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Ride on the "Peace" Train

By Michael P. Tremoglie - March 18, 2004 12:00 AM

Susan Lindauer, a former Democratic Party congressional staffer, journalist, and current anti-war activist has been accused of spying for Iraq. The FBI arrested her March 11.

This is just the latest in a pattern of "anti-war activists" being involved in espionage activities for Iraq. British MP George Galloway has been accused of accepting bribes from Saddam Hussein to promote anti-war activities in the UK. Defense attorney and "peace" activist Lynne Stewart has been arrested for transmitting information between her terrorist client and his murderous organization.

Lindauer, along with the sons of the former Permanent Representative to the Iraqi Mission to the United Nations (who also worked covertly for the Iraqi Intelligence Service during his tenure in the United States), Raed Noman Al-Anbuke, and Wisam Noman Al-Anbuke were formally indicted in New York with several crimes, including acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government and violating laws against financial transactions with Iraq. Lindauer is accused of conducting prohibited financial transactions for Iraqi intelligence in the United States. She is also accused of trying to influence foreign policy at the behest of Iraqi Intelligence, and arranging to help Iraqi insurgents after the invasion.

The indictment describes how Lindauer, also known as Symbol Susan, provided Iraqi intelligence with information about Iraqi dissidents in the United States. She also made a trip to Baghdad in February 2002 to meet with Iraqi intelligence shortly before the U.S. military invasion. She is alleged to have received $10,000 for the work.

Lindauer tried to influence US foreign policy in Iraq by sending a letter to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, a distant relative, to urge that weapons inspections continue. Although Card was not mentioned in the indictment he has been subsequently identified as the person who received the letter.

Perhaps the most damning allegation, and illustrative of the genuine purposes of many of the purported "anti-war activists," is that Lindauer is alleged to be involved with arranging to provide assistance to Iraqi insurgent groups. These same groups are killing American soldiers in Iraq. It is a testimony to how diabolical and ruthless some of the "anti-war" activists are. They are using these casualties to criticize the Bush administration and his policies and call for the troops to return to the US -- all the while contributing to these casualties.

According to the Department of Justice, "Lindauer met on two occasions in Baltimore, Maryland, in June and July 2003 with an FBI agent acting in an undercover capacity as a representative of the Libyan intelligence service who was seeking to support resistance groups in post-war Iraq, and discussed the need for plans and foreign resources to support these groups. As part of her contacts with the undercover agent, and pursuant to the undercover agent's instructions, Lindauer left packages on two separate occasions for the undercover agent in August 2003 in pre-arranged "dead drop" operations. The Indictment also alleges that Lindauer maintained regular communication with the undercover agent via email until in or about February 2004."

A 1985 graduate of Smith College, Lindauer, is the daughter of an Alaskan newspaper owner and former gubernatorial candidate. She worked as a reporter for US News and World Report and as a staffer for several Democratic Congressional Representatives and Senators. (Democrats are mentioning that her father was a Republican in order to lessen criticism about the relationship between Lindauer and Democrats. Of course, they neglect to illustrate that while born a Republican, she chose to be a Democrat.)

This is not the first time Lindauer has been in the news for her activities. Neither has this been the first time Lindauer exhibited her sympathies towards those accused of terrorism or sponsoring terrorism. In 1998, she gave a deposition in which she said that in 1994 she met with a former CIA operative who told her that Syria was responsible for the Lockerbie incident not Libya. However, the US blamed Libya because Syria was an ally during the Gulf War.

Lindauer also signed a "PEACE PLEDGE: TO STOP SPREAD OF ANTI-TERRORIST WAR TO IRAQ. " The Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation sponsored the pledge. The national group Fellowship of Reconciliation USA (FORUSA) has been allied with the Workers World Party to sponsor rallies and perform other activities opposing the war against terrorism and Iraq.

The activities of the putative "peace" activists need to be examined more closely by law enforcement and counter-terrorism organizations in the United States and worldwide. There are so many links between these anti-war groups and the terrorists that one can only determine that just as previous anti-nuclear and pacifist activities were controlled by Moscow for the benefit of communism and Soviet foreign policy, so are these "peace" movements influenced by -- if not controlled by -- the Islamists, the Baathists, and the narco-terrorists who comprise the terrorist organizations.

The author is a former Philadelphia cop and private security consultant working on his first crime novel.


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