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Friday Fodder: Clones, Missiles, and the Internet

By Nick Schulz - November 30, 2001 12:00 AM

Squaring a Circle: A Funny Mark Russell -- This week, a person was cloned. Or maybe he wasn't. Depends on whom you ask. Either way, for the most hilarious take on the clone controversy, check out

First Tragedy, Then Outrage -- Writing in The Net Economy, an online journal, Paul Coe Clark III says "the Bells are working hard to twist Sept. 11 to their advantage, arguing that they are the only ones capable of providing and protecting secure networks." This exploitation of tragedy is an outrage. And if House Commerce Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin gets his way, his Tauzin-Dingell legislation spells the end of an era of growth and extraordinary entrepreneurial vigor sparked by technological promise.

All Hail the InstaPundit!! -- Glenn Harlan Reynolds, who has created one of the most invaluable weblogs around. Be sure to take a look. Glenn's insight and analysis are top shelf. And Fodder would like to thank him for his mention of TCS on his weblog this week.

Testing, Testing... -- There's a missile shield test planned for Saturday in which the Pentagon will attempt to hit a bullet with a bullet by knocking a mock warhead out of the sky with a missile interceptor fired from the Marshall Islands.

Be on the look for news accounts about it and notice what happens. If the test fails, the press will trot out 'experts' who say this proves comprehensive missile defense can never work. If the test is a success, the press will trot out the same 'experts' who say that, despite the success, comprehensive missile defense still will never work. Ideological opponents of missile defense like Ted Postol take it as an article of faith that it will never work, so you may as well just ignore them. (Special thanks to TCS' ever-vigilant Matt Briney for bringing the test to my attention.) TCS will have more on missile defense this week so make sure to check back for our coverage.

Fast Track to Growth -- This coming week the debate over fast track trade authority will heat up. My colleague Jim Glassman will have more to say this week on TCS about fast track, which is also called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). Fast track is an important tool that every president needs to help promote trade - it's an effective way, especially in a recession, to jumpstart economic growth.

Muchas Gracias -- Friday Fodder also wants to give a special thanks to and Wally Olson at for their mentions of TCS articles this week. If you aren't familiar with their sites, you're missing out on some of the best news and commentary on the Web.

Lastly, if you have any interesting Fodder to feed the Friday beast, please email it to me at

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