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Between The Stars

(Editor's note: This article, co-authored by Tech Central Station Science for the Earth Host Sallie Baliunas appears in the latest issue of Weatherwise, and includes information relevant to the ongoing debate about global warming.) By Randy Cerveny, Darlene A. Peri Read More

To Beat Recession, More Policy Help Likely On the Way

Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee held an historic event. Chairman Bill Thomas and ranking member Charles Rangel invited a small group of economic experts from both sides of the political spectrum to join them and the other... Read More

Government Pursues Microsoft Case It Has To Lose

The Antitrust Division and the state attorneys general are back to business-as-usual on the Microsoft case. The legal wolf pack confirmed, in a Sept. 20 filing with newly appointed Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, earlier public statements that they are dropping... Read More

The Key To Homeland Defense - The States

To Earlier this week I wrote on the subject of the new Office of Homeland Defense for my other web column at WorldNetDaily. ( Everyone in Washington, D.C., agrees that this is a much needed office, but reaction to... Read More

Fixing Airport Security: 21st-Century Strategies for 21st-Century Threats

The recent terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have forced us to rethink the issue of airport security. It's become quite clear that the present system is not adequate to the task. In the past few... Read More

The Information War

As bad as the fundamentals have become for most tech companies, as sluggish as our economy has become, and as cautious as the U.S. consumer is right now, some very powerful trends could soon be driving a rebound in technology... Read More

To Defeat Terrorism: Consolidate, Cooperate And Spend What It Takes

President Bush has united the country in the wake of T-Day -- Terror Day, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It's hard to get much higher than the current poll ratings, which show that 90%... Read More

Partial Past Responses Gave Terrorists No Reason To Pause

As the administration prepares to wage war against the terrorists who perpetrated the Sept. 11 atrocities, an uncomfortable question looms: Why hadn't the United States succeeded in defeating the foe before? This may be the nation's greatest battle against... Read More

Space, The Final Frontier: Mankind's Hope Against Terror's Final Solution

Editor's Note: For the time being, "Pinkertonspace" will go on hiatus, as he deals with defense issues arising from the issues raised by the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. Maybe T.S. Eliot was wrong. In his 1925 poem, "The Hollow... Read More

With A Little Courage, Plenty Of Blue-Chip Bargains Can Be Found

It is now time to think the unthinkable: buying stocks. In the five days after U.S. exchanges reopened following the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 14% - its second-worst... Read More

Wipe Out State Sponsors of Terrorism, Too

There is an air of Vichyite defeatism about some of the commentary in Britain on the current war on terrorism. We constantly hear the reiteration of such themes as "We don't know who the enemy is", "We don't know where... Read More

Thoughts on Terrorism

September 19, 2001 3:13 PM FROM: Donald Rumsfeld SUBJECT: Thoughts on Terrorism Terrorist Attack. The September 11th terrorist attack on the U.S. was carefully planned. There may well be more attack plans in place, and we must recognize that.... Read More

A Layered Earth, Air and Space-Based Defense for Democracy Against Terrorists

On Sept. 11 a commercial jetliner, brimming with jet fuel, became a low-tech, slow-speed guided missile that augered into the Pentagon, killing 189 people on the ground and aboard the aircraft. The nation is lucky the tragedy was not worse.... Read More

Cutting Medicare's High-Tech Outpatient Care Hurts Seniors And Wastes Money

In the wake of the acts of war perpetrated by terrorists the debate in Washington over spending priorities has been rightfully muted. Yet many Americans are worried about how America will fund two key programs that touch millions of... Read More

In Terror Aftermath, Put Hubris Aside And Focus On The Obvious

Too many people are trying to hit large notes this week and last, advising the president on how to act when the nation is under attack, designing war strategies for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and drafting diplomatic initiatives for... Read More

War and the Stock Market

Stocks fell sharply as trading reopened this week. That was to be expected. The classic pattern in nearly all American traumas is for markets to drop swiftly, continue to fall for a while, then recover powerfully. For example, the Dow... Read More

America's Harsh Introduction to 'Homeland Defense'

Defending the homeland is an ancient concept in world history, yet America's recent experience with `homeland defense` is limited. That is about to change. The coordinated attacks on New York` and Washington has added a tragic chapter in our... Read More

Panic at the Pumps - Terrorism's Price Spike

In the immediate aftermath of the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City, gasoline prices at one Oklahoma gas station suddenly jumped to $5 a gallon. A few others elsewhere did the same. There was no economic... Read More

Not Terrorism, But War

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001 -- The New York Times got it right: "U.S. ATTACKED." And so did President Bush this morning: "The deliberate and deadly attacks which were carried out yesterday against our country were more than acts of terror.... Read More

Seeing Manhattan's Scars Can Help Mend Nation's Defenses Against Terrorism

Sometimes you just have to see things for yourself. And the fate of nations can hinge on such first-hand experience. In the last century, forward-looking American leaders saw war destruction visited upon foreign soil and resolved to save this country... Read More

To Deal With the Unimaginable, Defend at Home and Attack Abroad

Before the horrific attacks of Sept. 11, terrorists using aircraft as giant fuel bombs were the stuff of paperback thrillers and the imagination. Which is precisely why the United States should now endeavor to prepare for other horrifying attacks that... Read More

In Wake of Attacks, What Happens to Stocks and Economy?

The U.S. stock markets reopen Monday after being closed since Tuesday's attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. What will stocks do? Much depends on what happens over the weekend, but, assuming there are no additional hijackings or... Read More

What Bush and Rumsfeld Must Do

After the unimaginable horror, consoling words, and fierce retaliation must come a new security approach to combat the new threat. Just as the first half of the 20th century was marked by the war against Nazism and the second... Read More

Fear Of Terrorism Won't Spur Recession, But Other Factors May

Tuesday's tragic events have caused all Americans to pause from their normal activities and mourn the lost. As time has passed, our thoughts have also turned toward the perpetrators. On Monday, the chief concern of many was the fear... Read More

No Time for Fake Passions in Fighting Real Tragedy

When Congressman Henry Waxman, D-Calif., declared unqualified support for President Bush and his actions on Tuesday, I knew that the attack on the country had changed Washington in profound ways. Some in the leadership of the elite media, including Maureen... Read More

Think Anew, Or 'The Next Time Will Be Worse'

"The next time will be worse. The technology will be more ferocious." Those words of warning came from Rep. Rob Andrews, D-N.J., on the night of Sept. 11, the date that will live in infamy, the date that it... Read More

A New Day Which 'Will Live in Infamy'

The sickening events of September 11, 2001 -- a new day that "will live in infamy" -- have brought terrorism home to America. Just as the United States dedicated the critical years of the first half of last century to... Read More

Content, Competition Are Key To Spreading Broadband; Not Relief For Bell Monopolies

Building broadband communications` pipelines isn`t enough, Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology of America Association, tells Tech Central Station host James K. Glassman. "We need to figure out how to get more demand there," Harris says. One key. Read More

What Will "Transform" The Military - And What Will Not

In anticipation of the Pentagon's review of defense strategy, due in the coming weeks, reporters and other have been asking for a clear definition of what it means to "transform" the military for future war. President George W. Bush got... Read More

To Get To Mars, First Want To Get Off The Earth

First of two parts What's the big deal about Mars? Why does it have such a claim on our spaced-out imagination? In the past we thought there might be life there, or maybe even intricate canals, or at least... Read More

Technology, Growth, Not Surplus, Provide Only Answer For Social Security

Here's a question that journalists, and even some economists, ought to dust off regarding the Bush administration possibly dipping into the so-called Social Security surplus for $9 billion this year: So what? What difference does it make? Really? The Congressional. Read More

The Immortality Portfolio

I'll give you the good news first. Scientific advances may allow you to live for several decades beyond your current life expectancy. Now for the bad news -- saving enough money for retirement could become a whole lot tougher. The... Read More

Meet the West's Multiple Land Use Sheriffs

California and its neighbors to the north are closing in on the status of ward of the federal government. With every new listing of a species as endangered, and with every administrative ruling of the Army Corps of Engineers as... Read More

Another Journey on the Amazon

For the past year, has faced a chorus of Wall Street critics who say that the company is running out of money. In January, Amazon responded to the critics by forecasting a pro-forma operating profit for the fourth quarter... Read More

Congress Returns for a Month-Long Test on Its Commitment to Missile Defense

They're back!!! After its Summer recess, Congress will rush to authorize and appropriate funds for Pentagon programs for next fiscal year, which begins on October 1. This will be an interesting - and critical - four weeks. Will the people's... Read More

The NIMBY Mentality Makes Its Way to Space

Every TechCentralStationeer is familiar with the concept of "NIMBY"-Not In My Back Yard. NIMBYers have become skilled in using the twin tools of street protest and courtroom litigation to block the development of just about everything, from new roads and... Read More

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