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Proud to Be (Almost) American

By Nathan Smith - April 11, 2006 12:00 AM

It's been a few months since the last Fourth of July, and I was itching to get my patriotism fix. So when I read that a pro-immigration protest was going to march a few blocks away from my office, I decided to go and take in the atmosphere.

Have you ever watched the fireworks against the night sky, and you feel stirring inside you, unbidden, a love for your country so childlike that you wonder if, as an adult, you're allowed to feel it? A love that, no matter how good your reasons for loving America may be, has nothing to do with reasons: it's blubbering sentimentality, and at the same time, you feel you are standing on holy ground? Watching a sea of banners and American flags advancing down 16th Street towards Lafayette Park, it was just like that.

Michelle Malkin has been kicking up a fuss that some protesters wave Mexican flags. Well, as the saying goes, a pessimist thinks the glass is 2 percent empty, an optimist thinks that it's 98 percent full. In Washington, D.C., April 10, 2006, this eyewitness reports that American flags outnumbered all other flags by about fifty to one.

We're used to seeing swarthy, foreign-speaking young men burning American flags to vent their rage. It doesn't affect us anymore. But to see swarthy, foreign-speaking young men -- and women, and children, by the thousands -- waving the American flag, proudly, to see them draping it over their shoulders, and wearing it on T-shirts -- are you ready for that? I wasn't. It almost brought me to tears.

But anyway, enough of my sentiments. A protest is meant to send a message. What did the protesters have to say? (And do I agree with them?)

The AFL-CIO slogan "Liberty and Justice for All" ("Libertad y Justicia Para Todos"), gets to the heart of the matter. It is liberty -- the freedom to migrate and work -- and justice -- to be treated like everybody else -- that immigrants are asking for.

Most of the protesters, I think, were either Mexican or Salvadoran, but the protest aimed to be a pan-immigrant affair. Several placards declared "Immigrants of All Countries, Unite." I saw a woman wearing a Dominican flag with the words "Republica Dominica. Dios. Patria. Libertad." A man carried a sign saying, "Georgia is present." One of the cutest sights of the parade was a little girl carrying a small sign, "Nigeria Present," buoyed up by three helium balloons.

Aside from immigrants, there were also quite a few white people. (I suspected that a few of the older ones were washed-up hippies reliving the 1960s. I thought to myself, They got so many things wrong, poor old fools, but they have good hearts; I'm glad they finally got lucky and found a good cause.) There were also quite a few blacks.

I was curious about the attitude of blacks towards this struggle. The parallel with the 1960s and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech is obvious. But do blacks feel a fellow-underdog solidarity with Latino undocumented immigrants, I wondered, or do they see each other as rivals, for jobs and housing, for minority privileges?

While I was watching the marchers approach K St., I heard a black mother, behind me, tell her son:

"You see all the people walking? They're standing up for their rights, T."

Later, I noticed a black young man, probably about 20, holding the right end of a huge banner that read, "Full Rights for Immigrants. Legalizacion Ahora! [Legalization Now]" The left end was carried by a Latino girl. A moment of beautiful symbolism.

Yet blacks and Latinos may have different ideas of what "standing up for one's rights" means.

At the corner of 16th and K St., I saw one black woman carrying a sign that said, "Make Poverty and Exploitation Enemy, Not Undocumented Immigrants." Next to her was a young Latino man wearing a T-shirt that read, "Future Millionaire," wearing an American-flag bandana. The juxtaposition was priceless. Africans, brought here as slaves, really were exploited once, so their descendants are prone to buy into quasi-Marxist notions that characterize the free exchange of labor for money as "exploitation." Latino immigrants want to work for money, that's what they came for. They're not worried about "exploitation." They're "future millionaires."

Immigrants are natural capitalists. They live by laissez faire. America, built by immigrants over the generations, is a pretty capitalist place, while Europe, built by the ones who stayed in the old country, is not. Even America is surpassed by Hong Kong, the freest economy in the world according to Index of Economic Freedom , built by Chinese immigrants fleeing the Communist takeover of China. Today's immigrants are carrying the torch. "We are the American dream," proclaimed many of the banners.

As an economist, maybe my favorite slogan of all was "Porque Producimos, Exigimos": "Because We Produce, We Demand." This is a concise statement of Say's Law, the principle, beloved of supply-sider economists, that supply creates its own demand. It's true. Whenever Latino immigrants work and produce goods and services (supply), they do so in order to trade for other things (demand). But I never expected to see Say's Law become the basis for a protest slogan!

The protesters are proud of their role in the US economy. "We keep the economy running. No to HR 4437," said several of the signs. "We produce the wealth of this country, therefore we demand justice."

Now hold on there. Immigrants do produce wealth, and I salute them for it. But to paraphrase Ebenezer Scrooge (not an appealing character but he got some things right), we native-born Americans are the founders of the feast. Our heads for business have furnished them employment. Give us some credit. There's a lot of credit to go around for America's prosperity, and a little bit of it goes to immigrants, but most of it goes to the native-born. Just a reminder.

Immigrants are outraged about the abortive attempt, in House Resolution 4437, to label them "felons." "We are not criminals," said many signs, and there were themes and variations: "We are not criminals, we are working people;" "Legalize Don't Criminalize;" "Against HH 4437; Freedom and Equality are the American Way;" "Immoral Law Does Not Make a Moral Country." Obviously, the Democrats were clever to keep the "felon" language in that misbegotten law, and thereby to hang this suicidal folly round the necks of Republican legislators. One protester advertised that he was a "Pro-Immigrant Voter."

And while the mood at the protest was festive, raw fear motivates some of the protesters. "NO to Deportation," pleaded one sign. The specter of mass deportation also motivated native-born sympathizers. "Who Would Jesus Deport?" asked one placard. Another sign said, "Si Uds. Deportan a Mis Hermanas y Hermanos, Yo Me Voy Con Ellos" -- "if you deport my brothers and sisters, I'll go with them." I saw the sign first, and then was struck by the person carrying it. It was not an Hispanic with undocumented relatives. A mousey, brown-haired, white-skinned girl, of medium height, obviously a US-born American, had written the most arresting message of the day.

If the protest had an ideology, it was opposition to borders in general. "There are no borders in the workers' struggle," declared one banner. A middle-aged man wandered about the protest with a sign that said, "Nations should serve people or go away. Things to do: Honor workers. Arrest war criminals. Create One World." One banner called for "One Humanity." Another proclaimed: "For a World Without Borders and Laws."

Now wait a minute. It's true that we have too many laws in this country, and a lot of them are stupid. But we do need laws. Maybe a compromise?

Most important, perhaps, were the declarations of identity. That the protesters, wherever they were born, feel American, was visible in all the flag-waving, in the slogans "Immigrants are Americans," "I'm An American," or (a bit pompously) "We are America." "Pro-Immigrant = Pro-America." "God Bless America," another sign added.

Tens of thousands of people feel more American now than they did yesterday. They just earned an honorable mention in the history books -- American history books. And what they did -- standing up for their rights, for "liberty and justice for all" -- was a very American thing to do.

Overall, I like the men and women who are presumably going to be my fellow-citizens sooner or later. Their pride in work, perhaps a bit overdone sometimes, is an admirable trait, and their laissez-faire bias is refreshing. It was an honor to march at their side.

Nathan Smith is a TCS contributing writer. He recently wrote about A Right to Migrate.



A superb article...
Hopefully, immigrants will realize not all Republicans are in line with Tom Tancredo and Michelle Malkin.

As an Economist, Would You Agree?
Payroll taxes increase illegal immigration. The illegal immigrant, working off-the-books, has an unfair price advantage over the lawful, documented worker. As long as there are payroll taxes, there will be off-the-books workers, most of them illegal immigrants. To regularize the status of current illegal immigrants will only make room for another wave of illegal immigrants.

Mexican flag waving
Look I don't begrudge anyone that wants to come to America to work.
In fact I think it is a good idea (the coming here to work part) to a point
But the sad he truth is that millions of poor uneducated people will turn the southern US into a poor state of Mexico if there is not another better and more economically superior culture here to absorb them.
While importing some number of low skilled people that want to work is beneficial too many poor and unskilled is not beneficial and we end up in as bad a shape as the place they left.
We also need more people to immigrate that have high skill sets if we are to remain a place of prosperity.
This is common sense.

Now remember these people had to be told to wave American flags their first instinct was to wave Mexican flags.
I heard again and again about how this was not intended to be an insult to Americans that instead waving Mexican flags was a symbol of their culture.
For the record it IS INSULTING to Americans and their culture.
What about my culture?
If Mexican culture is so great why come here in the first place?
Do you think just maybe that America culture just might have something going for it that others do not?
When I lived in California on Cinco de Mayo every year there were Mexicans (as in Mexican citizens) driving around with Mexican flags on plastered on their cars.
I remember one truck had a huge pole mounted in the back with a giant Mexican flag the size of a small car flying and was playing the Mexican national anthem on loud speakers.
These are the same people that whine about how culturally insensitive I am…………………….pleeeeez.
I think that poor people that come here looking for work are only doing what I would do and are no real threat but like a party in my backyard I can absorb a few uninvited quests no problem.
When five hundred uninvited guest show up and trample my lawn eat all my food and drinks, change the music, tear down my fence, crap around back and start complaining I am culturally insensitive why do I not have the right to toss them out of my home?
When will illegal aliens show some respect for me, my culture, my symbols and language?
Why am I and my home treated with such disrespect.
Why is everything I have struggled to achieve theirs for the taking?
What would it hurt if these people acknowledge that America is better than where they left and that they want to assimilate and become part of something better.
What would it hurt to learn English and make an attempt to accommodate the existing culture that is here?
I met people many times that have lived decades in the US and never bothered to learn English.
This is insulting and disrespectful to Americans and our culture on a galactic scale.
Why is it okay for people to come here and not even make and effort to assimilate ?

Things should be as simple as possible but no simpler

Looks are deceiving
Just as you can't judge a book by its cover. The veil of freedom hiding the truth. They are well organized, and yet they also carry a secret agenda, that leaks the minute you turn your back. A tradition in Mexico is to provide a friendly attitude, get what you need(money, work)then, then do what you want. There is no great desire to bew American, they feel that all of Mexico and USA, is named after Fredrico America, so they have been convinced that historicxally they are Americans, caring one flag one and another the next, is matter of politics. Globally demonstrations have changed nations, especially the last 10 years, it's current fashion, White T shirt and Jeans and hit the street. Like 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum in a super mkt. because it didn't get what they want. The average Illegal has maybe grade six, maybe, easily persuaded. The gang leadsers are great at getting the kids organized to get in the street, More hispanic families more homes to hide in. They will not be faithful to the law, they will aid their own criminal faction, they can't Police themseves, no education, easy prey for the gangs. Most prisons are a reflection of what is going on in the hood.Let's get high and kick the fat gringo's you know what. If your dark enough, big enough, you can join the crowds, and if you understand spanish, you to will know the underlying plan. The bigger the wave the harder to stop, and they know it, Human Tsunami, do something or get out of the way. White and Blacks will have to learn to swim in a Hispanic Ocean.

Selfish, not proud
"It is liberty -- the freedom to migrate and work -- and justice -- to be treated like everybody else -- that immigrants are asking for"

No these people are asking for more. ILLEGAL immigrants are those who did not pass through a border control point or overstayed thier visas.
There are millions of immmigrants who obtained visas LEGALLY.
If the protesters want to be treated as every other immigrant, then they must go home, apply at the US Embassy for a visa, get a chest x-ray for TB, pay the money and wait for a visa.
No, the protestors are selfish and care nothing for the USA. They violated our laws to enter the country to send money back to their families in the home country.

If they REALLY cared about the USA and immigration, they would demand Congress increase the number of immigrant visas and they would return home and respect US laws apply to enter legally.

No, they are not proud, they are selfish.

Proud to Be (Almost) American
Most of us came here one way or another, but my great grand parents learned to speak English and one pushed a hand card across the plains wearing wooden shoes and did not break the law doing so nor did they live on public funds, drive unregistered cars with out auto insurance. Times are different and this influx need to be regulated, or we will end up with more crowded schools, roads and more workers working under the radar with out Workman's comp earning substandard wages and living in over crowded housing.
And then where will the American dream end up, we have many many people who are waiting there turn to come to the USA what about them? and what about those that exploit the system just so them can harm all us us here, many Hispanics died 9/11/01. This has to be controled and then what about Americans getting equal rights in Mexico?

How Do You Know?
You don't know one of the 12 million. How do you know what they actually want?

You have to hand it to the left
The left is stabbing it's core constituencies in the back so it can embrace unlimited immigration of cheap labor for the rich. And the union bosses are stabbing their current members in the back to they can collect dues from a new influx of serfs.

You have to hand it to the left, they know how to break folks to the fist and train them to eat only from the hands of their betters.

The endless incoming tide of unskilled immigrants is directly taking the ability to earn a living wage from a new generation of working folks whove played by the rules.

I have to disagree with this author. They changed their flags because the US flag looks better. It does look better and it brings the reall issues into focus.

Our government is threatening to give amnesty to illegals. These are people who not only ignored our borders, they ignore our drivers' license requirements, our car insurance requirements, and the fact that our rights belong to our citizens. Some of these people were arrested by our government agencies and failed to appear in court. They are called absconders. Our government wants to forget about the efforts of our own enforcement officers and just let illegal border crossers make themselves at home.

We need to admit that the illegal border crossers are only the secondary problem. The primary problem is our own selves. For 30 years this has been leading up to what we have now. We let this happen. We need to stand in our own integrity now.

We are going to see more of these demonstrations and they are going to turn violent. And that is going to have to happen because we must say "no."

I want those borders to become solid RIGHT NOW.

I don't care what I have to pay for my beef and potatoes.

I don't care what any business has to do--raise its prices, whatever.

I think tolerance has reached its limits and is no longer healthy. I want to see a severe correction. This doesn't have to be violent on our part. It just has to be firm.

I don't know how so many soft-hearted people came to side with those who are here illegally and now demanding their "rights."

I want our borders back or we are going to turn into Mexico, through the sheer volume of chaos.

Will you feel the same way in 20 years?
Illegal numbers quadrupled since the last amnesty in 1986. If a bill does pass granting "forgiveness" to illegals, why shouldn't we expect numbers to quadruple again in another 20 years. Will you feel the same way about illegals when there are 44-48 million of them by 2026??

Nathan Smith I guess has nothing to say to our comments?
Because there is nothing he can say. Mexicans legal or illegal have no right to demand things when they, themselves, are breaking laws. I personally was hit by a car driven by a Mexican who had no insurance -- I had pay for fixing it, myself! What most of them do is buy the minimum necessary liability insurance so they can get stickers for their cars, then the immediately cancel their insurance. That is just the tip of the iceberg -- they have no respect for our laws. Many want "their Mexico" back. Fox, himself, vigorously attempts to keep his southern border closed, but, speaking from the other side of his mouth, he says there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant going to the United States. That suggests to me that he is encouraging it with a wink and a nod. Then, I suppose, they will no longer be his problem. Nathan, wake up and smell the coffee.

Manipulated Are We
Manipulation is when someone makes an emotional expression calculated to influence your emotions, to get you to do what they want.

An example is when you have an argument with someone and they give you the silent treatment. They act hurt. They say they can't talk because you don't listen. They know you want to be a good and loving person, so they trip that switch. If you're foolish, you say, "I am so sorry I hurt you." Then you get a feeling of relief that you've done what you needed to, to get your opponent talking. You know the other person could have stood up and owned their own feelings, but didn't have the courage. They didn't want to say they felt weak. When someone manipulates you to do something for them that's bad for them, you should learn a lesson and not give in.

The illegal aliens have manipulated their family and friends, then the leftists, then those who want to see themselves as an open and healthy society. Keyword, "want." The American flags waving in that picture are manipulations.

We are getting buffaloed! So many details, too many to go into in one place.

When you see...
...your childrens blood running in the streets, because you needed slaves to mow your lawn, you may then realize how incredibly stupid and vain you are. But I doubt it. Disgusting. Every day, it grows clearer and clear that the upper class is the traitor class, and they must go, and the gun is the only way to do it. If you will not defend the country that gave you so much, then, for the love of God, leave!


To: LisaAA
Welcome to the club.

Keep up the good work.


To: gppintx
Thank you for reminding everyone about the math issue. You did not mention the fact that have a tendency to multiply on their own once they are here.

To: dragon
If enough of us start making the proper amount of noise we might just be able to convince a sufficient number of Congressional representatives that if they like their jobs, they better start thinking about walls. Big ones. That should also be noted by Presidential hopefuls.

Let's wake them up!

To: LisaAA
Think Wall. Help your Senators and Representatives Think Wall. Remind them that job is an elected position.

To: xiaoding
Easy big fella.

Remember the American Motto: If you kill them, you can't sell them anything ever again.

Just ship them back, and sell them so new shoes, a raincoat, and a Happy Meal!

Don't worry; Be Happy
The author manages to put a smilie face on a deadly serious situattion and then pretend there is no consequences to illegal immigration.

This is how we got to this situation. This type of article does not enlighten; does not shed new light; does not compare and contrast different facets for the readership. It does manipulate the readers.

Don't worry; Be Happy.

selfish and mischevious
They, the hispanic immigrant will always have an allegence to other hispanics long before they are faithfull to the American culture. They do not have respect for their own, look at all the kidnappings, child sex-tourism , even in their own country a two lane street, suddenly turns into 4 lanes, because they want to get over, on the other, always, always mischeviously breaking into line, whether its a concert, immigration, movie theaters, or just in line at a grocery store, No respect for anyone, not even each other, the gangs prey and hide in hispanic homes. If you say something they gang up and try their best with fear tactics. Thank God I'm a triple XXX power lifter, in Mexico 18 years, too big to play with, they get scared and they run to immigration, like a cry baby, their famous line, "I'm a Mexican in Mexico and I have more rights than you, gringo". Imagine had the American said this, no Amnesty needed in 1986, They demonstrate in America, because in Mexico they would get shot, by Mexican Army, like in 1968, 5000 students killed for demonstating. America wake up and smell the chili. There is nothing here to be proud of, a nation of beggars.

Rights? What Rights?
This article repeatedly mentions that the protestors are simply standing up for their "rights". Following is a list of these so-called rights:

The Right to cross the border illegally
The Right to defraud the government
The Right to obtain employment illegally
The Right to not pay income taxes
The Right to render minimum wage law utterly meaningless
The Right to avail themselves of social services to which they are not entitled and for which they have not paid

I haven't noticed any of these rights in our Constitution.

The condescending hypocrisy of this article is really sickening. Proud of these "swarthy" future Americans, are you? Then why won't you advocate that employers pay for the real cost of their labor? You don't do this because you do not accept them as "fellow Americans". You are more than happy to refer to them as "future Americans" so that you can carry on taking economic advantage of their undocumented status and call it a "free labor market". A brave and just position, this.

If American employers need immigrant labor so badly, why in the world are they not willing to make the committment to these people by providing at least minimum wage, health benefits, and sponsoring their green card applications?

American employers are the ones tempting these people to risk their lives just to come here. American employers are the ones breaking the law and exploiting immigrants' undocumented status for selfish, crooked financial gain. And American employers in their greed are the ones sloughing off the real cost and social impact of immigrant labor onto native-born taxpayers.

If American businesses want these people so badly, let them bear the costs of employing them, legalizing them, and insuring them! Leave middle and lower class taxpayers out of it!

quick switch
So which is it? Last week it was a sea of Mexican flags. This week it's the Stars & Stripes. I am confused, except for one thing: they're all pawns in a bigger game.

her is how I know!
The magic word, experience, 8 years in Puerto Vallarta, 8 years in Cancun and 2 years in Acapulco. Raised two girls, and home education was a must. Beach, climate, sports is great, the people, lots to learn. Walk in a man's shoes the Indian says, I did 18 years, experience knows the difference. Can to mexico with very little, will leave with a little less. Know the history of both countries, both are constitutional republics, both started with Masons, George Washington 33 degree Mason just as, Benito Juarez, another 33 degree Mason, both founders of their countries. Mexico later went in one direction, Mexico towards dictatorship, USA Democracy. The separation of State and Church very different history, where you are guilty, unless proven innocent, Usa, innocent until proven guilty. EXample, Bus drivers routinely hit pedestrians, they run over them, jump out of the Bus and run away, never to be found, Police don't look. It's easy to go to jail, but hard and expensive to get out, unless you have money, then lives become cheap.Learn your history because it repeats itself and you might have timwe to get ready. Experienced

No sale
Like Cosco China has Eclipsed the big fellas, the bubas, the kahunas, and soon to buy Harley Davidson, Clowns to left, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you. Start a new campaighn,, THE NO-WAY JOSE! put it on T shirts red white and blue, in black letters, No WAY JOSE, don't you think it's catchy. Love and kisses.

I guess they wanted to be PC.
Wow, it's PC for illegal immigrants to fly the American flag, but not for citizens.

The Wall
Hey, great idea, lets get the Chinese to build it for us, since the last one they built, is long enough, and seems to hang in there. THE NO-WAY JOSE act tell your representatives, NO WAY JOSE, T- shirts, bumper stickers, no-way jose!

love it or leave it.
Your right, I can feel your frustration, this right to the white house with Alberto Gonzales and president Bush being brainwashed since childhood in the south in Texas, surrounded by illegal workers. Say no way Jose.

Fire breath
Its not wake up and smell the coffee, but small the Tequila, or to kill ya, NO WAY JOSE

I love it!
No Way, Jose!

And fly the flag on Cinco.

Not desperate but determined
Sorry, Xiao. We're not going to have blood running in our streets. I mow my own lawn. I'll stop eating beef if I have to, if the illegals moving out means our cattle can't be processed. If it turns out that our business people won't cooperate, we have laws in our country and we have influence in politics, and we have the boycott, and we can associate freely with whoever we wish. Please put away the guns. That "upper class" stuff sounds communist. We are for free trade, and against the way the illegals are not only exploited, but causing the exploitation of citizens. And by exploitation I mean unfair competition. Guns aren't strength, they're the last resort of desperate people. We're not desperate, we're determined. That's how I see it.

Never-mind 20 in the next 5 years
Like ants, it's in the numbers, while they are demonstrating, taking your attention, from the borders into the big cities, take up your resources, and run like hell to the border and join in on action in the street, Mexicans are used to,living in the streets, its by choice, a completely different begging mentality. Their lives are run on false emotions mirrored in their soap operas. They will drive like maniacs to get home in time for the soap operas. Juvenile behaviour, emotions, runs rampid in a Maternal society, here is a major cultural difference, Mexicans are Mother Mary, maternal, Quadalupe, society, while America, founding fathers, bill of rights, constitution, all paternal society. Psyc-socialogical implications are deep rooted. Mother society, emotional,depressed, complaining, begging, macho, is over-kill from insecurities, female menstrual blood cycle, Sangual enjoyment in the blood at bullfights. American, male oriented, no female sighned the bill of rights, or constitution, no female Masons, George, Benjamin,John Adams , Masonic presidents, a paternal society.When, America has a problem, both domestically or abroad we look for inspiration from the founding fathers. Inspiration to the Mexican is Mother Mary, one of our major differences from the common ground of Masonary, 90% of Mexican presidents are Masons, just like in the USA:

The Bigger Game
The bigger game is future votes for Democrats. I heard that and I'm scratching my head but it could be true. The reason the Democratic party appeals so much to college students, uneducated laborers and college professors is, it appeals to those who don't see a lot of how the world works and what it really costs to run things.

p.s. not all Dems are like Teddy Kennedy. No Message.

God bless you, your 100% right, we need to start the back lash, campaign, NO WAY JOSE.

Republicans, too.
Maybe that's why it takes voter initiatives to get laws requiring proof of citizenship on the books, like prop 200 in AZ.

Maybe It's all the politicians
Maybe they don't see much of how the world really works. Once you get to vote yourself raises, get your full wage for a pension the rest of your life, have the taxpayer pay your bills for you, then the only people you talk to are lobbyists and businessmen. Businessmen want their cheap workers. Lobbyists only want money for their lobbies.

You'd Think the Masons
You'd think Freemasons, who wrote such excellent, inspired things to start our government, would be strong leaders but apparently, nowadays the ideals stay in the writing and not in the integrity of those who practice it. One thing I know about Masonic-type philosophy is, it's important to measure things properly. It's in their compass insignia. There is no measurement of our illegal border crossers. That's why I say we have to stop the traffic. Until we have measurement and identification, we are giving ourselves away like cheap women, and like them we'll be wondering where our beauty went.

Need to vote
All the more reason to vote the incumbent out, no matter how much of our money he/she spends in your district.

Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason.

All of 'em out!
What a great idea. We could do that in November. Let's, shall we?

Misconceptions Of Liberty
The concept of liberty (to migrate anywhere) is a bit misinformed. The liberty in this country is an ordered liberty (as one S.Ct. Justice put it). Liberty is not license to do anything one wishes. Without the "ordered" part there is no liberty. That why laws matter. Try driving down the street without any traffic laws. See how much liberty you have in that circumstance.

One of the rules (laws) in our system of liberty is that you do not trespass on another dude's country.

There is no right to migrate.


It is about 2-3 weeks late to be waving US flags as it was abundantly clear that when this crap started all of the illegals were waving mexican flags. Where was their love of America at that point? They are here in America and waving the flag of Mexico? Who pays their salaries, who gives them free medical care that bankrupts our hospitals, who opens their neighborhoods and schools that are promptly destroyed by these same illegals,who do they kill dealing drugs on our corners, who speaks their language because they are too lazy and inept to learn English? THE ANSWER IS AMERICA AND THEY WAVE MEXICAN FLAGS!! Get out now with your love for mexico and do not come back you bunch of ingrates and creeps. Learn from my parents and do not run to the welfare office, rob US citizens, kill others, pay taxes, do not break our laws, and learn the language. I am so sick of you people you all need to be deported yesterday.

Rule Number One
Is to ignore any writer on ths subject that can do an entire article and never mention once the words "ILLEGAL immigration."
Why is TCS printing jerks like this??? Why is there not an article opposed to ILLEGAL immigration?

Why this discord? Why can't we just learn to get along? Why do we need borders?

Why this division by race, by nationality, by family, by religion? Why can't we just learn to live by the same laws, to live in freedom, harmony and mutual respect?

Why can't we see that the place and the nationality of our birth is not by our own choice? Why can't we all be equal?

Let us be finished with this idea of competition and capitalism! Power to the masses! Let the peasants rise up and revolt! Let the state wither away as the masses of the proletariat reclaim their own!!

Surely we can make it work here just as well as it worked in the USSR and Red China and Laos and Cambodia?? Someday soon we will be the same shining light on a hill that those countries are or were!!

Seriously, can you guys believe Nathan Smith's article?? How infuriating that neither he nor so many of the jerks in Washington, DC, get it!!

Okay now look
I got a little excited and I made some signs to put on my bumper. With a magic marker I wrote: No Amnesty. Enforce our laws. And I stuck those pieces of paper on my bumper with scotch tape. I drove my kid to his parent-teacher conference at school. As I was walking away from my parked car, a Mexican family walked past, speaking Spanish. I didn't see them react to my bumper sticker, possibly because the parents didn't speak English.

But you know, I realized that I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I didn't want to cruelly kick them out of the US. I wanted them here--LEGALLY. I wanted them known, immunized, documented, and bought into our society. I will have a hard time looking a Mexican person in the face and saying, "I need my country's laws enforced, NOW."

But it's not going to be easy or make me feel good. That's why I want to stand in integrity and not resort to violence or anything.

Nice people who do nothing aren't really being nice, they're just covering their butts.

ok Jose, no way Jose
Your too nice, normaly I would agree, however, your being fooled by the Trojan horse, the sad look, surrounded by family, these folks have been professional victims, since before you were born. They learned how to beg, look dirt poor, act as if they were desolate, and homeless. Quick true story. Sitting at Los Polamas, ocean view bar in Puerto vallarta. I had just bent down to give money to and Indian dressed woman, with infant slug over her shoulder begging in front of the bar, knowing that this is a popular place for Gringos. I had picked a corner bar seat, so I could see the ocean and see up the street.Half way through my beer, another Indian lady, looked very much like the other, same tribal dress, and a child slug over her shoulder. They briefly spoke and ran up the street, that I had a view of.A few feet they turned to each other to talk. Then the woman reached under her dress, and pulled out a wad of money, larger than her hand could hold, easy 5000 dollars in Pesos and american dollars, smiling to each other they resumed their post in front of the bar. I later told my Mexican friend, olympic athlete, and he laughed, and "you stupid gringos, we don't like them begging, don't give them any money", they own more ocean front property than you do. Don't fall for the tender, defeated, hands in pockets, eyes on the ground, it's all an act, their emotional, and therefore bring out the emotions from you, America is more rational, don't turn your back, that same innocent, sad look, is also the Freddy free loader looking to bite the hand that feeds them. They only pretend to like you, so they can find out how much they can take. Sad but true, save America, SAY NO WAY JOSE!

one for all, all for one
Obviously you know little of history, Soviet Union, was a complete disaster, right up to the last moment. And even now they are slowly turning back to the oppressive regime of dictatorship. You talk as if you grew up in and enclosed capsule. RED China, be like them, you can't even use a computer freely openly, totally censored society, you need to get out of your box, read, travel, learn, and you too will see the ignorance of your comment. It's not working in Laos, Cambodia, child sex-tourism very high, gov't very oppressive, But don't worry they are, knocking on the door through South America. You haven't lived in a Communist country, you were't held captive in USSR, you didn't have to flee the Red Chinese for owning an ice-cream shop. Half the world is seen the other half is unseen, and hidden agendas are everywhere, Read, Lenin's Tomb by David Remnick, teaches you what happened and how the soviets dissolved and brought back Mother Russia and the Catholic church, then read Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein.

What's rule number two, I totally agree, they it published to give us something to get excited about, get the ball rolling.

Gosh darnit - where is the word ILLEGAL in this article?
Where is the word ILLEGAL in this article? These protests were NOT pro-immigration protests, they were pro illegal-immigration protests.

Either the author, Mr. Smith, is not very astute, or he assumes that the readers of TCS are not.

We need to get control of our borders FIRST, then we as a nation can decide on how many LEGAL immigrants to allow in each year. Whether that number is 500K, 1M, 2M, I don't know.

I do know that I am extremely proud that my country is such a desired place for immigrants to try and move to. I do know that the two swearing-in ceremonies for new citizens that I have been priveledged to see have been very moving experiences.

America does welcome immigrants, we just want them to be legal ones.

To: LisaAA
You've got to break some eggs to make mayonnaise. They have broken some laws. If they want to become citizens, they need to observe the laws of this country.

Have you seen the Mexican laws which cover the same things in their country? A rude awakening.

To: name withheld, overlooked, or omitted
Stop making so much good sense! Don't you know that the people that write articles such as this are allergic to logical and factual thinking. Please stop confusing them with facts.


Is this a wonderful country, or what?

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