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Compassionate Conservatism Fades South of the Border?

By Eneas Biglione - February 8, 2006 12:00 AM

The recent decision of the public relations firm Allyn & Company to take charge of the task of improving Mexico's image in the United States and Canada has angered some conservatives. They have labeled Rob Allyn -- Allyn & Company's president and CEO -- a traitor and have threatened to boycott the firm.

In a stern response, Allyn declared: "I have gotten so tired of the way people treat Mexico. I believe in the cause, so I love the opportunity to share my views. I've held these views for a long time. I relish the opportunity to help in some small way." He added stingingly, "The conservative movement I signed up for stood for tearing walls down, not building them."

Indeed, Allyn & Company's website boasts that Allyn's public relations team worked with great success on President George W. Bush's 2000 primary campaign. The firm later aided Vicente Fox in his successful bid for the Mexican presidency, the same Vicente Fox who is the first conservative president elected in Mexico after an unbroken 72 years of socialist governments controlled by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Mexican voters entrusted Fox with the responsibility of overseeing great change: to tackle corruption, insecurity, and poverty and to promote improved relations with Mexico's neighbors. Fox perceived the broadening of NAFTA with the United States and Canada as a way to strengthen Mexico and confront the country's weaknesses. He never plundered or begged, but saw in the exportation of Mexican products and workers a possible solution to Mexico's woes. Fox's government stimulated the production and exportation of high-technology manufactured goods and used diplomacy to try to negotiate a temporary visa program that is more generous to low-skilled Mexican workers. Of course, the chronic corruption, wild public spending, and poverty that Fox's government inherited from the PRI are not easy conditions to reverse after only five years in office.

Fox has been at the United States' side during several international scandals: the first occurred when the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro revealed statements made during a private telephone conversation he had with Fox in March of 2002. During the call, the Mexican president requested discretion from Castro during the UN Summit in Monterrey and, more specifically, asked that he not insult President Bush or the United States during his stay in Mexico.

The second scandal is more recent. At the Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Fox proudly declared that Castro and the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez had not succeeded in their attempts to dissuade a majority of Latin American countries from signing bilateral free trade agreements with the United States. After hearing this remark, Chavez repeatedly insulted the Mexican president and even branded him a "puppet of the [American] empire". In both cases Fox risked much for the United States and paid dearly for it in his credibility in certain Latin American countries.

It is worrisome, then, that the United States -- the most powerful country in the world and an excellent example of the institutions that a country must adopt to achieve prosperity -- is devoting so much time and so many resources to the construction of a wall on its border with Mexico. The anti-Mexican hysteria does nothing more than add to the arguments of enemies of the United States and discourage the world's conservatives from working side-by-side with the United States on the true fronts of the fight against the Axis of Evil.

The contract between Allyn & Company and the Mexican government is far from treason. It exemplifies, instead, a search for better communication between countries whose conservatives ought to be natural allies in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, as well as on many other battlefronts as well.

Eneas Biglione is a Senior Fellow at the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research (HACER).



With friends like Fox...
who needs enemies. Fox aids, abets and encourages lawbreakers to enter the US. He sends armed military into the US to threaten US peace officers to support of his nefarious activities, including drug smuggling. Every lawbreaker caught crossing the border, or subsequently caught, should be put to hard labor hand-building a wall between the US and Mexico. We were better off with the socialists than Fox, the conservative pretender.

Tearing down walls? I DON'T THINK SO.
Sorry my Mexican colleague, but there has been a tremendous and unfortunate MISUNDERSTANDING.

The propaganda line, created in the 1920s that "America is a land of immigrants" is utter B-S.

My people came here as colonists and as Englishmen to the frontier of the English realm.

Immigrant, indeed!

"Immigrants" come to a place already made. Immigrants come to make money from an infrastructure paid in blood by colonists, frontiersmen, pioneers and Pilgrims who carved America out of the living rock. There was no economy. There was no common law. There was no court system. There was no government. There was no "immagacion". There was no Jorge Boosh. Just wilderness and pure guts.

You and your fellow "immigrants" come here after all the hard work is done. You did not fight in our wars. You did not die in our coal mines. You did not earn this land by right of conquest and toil.

No, amigo, YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE except by greedy, so-called "Americans" who would do anything to make a quick buck -- or who want desperately for reasons unknown to me, to dilute the European character ofthe American people.

sounds to me like evolutionary strategies at work and guess what? The stupid "Anglos" are finally realizing they've been hoodwinked at least since The New York Times coined the self-serving phrase "melting pot".

Well guess what? The stuff that comes out of a "melting pot" is SLAG. I want PURE METAL or at least a superior ALLOY. You can keep the cheap pot metal for yourself.

America needs no more "cheap, complient, obedient drones". We have enough already.

spiritof76 is racist are most of today's Mexican bashers, like CNN's ignorant reactionary Lou Dobbs. But at least spiritof76 has the courage to be open about his racism, only wanting Americans of "pure metal" and "European character". Nice work there, asswipe.

I'm happy to accept more Mexicans and others. The free flow of labor and capital across borders is essential for freedom. And our economy has more than enough room for millions more workers. It is unions and taxes and stupid laws that keep people from fingind jobs here, not immigrants.

Btw...the Pilgrims were illegal aliens.

Which is worse, the so called "Racist" or the "Racist Basher"; both wrong
Throw around the Racist slur a bit liberally don't you? I would say Spirit of 76's point is better made than yours, though I disagree with both of you.

Spirit of 76 is right about immigrants, as the great-grandson of an Immigrant who came in in 1896 I can say my family as always appreciated those who did the hard work of settling and building this country. We believe in doing things the right way and that meant time on Ellis Island, understanding the idea of working your way up from the bottom, and a belief in being a part of making this country even better.

But, Spirit of 76, this is a melting pot. African Americans, Native Americans, and even Hispanic Americans fought and died in ever war, including the revolution. this has never been a European society (shudder). And, if it ever was, that ended "Four score and seven years after the revolution. Since the American Civil War the U.S. has certainly more of a multi-racial/multi-cultural country. If you can't see that, perhaps tou are a racist.

The best steel and alloys are not made from pure iron.

But sdmuscleman is wrong on so many levels. First, you are the racist if you can't accept that your view isn't the only one. That is narrow minded. the fact that it is accompanied by a rediculous bashing of a public figure who expouses a similar differing view is just stupid

Mexico is the only country that has abused the open borders to a point that is it becomming a problem for America. Canada views it's open border to the south as more of a problem that Americans view an open border to the north; but neither country has a major problem with illegal immigration along that border.

Good fences make for good neighbors and a fence or wall to the south could help restore a positive view of Mexico among Americans. This could lead to freer exchanges of goods and services and better relations between the two countries. That would be further advanced if Mexico would do it's part in building that fence and controlling access to that border. Do we need a guest workier program? Probably. Do we need a better and faster visa process in Mexico? Absolutely. Do we need millions of illegal immigrants roaming the streets of America? Absolutely not!

Build the fence, get a good visa/work visa program in place, round up all the illegals and deport them all back to their home country. Then start over with a real program and people coming in legally across the recogtnized border check-points.

We should welcome all who want to come here legally, but we do need some limits and organized controll of immigration.

And the pilgrims were not "illegal aliens". There was no borders, no established country and no government when they arrived. They were pioneers entering a hostile land whose relatively small number of human inhabitants were still living in the stone age. Like it or not, that is the reality.

I used to like Fox, too
But it's clear to see that he has much to lose if we do anything drastic about the problem of illegal immigration. $17 billion in annual remittances by illegal aliens working in the USA is a nice way to paper over the real structural problems at home. Once here, the vast majority of aliens have no incentive to assimilate into the culture they now live in. Part of this is due to the fact that Mexico is so accessible, so there's no need to cut the ties to a home thousands of miles away and assimilate like so many other immigrant groups have done throughout our history. It is unfair to those legal immigrants and US citizens fighting for jobs at the entry level as a sea of illegal immigrants ensures wage depression for all. They also put a tremendous strain on all forms of our civic infrastructure. The state collects no taxes from illegal workers or the employers who knowingly flout the law which effectively sticks law abiding citizens with the bill for maintaining that infrastructure. Something that is rarely mentioned in the whole immigration debate is the impact that such a mass exodus of mostly young, able bodied men has on the villages they leave behind. Who is to play the role that these fathers, sons and husbands should be playing in their community? I fear there is a lost generation of children who will mostly know their father only as the man who sends home a check from some foreign land.

Annex Mexico!
Large parts of our southwest from Texas to California used to be Mexico. I think we should just take all of the rest of it. No more illegals crossing the border, they’d already be here!

>>the most powerful country in the world and an excellent example of the institutions that a country must adopt to achieve prosperity -- is devoting so much time and so many resources to the construction of a wall on its border with Mexico.

One of those institutions is the RULE OF LAW. Would a wall be needed if illegals were not pouring across the border? It's time you learned more about those institutions.

conservative movement joined
did the autor sign up for the convservative movement that stood for tearing down walls before 9/11 or after 9/11. If the president and government of Mexico would secure their borders and keep their people in Mexico and keep terrorists and other aliens from crossing their border into the United States then we would not need fences or walls. We are not wrong to protect our country and our borders.

Spirit of 76
I like what you have written. I agree.

sdmuscleman Re spiritof76
sdm - it is just my opinion, but you are would ignorant piece of crap. It is not unions or taxes, that keep people from finding jobs, but it could be stupid laws and immigrants like the immigration laws that bring too many immigrants in and don't allow time for them to assimilate before bringing in another batch, and the one law that will be the ass kicker if it is passed, is the one that allows illegals to work. The guest worker program is amnesty regardless of what it is being called.

Tje argument being used, "these are jobs Americans won't do" is false. Americans will do the jobs for better wages. Creating conditions that allow American workers to fill jobs at higher wages should be the focus, rather than promoting the use/employment of low wage illegal aliens
into low wage workers with visas. The idea that a permanent underclass must serve our economy is loathsome, and leaves our blue-collar workers are with little hope.
We would be fools to think illegal workers will leave the country after being given six-year work permits.

DITTO on Tearing down walls? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
Well said!! lol. No more slag. The neo-cons just love promoting the slag don't they.

We are wise to ya!! lol.


The best thing we could do for Mexico is ...
The best thing we could do for Mexico is to add another star to our flag.

Given the opportunity, I am sure the Mexicans would vote for it as the only way to get rid of their corrupt officials who hinder their economic progression into the 20th Century.

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