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Live Blogging the State of the Union

By The Editors - February 2, 2005 12:00 AM

The Internet continues to liberate citizens from the information stranglehold once enjoyed by the establishment media. The President's State of the Union Address Wednesday night demonstrates precisely how it's happening. Consider the phenomenon of live blogging

As recently as a few years ago, politically interested Americans could watch the President's speech and then were subjected to the post-speech spin and analysis on the networks and cable news channels, and the major newspaper coverage the following day.

But the Internet empowers Americans to take active part in this process through "live-blogging". During the President's speech, bloggers will be analyzing and commenting on the speech in real time, posting on their website their own views, knowledge and perspectives as the speech unfolds.

This process begins to free citizens from the monopoly on information and opinion once held by mainstream media outlets. No longer do you need to rely on Larry King and a gang of CNN producers or the New York Times' reporters and op/ed page writers for framing and analysis of issues. Thousands of Americans will be doing that -- often with greater insight, wisdom, knowledge and wit than the mainstream media -- before, during and after the speech.

To help facilitate what we at TCS see as a beneficent trend, we will provide links to several livebloggers we believe will be offering helpful and interesting commentary throughout the night and afterwards. Check in to TCS and our "ElseWhere" section on the right side of the front page of to find out some of the bloggers you may want to visit (some of them, such as Stephen Green of Vodkapundit and Pejman Yousefzadeh of Pejmanesque are also TCS contributors). Those bloggers will be linking to others as well, enabling you to gain a far wider range and scope of feedback and analysis than you can find with any other medium.

Enjoy an evening of citizen participatory democracy. And have fun.

-- The Editors



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