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Endangered Grizzlies Could Return as the Good News Bears

Part Two of Two Click here to read Part One While George Bush was battling Al Gore in Florida last November, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service was quietly making conservation history. It put the U.S. Interior Department's seal... Read More

Rumsfeld Biding Time for Big Changes at Pentagon

The honoring of fallen military this past Memorial Day weekend prompts consideration of whether today's military men and women will get the best tools and training to minimize their future sacrifices. The sound and fury of the vaunted "defense review"... Read More

'WARNO': A New Spelling for Security in the Missile Defense Age

It was always going to be hard to deploy National Missile Defense (NMD), but the defection of Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords from the Republican Party has made it harder. Pro-NMDers have rightly regarded themselves as being on the cutting... Read More

Broadband All Alone as the New Economy's Weakest Link

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates offered a bullish view of technology's future at his fifth CEO Summit in Redmond, Wash. But he offered a major caveat that lawmakers in Washington, D.C., had better consider as... Read More

Interest Rates Have Almost Hit Bottom, and So Has the Economy

The economic data have continued to be pretty lousy over the past couple of weeks. As anticipated in an earlier column ("The Good News on GDP May Be No News At All," May 3rd), inventory investment dropped further in March.... Read More

Authentication Tools Opening Up Opportunities in Online Security

Worried about using your credit card online? You shouldn't. The risks to you are tiny, but that doesn't mean that you should ignore this issue. In fact, there's an interesting investment opportunity here. The odds are that you'll never be... Read More

Bush's New Military Strategy Poses Challenges to Service Branches, Congress

Defense Central spoke with former senior Pentagon official Bill Owens immediately after President Bush's address to the Naval Academy. Defense Central: The president said that weapons and methods of the military must change. How must they change? Bill Owens:... Read More

Class of 2001 Naval Academy Commencement

Class of 2001 Naval Academy Commencement President George W. Bush, President of the United States Friday, May 25, 2001 U.S. Naval Academy Stadium, Annapolis, MD THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you, all. Secretary England, thank you very much.... Read More

End the Scare, Report the Uncertainty of Global Warming

"New research findings have identified declines in the extent of Arctic sea ice and its thickness over the past several decades. The average thickness from the ice surface to the bottom of the ice pack has declined by about... Read More

Save Wildlife: Stop the Semantics Over 'Species'

Part One of Two Click here to read Part Two What do an Alaskan goose, a white-tailed deer from Washington state and a flat-bellied water snake from Michigan all have in common? They all are (or recently were) listed as... Read More

Who Do You Trust to Cut Spam from Your E-Mail Diet?

One morning I arrived at work to find an e-mail on my computer that asked: "Lucas, Do You Look Good in a Swimsuit?" Opening it, I found an ad for a new weight-loss product. Some people may be interested in... Read More

Restore the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its National Security Purpose

Americans couldn't have asked for a sharper reminder of the necessity of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) than the one they got from the Mideast last week. It's a shame that the flippant politicians who insist on viewing the reserve... Read More

Help Wanted: A Scribe to Illuminate the Space Experience

Why is it hard to go to space? Well, there's the cost, the difficulty, and the danger. But the dream of an energetic space program faces an even greater hurdle: it lacks an inspiring first-person lore, of the sort that... Read More

'Price Gouging' Doesn't Cut It As Reason for Rising Energy Prices

To many critics of President Bush's energy plan, the cause of today's energy problems, particularly rising gasoline prices, is something called "price gouging." And what is that? "We know that big oil has played a role in the price spikes... Read More

Sen. Bob Smith Sees Incentives and Innovations as Best Regulators for CO2, Mercury, Etc.

New Hampshire Sen. Bob Smith's tenure at the helm of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has taken both liberal and conservative camps by surprise. While he voted for the Clean Air Act back in 1990 and opposes exploring... Read More

Banking on High-Tech Education

I believe that education will be one of the great growth industries of the 21st century. In the short term, President Bush's education plan, as amended by Congress, will do nothing to disrupt this trend. Big money will pour... Read More

Wrestling with the Tensions Between Tech Investment and National Security

On May 3rd, a Cabinet-level panel known as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. agreed to an acquisition by Dutch firm ASM Lithography of Silicon Valley Group. The go-ahead capped months of behind-the-scenes jockeying by parties trying to... Read More

Autos and Air Pollution Should File for Divorce

Fed a daily dose of media horror stories, most people have been led to think that air quality is getting worse, when in fact it's been improving for more than 20 years. A number of national and regional surveys... Read More

Wildlife Enrichment and Oil Exploration a 2-for-1 Deal at the Welder Wildlife Refuge

For landowners and conservation groups intimately involved with the environment, every day is Earth Day. For many others, however, this year's version added a bonus chance to lament the new Administration's 'anti-environment' agenda. One of the most egregious parts Read More

Leaders Needed to Proclaim an 11th Commandment for a Future in Space

A year ago, the world barely had one space program. NASA was seemingly moribund, derided in the media for its probes that tended to crash and smashwhen they didn't disappear altogether. The Russian space program seemed to be fading away,... Read More

The Cruel Wind of Energy Crisis

If only Tippi Hedren could have held off those birds in Bodega Bay until California`s energy crisis. Her problems may have been solved by windmills, those bird Cuisinarts eagerly touted as an earth-friendly form of electricity generation. Strategic placement... Read More

What's Behind Utility Execs Flacking for Caps on CO2?

Flacks for the utility industry scored an apparent coup Thursday, May 10 in the Wall Street Journal. A front -page story sneered at the Administration for rejecting controls on CO2, asserted that these are inevitable in the future, and lauded... Read More

OPEN UP! It's the Spam Police!

Eroding liberty for the sake of convenience. One morning I arrived at work to find an e-mail on my computer that asked: "Lucas, Do You Look Good in a Swimsuit?" Opening it, I found an ad for a new... Read More

Cooperation On Building Global Defenses

Last week, President George W. Bush dispatched a high-level delegation to visit capitals around the world to explain his commitment to build effective missile defenses at the earliest possible date. Such defenses are intended to protect not only Americans, but... Read More

It's No Time to Go Wobbly on Kyoto

Is George W. Bush going soft on Kyoto? Two months ago, in a decision marked by clarity, good sense and not a little courage, the president said he was dropping the climate-change protocol, which was signed by Al Gore in... Read More

American Lung Association Fails with Its Air Quality Report Card

What do the rat-catchers do when there are less and less rats to catch? Why, they make the remaining rats look bigger and nastier, of course! At least, that seems to be the philosophy of the American Lung Association. Despite... Read More

Rethinking and Repairing America's National Forests

President Bush made a sound conservation choice by letting stand President Clinton's ban on new road building on 58.5 million acres of national forest lands, while reserving the option to make needed amendments later. The decision is right politically.... Read More

No Defense -- and No Excuse

Why did Israel's anti-missile program succeed so much faster than America's? Key technology for building non-nuclear missile defenses was demonstrated 15 years ago. Yet despite spending nearly $60 billion on a variety of missile-defense programs since Ronald Reaga Read More

The World Doesn't Get the Science Right

Friends and allies, especially in Europe, were aghast when President Bush ordered the U.S. to withdraw from the Kyoto global warming treaty, repeating a furor from the early Reagan administration. Twenty years ago, Jeane Kirkpatrick, as President Reagan's newly... Read More

Clamoring for Kyoto: The Networks One-Sided Coverage of Global Warming

Major media outlets have devoted extensive space to President Bush`s decision abandoning the 1997 global warming accord reached in Kyoto, Japan. This Media Research Center report separates out this year`s best and worst in TV network coverage of the global... Read More

Why Not Space-Based Missile Defense?

Last week, President George W. Bush explained his plans for one of his key initiatives: building an effective ballistic missile defense at the earliest possible date. It was a fine speech, though missing an important element. He was right... Read More

Bush's Push for Missile Defense Must Defuse Incoming Rhetorical Bombs

It's a cliché George W. Bush is closer, stylistically, to Ronald Reagan than he is to his own father. Both W. and the Gipper share a big-picture, laid-back southwestern style that supporters embrace and critics decry. Reagan, of course, ultimately... Read More

'Tis the Season for Small Caps?

"Holy Cow!" That's the polite version of my exclamation when I heard that the US economy grew by 2% in the first quarter of this year. This rate of growth is really nothing special, usually not cause for excitement, and... Read More

Cannon Loads in a Telecom Bill for the Judiciary Committee

All circuits are busy on Capitol Hill as lawmakers wrestle with revisiting the landmark Telecommunications Act of 1996. Soon after Easter, House Commerce Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin (R-La) was among the first to dial in with an answer. His... Read More

The Good News on GDP May Be No News At All

We found out last week that GDP rose 2 percent in the first quarter, well above expectations. Markets soared in response to the good news. With less fear of an impending recession, investors decided that profits and equity prices have... Read More

Post-Cold War Era Demands Missile Defense

Defense Central E-Ring Contributor William Schneider says in an interview that it's time to get the U.S. and its allies past Cold War thinking. "Nations are no longer able to develop military forces that are optimized against a specific threat,"... Read More

No Title

President Bush's speech on ballistic missile defense (BMD) is a reaction to "the Kyoto complex," where he made a big (and the right) decision (getting out of the protocol) without consultation. Now on BMD, he's all consultation and no big... Read More

Put Broadcast Spectrum Under New Management

Last October, then-President Bill Clinton tried to prod federal regulators to carve out space in the nation's airwaves for the next generation of wireless technology - technology that promises high-speed Internet access with simple hand-held devices. For Clinton, t Read More

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