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Text of Letter to Charles Taylor

By Coley Hudgins - March 29, 2006 12:00 AM


5th May, 1992

His Excellency
CIC Charles Ghankay Taylor
President, P.P.R.A.G.

Dear Brother,

I am thanking you very much for the brotherly help you are rendering me in my liberation struggle. This struggle itself has reached a crucial and sensitive stage wherein I cannot afford to give up. However, there is an urgent need to sit and discuss issues on the current development in Sierra Leone and also on the deployment of ECOMOG at the borders. These events are crucial and we need to address ourselves to them. I am therefore requesting an audience with you before I leave.

I appreciate the five boxes of AK-47, raffle [sic] ammunition and the ten boxes of RPG gun rackets [sic] which I should receive from you today. But I have just received a radio message from General Depee that our men have encircled the Daru barracks and they are awaiting materials to do the final assault. I believe that what you have offered is not enough to carry out the "Operation Capture Daru". So I am asking you in the name of Almighty God to kindly increase the number of boxes of AK-47 ammunition to (20) twenty and that of the RPG rackets [sic] to (12) twelve plus some berretta rounds. This will sustain me for some time while awaiting the long term supply that you have promised me. However, it will boost the moral [sic] of my fighters who are in top form to advance on the enemies.

Lastly, today I am a common laughter because of a lack of vehicle for my mobility. My only jeep is in the garage beyond repairs. I do ride on a Toyota truck for a long distance journey or beg for lift here in town. Such practices pose a high risk to my security but I have no alternative. I am asking you to arrest this situation by providing me even a second hand pickup to enhance my mobility.

While anticipating your usual consideration, I would be grateful to you for your continued support in my struggle to liberate my people.

Kindest regards,
Yours in His Cause,
Foday Sankoh
Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone


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