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The Skeptical Environmentalist Finds Hope for the Human Condition

Bjorn Lomborg isn`t one to abandon his politics just because he strays from the established line on the environment. The Danish statistics professor would rather solve the pressing problems of the world effectively. Tech Central Station Host James K. Glassman... Read More

Cycling Towards Gridlock? Tackling the Traffic Problem California-Style

The lycra people are everywhere in the West, and the inspiring exploits of Lance Armstrong will only increase their numbers, at least on the weekend. Now one county in California is going to bet a lot of money on... Read More

Europes Tax Harmonization Agenda a Threat to the High-Tech Economy

Globalization is bad news for the world's over-taxed welfare states, particularly those in Europe. Thanks to the increased mobility of capital, individuals can more easily shift their economic activity to low-tax jurisdictions. Such tax competition liberalizes the Read More

Why Not Women From Mars?

The Fourth Planet has starred in three movies released in the last year. Unfortunately, none of them were much good. Yet Mars is interesting enough such that even the worst of the trio-"Ghosts of Mars," the one in theaters... Read More

F-22 Go Ahead Puts Fighters' Best Foot Forward

Faced with several options on how to modernize the nation's aging complement of fighters, the Pentagon on Aug. 15 put its best foot forward, moving into production the stealthy F-22, the fighter most critical for the wars of the future.... Read More

Food Fear-Mongers Move an Agenda Comprised of Their Science

You may have missed this on your last trip to the grocery, but according to Walnut Acres, "Americans fear their food." Yes. Fear. "There is palpable fear of the unknown and an increasing belief that what you can't see... Read More

Tech Firms Built to Last Through Tough Times

Stock prices are about the future. More specifically, the price of a share of stock reflects investor belief in the future earnings of the company. Depending on how much the firm's earnings, or profits, are expected to increase over time,... Read More

Don`t Let the Other Govs Tempt You on Internet Taxes

August 20, 2001 Speaker Dennis Hastert 2369 Rayburn HOB Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Mr. Speaker: In the coming weeks, the Congress will address an issue that is critical to the future health of the U.S. economy: the extension of... Read More

Welfare-State Enthusiasts Desperately Fight Social Security Reform

President Bush is convinced that Social Security reform is an idea whose time has come. And he's right. Soon now, he will propose that Americans be allowed to take some of the money that now goes to payroll taxes and... Read More

Crawford, Authenticity-Envy, and the Newest Politics of Class

My guest was Bill Sammon, White House reporter for the Washington Times and author of the best-selling book on last year's Florida fiasco, "At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election." Most Friday mornings my guests are... Read More

Rediscovering the Sublime in Space's Infinite Beyond

Los Angeles - I got my best look at nature in its raw, wild form-and a glimpse into the sublime infinity of the universe beyond--in my West Hollywood hotel room. No, I wasn't partying with Charlie Sheen, or Robert Downey... Read More

Poof to Profit Growth, Too?

One of the most interesting data developments that has stayed below the radar is the disappearance of corporate profits. I do not mean the recent decline in corporate profits, something covered quite adeptly by the financial media. No, the... Read More

Stocks on the A-List

Each year, the personal finance magazine Worth polls its readers on the products they use and enjoy. A lot of magazines conduct reader surveys, of course, but there are a few reasons why this one may be of particular... Read More

Welcome to unGovernor's Island

"Governor Davis should be here," remarked Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne to Los Angeles Times reporter Julie Cart. "No one state can be an island," Kempthorne continued. "We need to work together." That's a little like a bank teller wanting... Read More

Allies Already Deep into Missile Defense Research and Testing

Is the American drive for missile defense a go-it-alone symbol of the world's only superpower? No, and it hasn't been that way for some time. With all the international cooperation in this arena, the U.S. gets by with more... Read More

Online Learning Clicks Workers Through To The New Economy, Union Leader Bahr Tells TCS

Lifetime jobs are a thing of the past, Communications Workers of America President Morton Bahr says. Instead, lifelong learning is the key to "employment security," he tells Tech Central Station Host James K. Glassman. Bahr points to his union`s... Read More

The House Takes a Misplaced Bite at Energy Vampires'

Wrong-way Corrigan couldn't have done it better. In a month punctuated by news of plummeting PC sales and ever more tech industry lay-offs and bankruptcies, Congress moved forward legislation that's bound to affect the ailing New Economy. A tax cut?... Read More

Let's Not Squander Our Power Play in Space

If nature abhors a vacuum, so does power. If a strategic emptiness exists somewhere, it will be eventually get filled; somebody will take control of it. That's the story of geographical assets all through history: hilltop and harbors, gold... Read More

Labor and Management Finding Online Learning to Their Liking

President George W. Bush and AFL-CIO President John Sweeney disagree on many things. But in late June they found some common ground at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. At the Summit on the 21st Century Workforce hosted by... Read More

Unseating the unGovernor No Longer Unthinkable

California expected a summer of rolling blackouts, but that threat is fading as temperatures stay low. We are instead awash in conflict-of-interest stories coming from Sacramento. Our unGovernor is avoiding the press for fear of having to answer some of... Read More

First-Time Jobless Claims Gauge the Economy's Health Well

Just about everyone is looking around for signs that we have hit bottom. The Federal Reserve is undoubtedly doing that as well. One of the most frustrating problems facing the Fed is the tardiness of the economic data. Here we... Read More

Rep. Knollenberg Declines A Larger Cup of CAFE

Advancing conservation was one goal contained in the comprehensive energy legislation the House passed just before going on its annual August recess. Amid the bill`s bevy of energy-saving provisions lies a re-opening of higher Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) Read More

True Pragmatism Calls for Preparing U.S. for Space Conflicts

The New York Times Magazine has taken a look at missile defense. And guess what? The Times doesn't like what it sees. The headline for the cover story in the August 5 issue alerts readers to "the coming space... Read More

Game Makers Poised to Profit

The economic landscape may look pretty dreary with GDP growth churning below 1 percent. And in technology markets, it's hard to see the silver lining amid all the clouds, or as they call them in the securities business, "lack of... Read More

Adding Carrots to Putin's Strategic Diet

The U.S., it appears, is buttering Russia up. President Bush met Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Slovenia and paid him blushingly personal compliments. He met again with him in Genoa and put on more of the same charm. He... Read More

The House Takes a Misplaced Bite at 'Energy Vampires'

Wrong-way Corrigan couldn't have done it better. In a month punctuated by news of plummeting PC sales and ever more tech industry lay-offs and bankruptcies, Congress moved forward legislation that's bound to affect the ailing New Economy. A tax cut?... Read More

Gray Davis' Million-Dollar Consultants 'Invest' for the Future

If you do not know the name Chuck Quackenbush, you can be forgiven. Until June 28, 2000, he was the elected Insurance Commissioner of California. Quackenbush resigned that day, following a series of disclosures concerning his management of claims... Read More

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