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Golden Globes Glowing

By Sallie Baliunas - January 21, 2003 12:00 AM

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Several celebrities recently garnered attention by publicly deriding SUV's because they use more petroleum than downsized vehicles. Some stars have committed to their ideology by purchasing hybrid or other lighter, smaller and more fuel-efficient cars.

In Beverly Hills on Sunday electricity flowed and petroleum burned almightily as the festive Golden Globe Awards gathered its audience, fans and information-entertainment news crews. Traffic was specially rerouted to try to reduce traffic jams. Artificial light, heat (although it is southern California, it is January and the night was cold for the canonical evening gown) and the river of digital information spent megawatt-hours of energy.

At the Awards onlookers, security forces, event organizers and participants crushed near the blue "Coconut Grove" awning of the hotel to see celebrities ooze, ease, launch, spill or leap from heavy, gas-gulping, stretched limousines or sophisticated black SUV's onto the red carpet murmuring its invitation to the festivities.

Not one of the behemoth vehicles was seen to be an alternative-fuel vehicle. There were neither hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas, nor solar powered cars - which would not have operated to take anyone home after the event because the sun long had set.

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