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Bin Laden Hates the UN Now, Too!

By Austin Bay - April 26, 2006 12:00 AM

Last week, on a tape aired by the Arab news channel Al-Jazeera, a voice claiming to be Osama bin Laden declared war on the world.

The geographic range of the 21st century caveman's rambling verbal jihad should impress Rand McNally.

Bin Laden's latest tape promotes attacks in India, Kashmir, East Timor, East Africa and Sudan.

The Sudan rant is particularly interesting. He fingers the proposed U.N. peacekeeping force in Sudan's tragic Darfur region as an enemy -- which suggests bin Laden supports Sudan's genocide in Darfur. He encourages combat against large swaths of the human race. He condemns his Zionist-Crusader enemies (that usually means Israel and the United States, but now appears to include the United Nations). He dumps threatening bile on Hindus (India).

We know he doesn't like Buddhists -- his Taliban allies proved that when they literally defaced Afghanistan's Bamiyan buddhas with high explosives. Confucianists seem to get a pass, but after al-Qaeda defeats the West and subdues the subcontinent; no doubt Osama will crush China and the Far East.

Muslims, however, remain bin Laden's biggest enemy, perhaps not in theory and propaganda, but certainly in the flesh-and-blood world of murder and massacre. Bin Laden, al-Qaeda and its various affiliates have killed more Muslims than any other religious group, and Darfur is an example.

Since early 2003, nearly 200,000 people have died in the Sudan government's war with Darfur rebels. The Sudan government backs a variety of Islamist militias, many of them operating on horseback or in wheeled "technical vehicles" armed with light machine guns and rocket launchers. Darfur's rebels are a mixed bag of farmers, villagers and pastoralists. The rebels are also an ethnic mishmash, though most of them are black Africans. For the most part, they are Muslims, however, with a leavening of tribal animists.

Here are bin Laden's purported taped instructions vis-à-vis Darfur: "I call on mujahedeen and their supporters, especially in Sudan and the Arab peninsula, to prepare for long war again the Crusader plunderers in Western Sudan. Our goal is not defending the Khartoum government, but to defend Islam, its land and its people."

If the tape is authentic -- and that is a big if -- the call for an anti-U.N. jihad in Darfur is another self-inflicted information warfare wound by al-Qaeda.

Bin Laden is upset because the United Nations intends to take control of the Darfur peacekeeping mission. The African Union (AU) is in charge of the current peacekeeping operation, and it has failed to stop the slaughter.

That's one reason this latest tape is a major propaganda error: Most of the world's opinion leaders -- including the liberal and left-wing "internationalistas" who spend a great deal of airtime, ink and electrons excusing Arab terrorists (particularly Hamas) -- have made the Darfur horror a cause celebre (ironically excusing one band of Islamic extremists, while damning another).

Bin Laden has also made a second major political error: The peacekeeping mission is meant to protect Muslims. Once again, al-Qaeda is promoting the murder of Muslims, a point the United States has been making since Sept. 12, 2001. It's not a new insight, but it has taken four and half years to make the point. Al-Qaeda's bloody trail in Iraq is part of the proof. Al-Qaeda's car bombs and suicide bombs in Iraq were detonated in the heart of the politically dysfunctional Arab Muslim Middle East. They killed a few American "Crusaders," but most of the dead are Arab Muslims (both Shia and Sunni).

In the Darfur region, the black African Muslims savaged by the Islamist militias aren't quite "Muslim enough" for the True Believers and the Sudan government.

In the 1990s, Sudan served as a haven and a base for bin Laden and key al-Qaeda cadres. Perhaps bin Laden thinks he's paying off a political debt to Sudan's Islamists. That noted, the Sudan government has rejected bin Laden's call for a Darfur jihad.

Why? Because bin Laden's a loser -- a dangerous loser still capable of mass murder, but no longer the ideological juggernaut of global Islam.

Austin Bay is a syndicated columnist and TCS contributing writer.



Good Article - but maybe his strategy is not so flawed
When someone fashions a spear they shave away a lot of wood to achieve a smooth shaft unencumbered by dead weight. He then polishes the shaft to reduce its tendency to splinter.

Bin Laden and his ilk are doing the same. He understands that those who are not fully with him are against him and must at minimum be encouraged by whatever it takes to remain neutral or passive. Thus Muslims are targetted to ensure that they fear him more than they fear us.

We are probably strong enough to defeat him without going over to his methods, but one reason we need to prosecute this war aggressively is that if we fail our children or grandchildren will eventually need to defeat his children and grandchildren by application of the same strategy.

increasingly irrevelant
Bin Laden is fast becoming a cranky old man in a cave. Maybe if we would stop airing his rantings, perhaps he'd slip up and increase his visibility and we could whack him once and for all.

uh, irrelevant
always been one of those words I continually mispell...!

anti-US or the right sort of pro-Islam?
To what degree does the anti-US ideal make Islam's need for any sort of pro-Islam ideal less important?

It's Coherent, If Overreaching
If OBL is the herald (prophet?) of the New Caliphate, then his going after the UN isn't so off base. The UN is rumbling about genocide, and Islamists know that this is a precursor to possible action, as it was in Timor. The Islamists want a free hand, and will snap at anybody who tries to restrain them.

If the resort bombings in the Sinai have been tied to the latest OBL recording, then the second Sinai bombings aimed at the UN peacekeepers might be as well. If so, consider it a warning shot across the bow of the UN about what's in store for them in Darfur. If, at the price of a recording and a minor suicide attack, you can keep Darfur free for Islamist expansion, then you have achieved a significant strategic goal at an economy price.

Talents of the UN
The UN has been effective at passing resolutions, "rumbling", but little else of consequence.

It won't be hard for the 21st century caveman - that's funny! - to scare UN bureaucrats away from the danger spots of the world where the rubber meets the road.

Other considerations.
Benny Boy Laden, is following the path of the Koran. The revelation of Mohammed, (a tall thin Man coming down from the Mountain), Symbolism is how the Muslim thinks, the Spiritual reminder of a responsibility to Koranic prophecy. Importance of history, to read the others bible, so, one knows what's on their mind, intentions and long term goals. It has been written, long ago.

the cave man you guys can't get!
It's amazing that you guys still don't get it. I'd explain it again but you won't get it again or you won't listen. Your not learning from your mistakes and that's the danger here. You have turned a criminal into a freedom fighter for many. OBL was a nobody and you turned into a somebody and continue to do so.

Is it so difficult to kill Bin Laden?,
U.S. is so strong, if enemy is hidden in heaven or hell she will find out kill him.. Why then it is difficult to kill Ben Laden? I think U.S. donot want to kill him, U.S. intentionlly keeping him alive for selifishness of her motive. U.S. want keep her superpower image as it is, if there is not any enemy, no one will turn to U.S.for help so she intentionly creating new enemy, Saddam was created, now creating Iran , Ben Laden is permenent enemy must live for ever.

over and under estimate
The UsA has the over-extended national ego, which emphasizes all powerfull concept. Took along time to get that fellow that blew up abortion clinics etc, hiding in Tenn. for years it took them to catch him. And they only caught him because he came out of the woods, visiting a garbage facility, back of a shopping center. So he allowed himself to be caught. Benny boy Laden in Afghanistan mountains (far more difficult than Tenn), and Benny created a persona larger than life, by staying hidden. Symbolism, most important to Islama, makes benny the Symbol of Islamic liberty from the Masonic vision of the House of Bush. In this case senario the Jews are conveniently in the middle being used by both sides, FUN and Laughter, hide and seek, Na-Na Naaa, you can't catch me, and your it.

Blinded by the media
I don't know about anyone else, I got it by reading the Koran and other spiritual Islamic books. Benny is only acting out his part in the bigger picture of Islamic destiny.The Muslim hasn't,doesn't and will not separate State from Religion, therefore any act against any other State is considered a religious opportunity to move further along the path of the hidden agenda, the path gifted by the Koran. Most people never read the others Bibles, so we don't know the destiny that they chose. Educate, don't under-estimate, Islama is on the march, it's like they can see the finish line, to world religious domination.

The Other Guy's Playbook
RaMaya makes an excellent point about reading the enemy's bible. More to the point, it is important to pay attention to what the other guy says he's going to do. It makes sense to believe him, particularly if there is a messianic element to the ideology. Hitler wrote a book. In broad outline, he said what he was going to do and what his justifications were. People ignored Hitler at their peril.

I don't say that reading the Koran will give anybody any special insight as to the Islamist's plans are. But it is enough to know that the enemy uses the Koran to justify any action he takes and that the stated goal, ludicrous as it sounds, is world domination.

OBL makes tapes and now Zarqawi is making videos. It doesn't matter if they are making operational decisions or not. They have followers who act and there are millions more who are inspired by them and provide a cheering section for the Isamist's campaigns. We dismiss them at our peril.

give the devil his due
OBL engineered the most spectacular terrorist attack in history on a shoestring budget from a lair in the midst of Asia, and the of his action among Muslims was easily seen in the jubilation of the Arab Street.

Say what you will of the man, he was not and is not a nobody. Similarly, his minions were not and are not cowards. And their actions were and are not met with disapprovaly by substantial minorities in the Muslim world.

The biggest difficulty we face is recognizing that a substantial minority of the population of the Muslim world has been actively at war with us for decades, and a majority of the Muslim population of the world is sympathetic to the long term goal that we should be killed if we fail to convert.

>"Similarly, his minions were not and are not cowards."

Anyone who specifically targets innocents, women, and children is a coward. These cowards continue to hide behind civilians and inside of their most holy and sacred places. They are nothing but cowards and little else.

Terrorism is not a function performed by the brave and noble.

can't agree
Brave and Noble are two entirely different words, and they do not necessarily travel in company.

You can call a suicide bomber or an airplane hijacker many things, ignoble being one of them, but to call him or her a coward is simply not true. And aside from being not true I think doing so tends to cause us to underestimate the capabilities of our enemy.

I beg to differ...
Simply knowing terrorists act in a cowardly fashion, which they do, does not make one underestimate their capabilities. Their capabilities are not tied to their lack of morality.

In fact knowing that they will strike in a cowardly fashion enables one to plan defenses accordingly.

here here, right on!
Yes, that's correct and the long term is getting shorter, they seem to see the finish line, the Trance of Allah

Koran is the path
Unfortunately the road map to peace has to run through the Koranic vision, and yes reading it will give you the understanding of the texture of koranic thinking. Let us not forget that poverty is the seed that is nourished, and brings forth new disciples. 3hours Koran equals one meal. 3 meals, nine hours of chanting, prayer and sitting reading Koran, all under supervision. Reminds me of the catholic church in latin america,franciscans no other book than the bible is to be read, all others are the devils devices. Bible can only be read under supervision of the sisters or the priest. That's why illiteracy is so high in Mexico, no one promoted reading, and by this controlled the flow of information. The separation of church and state allowed women the opportunity to go to school.

So much ignorance
The US took 7 years to find Terry Randall, and he was hidding here in the US.
It took us 20 years to find the Unabomber.

Do you think they were both made up adversaries as well?

The US did not make Saddam an enemy. He made himself one, first by attacking his neighbor, and then by plotting to help those who were trying to hurt us. The Saddam/AQ connections are well proven.

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