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Letter From the Editor

By Nick Schulz - January 7, 2002 12:00 AM

Dear Fans and Friends,

Welcome to the new and improved!

Poke around and tell us what you think. Youll find lots of improvements over the old site that we think youll enjoy, including:

  • Smarter, cleaner, more elegant design
  • The ability to email authors directly
  • Terrific new feedback forum to foster discussion and debate
  • Search engines that work
  • Archive features, document depots, and links to cool sites
We appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. We are confident that you like what you see. has changed a lot in the last few months as several of you have noticed. This site redesign is just the latest in a series of changes that youll continue to notice over the course of this year. But well continue providing you hard-hitting and intelligent commentary, news, and analysis.

We recently added Glenn Reynolds as a Contributing Editor to the site, so make sure you look for his weekly feature, Reynolds Wrap, each Thursday. We are delighted to have Glenn as part of the team. And make sure you check out his invaluable InstaPundit website. Well be adding several other writers and contributors in the near future.

Enjoy the changes, and Happy New Year!


Nick Schulz

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