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Allies Already Deep into Missile Defense Research and Testing

By TCS Daily - August 16, 2001 12:00 AM

Is the American drive for missile defense a go-it-alone symbol of the world's only superpower? No, and it hasn't been that way for some time. With all the international cooperation in this arena, the U.S. gets by with more than a little help from its friends.

Besides NATO, 11 allies and former adversaries are engaged with the U.S. in various kinds of research that has a direct or indirect impact on missile defense development (see graphic below). Cooperation with Israel, for example, dates back to 1986. Others share the burden, too. Germany and Italy, for instance, together pitch in 45% of the costs associated with the Medium Extended Air Defense System.

Data in the graphic below come from the Pentagon's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, news accounts and other public sources. In all likelihood, they represent only a portion of projects underway.

Also, click the flags to check for pertinent quotes from the respective countries' leaders.


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