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Tauzin-Dingell Would Speed the Demise of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

By James K. Glassman - June 12, 2001 12:00 AM

A bill introduced by the powerful chairman and ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee purports to enhance consumer choice in telecommunications and boost deployment of high-speed data services and Internet connections. This paper demonstrates that the effect of this bill will be the opposite. The bill will harm the prospects for competition, and, with competition reduced or eliminated, consumer choice will atrophy. Prices will rise, high-speed access to the Internet will be significantly deterred and even stricter regulation will be necessary.

Choose a link below to get the full TCS study, "The Economics of the Tauzin-Dingell Bill: Theory and Evidence": To download the free Adobe Acrobat reader, visit the TCS Toolbox.

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