politician in the pocket of the US oil companies". But enough of his good points. According to the eco-alarmists of the Seventies, there wasn't supposed to be any oil industry to be a stooge of by now. The oil was meant to run out by 2000. Being in the pocket of the oil companies should be about as lucrative as being in the pocket of the buggy-whip manufacturers. But somehow the environmental doom-mongers never learn--so concerned about reducing everybody else's toxic emissions, but determined to keep their own going at full blast.

So now "this ignorant, short-sighted and selfish politician" (Friends of the Earth) is dumping Kyoto because it "irked the American right" (The Independent). It's certainly true that, for a Republican, there's little to be gained in kissing up to what Dubya's dad called "the spotted owl crowd". Indeed, if I understand this global-warming business correctly, the danger is that the waters will rise and drown the whole of Massachusetts, New York City, Long Island, the California coast and a few big cities on the Great Lakes--in other words, every Democratic enclave will be wiped out leaving only the solid Republican heartland. Politically speaking, for conservatives there's no downside to global warming.

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