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Beneficiaries of the Bandwidth Blowout

Throughout the late 1990s, numerous companies built long distance fiber-optic networks in the United States, anticipating a huge demand for broadband applications. These carriers expected heavy data traffic from customers increasingly using high-speed Internet con Read More

Tauzin-Dingell a Remonopolization 'Scam,' Rep. Tom Davis Says In Wide-Ranging Interview

Just as Congress was bracing for the busy final week of business before its traditional month-long August recess, Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) talked with Tech Central Station Host James K. Glassman about prospects for the remaining House agenda. The two... Read More

Bush Identifies Tech for Building Bonds Abroad

The issue of whether or not George W. Bush is a unilateralist or an internationalist has been settled. He is both. As leader of America and leader of the Free World - oops, better make that just "the World"... Read More

Common Cause Against the Global Administrative State

The Bonn Codicil to the Kyoto Protocol ought to have been a Robert Ludlum title, though Ludlum novels are, on the whole, more plausible than any plot that has industrialized nations hitting their near-term emissions reduction targets. The quick... Read More

Strapping the Information Age to the Back of a Tractor

Precision Farming Enterprises of Davis, Calif., approached farmer Ardean Anderson last year to attach a yield monitor and global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver to his bailer. The company then used the equipment to map his field. The resulting map displayed... Read More

Convert the Quartet of Trident Subs

In his May speech to graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, President George W. Bush painted a picture of a 21st century U.S. military in which Trident submarines would stealthily ply the world's oceans armed not with their traditional,... Read More

Bush right to oppose treaty

President Bush, by standing against the Kyoto Protocol, stands by sound economics and, even more, by sound science. Faced with withering European criticism for rejecting the flawed protocol, Bush can find comfort in admissions by Clinton administration economists Read More

Kyoto Is Still Doomed

BONN -- A last-minute deal yesterday managed to avert another disaster for backers of the Kyoto Protocol. Last November, talks in The Hague collapsed over how to implement the treaty. Then, in March, President Bush, following the lead of the... Read More

Promote Trade in Life-Saving Technologies to Improve Health Abroad

"Open trade is not just an economic opportunity, it is a moral imperative," said President Bush in May. His address drew more than usual interest because it didn't focus on economics, the way speeches about trade generally do. The... Read More

Promote Trade in Life-Saving Technologies to Improve Health Abroad

"Open trade is not just an economic opportunity, it is a moral imperative," said President Bush in May. His address drew more than usual interest because it didn't focus on economics, the way speeches about trade generally do. The benefits... Read More

Remarks to Resumed Sixth Conference of Parties (COP-6) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Thank you, Mr. President. The United States came to this global Conference on climate change to work constructively to enhance international cooperation on an important environmental challenge. We welcome the cooperative spirit present throughout this Conference a Read More

Release by Senator Chuck Hagel in Response to Recent Developments in Bonn, Germany

"The agreement reached in Bonn completely underscores President Bush's position that the Kyoto Protocol is not in America's national interest. It severely restricts the use of market mechanisms by reducing the use of emissions trading, placing severe discounts on t Read More

Elites No Longer Scratching America's Itch for Exploration

It's an irony that on the same weekend that protestors at the G-8 meeting in Genoa, Italy, were demanding an alternative to "globalization," an international team of astronauts continued the slow but steady work of building an alternative to this... Read More

Power Shortage In California Is No Laughing Matter

It was a pretty funny idea for the start of the summer season - an electricity-free Tonight Show. Audience members wore miners' caps for the June 20 show. The orchestra played by candlelight. An impersonator of Vice President Dick... Read More

In Bonn, Victory for U.S. Resolve In a Climate Reeking of Deja Vu

BONN, Germany, July 21 - For those of us who attended part one of the COP-6 conference, held last November in the Hague, part two here in this former German capital is, as Yogi Berra put it, déjà vu all... Read More

'U.S. Will Not Ratify Kyoto'

Exclusive TechCentralStation Interview With Top State Dept. Official in Bonn BONN, Germany, July 20 - On a blustery morning with a wind chill of 49 degrees that belied the basis of this United Nations global-warming conference, the leader of... Read More

Bonn Climate Meeting Is Crucial for U.S.

Puts Final Nail in Kyoto Coffin, Demonstrates American Resolve BONN, Germany, July 19, 2001 - Delegates representing the 178 nations here at the big conference on global warming appear resigned , at last, to the fact that the United... Read More

Stossel Attacks Global Warming and Other Media Scares

"Patrick Henry never said, 'Give me absolute safety, or give me death," ABC news commentator John Stossel told a packed Capitol Hill luncheon Wednesday hosted by Tech Central Station and The Heritage Foundation. The myth-busting, free-market oriented science and co Read More

Will Bonn's Climate Talks Bid Farewell To Kyoto?

BONN, Germany -- Delegations from 180 nations began gathering Monday in this defunct European capital to mull over what now appears to be a dead treaty - the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Officially, this two-week meeting is advertised... Read More

Missile Defense Test a Hit for Midcourse Intercept Technologies

Defense Central reviewed the impact of July 14's successful missile defense test over the Pacific Ocean with E-Ring Contributor William Schneider. Schneider, the chairman of DoD's Defense Science Board, says the positive test results represent a shift from a... Read More

The Posture Caucus Targets the SUV

Membership in Capitol Hill's Posture Caucus is a fluid thing. Numbers rise and fall depending upon the issue being debated. Membership hinges on the willingness of senators or representatives to base policy positions solely on the perceived "media consensus"... Read More

Look Out! The Precautionary Principle May Soon Be in a State Near You

In these times of jittery stock prices and almost daily announcements of new layoffs by high-tech firms, it would be easy to conclude that the biggest threat to American predominance in science and technology comes from the current economic... Read More

Choice Tech Companies on Sale

For contrarian tech investors, the July 16, 2001, edition of the Wall Street Journal appeared to be one big buy signal. A headline on the front page of the Marketplace section announced, "Has Growth Of the Net Flattened?" The... Read More

Tech Central Station Reports from Bonn on Global Warming Talks

Starting Wednesday, click to to get Host James K. Glassman`s daily take on the latest declarations, snags, and overall give-and-take that dipolmats and media outlets might paper over. All of Glassman`s Bonn dispatches will run through Sat Read More

Dueling Studies Square Off on Causes of Economic Growth

In my previous entry, I argued that the economic data were beginning to suggest that the economy was turning a corner, and that a traditional recession may well have been averted. Since that time, jobless claims jumped up, suggesting that... Read More

Tauzin-Dingell`s Drain on Competitive Telcos Extends to Wider Economy

The specter of a telecom landscape changed by passage of the Tauzin-Dingell legislation would exact a significant negative impact not only on competitive local telecommunications companies but the overall U.S. economy as well. This study links dimming competitive p Read More

Missile Defense Test Success: Worldwide Reaction and Round Up

Thank You President Bush The Daily Telegraph (U.K.), July 16, 2001 Missile-defence test buoys U.S. President The Globe and Mail (Toronto, CA), July 16, 2001 Amid Applause, Caution Urged on Missile Defense New York Times, July 16, 2001... Read More

Missile Defense Spinoffs from Outer Space

Las Vegas - One hundred and nine degrees Fahrenheit never felt so refreshing. That's because I'm here at a convention of Doctors for Defense Preparedness, a group that is so hard-nosed about its dedication to hard science that it's... Read More

Trade Promotion Authority: High-Tech's Key Component for Competitiveness

Imagine joining the two most potent forces in the world economy: the U.S. technological revolution and the global marketplace. That's the promise that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) holds out to America's high-tech companies. TPA is essential for the president to. Read More

Enough Studies on Defense

Yesterday's testimony by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz shows the Bush administration finally stepping out on missile defense. Yet after nearly six months of defense studies, it's been tiptoeing around other sweeping defense reforms and budget boosts. As t Read More

Broadband Access - Competition, Regulation, and Consumer Welfare

Remarks of James K. Glassman to AEI New Economy Forum, July 12, 2001 New Economy Forum At the American Enterprise Institute Thank you, Chris [DeMuth], for urging us to do this program. One of the many wonderful things about AEI... Read More

Gray Davis Texas-Sized Lies

California`s unGovernor Gray Davis has been lying. Is lying. And will continue to lie. There is no penalty attached to his habit. It has proven to be a conduct with a measurable payoff in his standing in opinion polls.... Read More

Gray Davis' Texas-Sized Lies

California's unGovernor Gray Davis has been lying. Is lying. And will continue to lie. There is no penalty attached to his habit. It has proven to be a conduct with a measurable payoff in his standing in opinion polls.... Read More

My First Semester Report Card

Glassman Stocks Up 8.7 Percent, Nasdaq Stocks Down 21.7 Percent As regular readers know, I believe that stocks are for the long term. If your time horizon is measured in months, you should be investing exclusively in bonds, not stocks.... Read More

Spielberg's 'A.I.' Betrays a Know-Nothingness on Science and Tech

There's been too much praise of the new Steven Spielberg movie, "A.I." I'm naturally inclined to like any film that takes an interest in the future, but "A.I." isn't about Spielberg's vision of the future. Rather, it's about his vision... Read More

Regulate Cloning With Science, Not Fear

Here's a bit of news you probably haven't heard much about. Last month, Nature Biotechnology reported that researchers at Scotland's Roslin Institute, the same folks who kicked off the big cloning debate with their delivery of the now late... Read More

Rely on Human Ingenuity for Addressing Climate Challenge

English economist Thomas Malthus gazed ahead to the 19th Century and forecast that the golden age for mankind would languish, and that future generations would grind out only a life of grueling subsistence. But Malthus erred: he ignored the great... Read More

Sitting Pretty Through the New Economy's Recession

Good news has been, as the old song goes, busting out all over. As mentioned in the previous Digital Green Book column, theory suggests that the economy should be nearing the bottom. The data, however, were not cooperating until very... Read More

When It Comes to Missile Defense, 'We Can't' - Won't Save Lives

When I was pregnant with my twin sons, I had a recurring dream about World War I. It was because of something every parent discovers: With the birth of children comes fear that you won't be able to protect them... Read More

Happy Birthday to America's Air and Space Museum

Happy Silver Anniversary, National Air and Space Museum. In the 25 years since President Gerald Ford dedicated the three-block-long building on July 1, 1976, some 219 million have come to visit-"more than any other museum on the planet," The Washington... Read More

Nothing's Arbitrary About the Contrarians

History's greatest investors have found lots of different ways to get rich. Warren Buffett likes to become a partner in a great business with a huge and loyal customer base. He's long been a fan of dominant local newspapers, for... Read More

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