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The Right Way to Put Heat on Illegals

By Horace Cooper - May 1, 2006 12:00 AM

The debate over illegal immigration has managed to conflate two separate issues -- American immigrant citizenship status (and related requirements) on the one hand, and the economic consequences of having limited access to unskilled workers in the domestic labor pool. The two issues are not one and the same. Thus, resolving the complex choices associated with each will be easier when they are treated differently.

On the one hand, US immigrant citizenship policy as modified in 1986 by the Immigration Reform and Control Act -- which attempted to address seasonal temporary workers -- has been an abysmal failure. The act made it unlawful to knowingly hire an undocumented worker and provided for a one-year amnesty for illegal aliens who had already worked and lived in the U.S. since January 1982. Although at the time there were less than 3 million illegal aliens in the U.S., the grant of amnesty sent a signal to the world that the U.S. would no longer be serious about its border. Combined with a phasing out of employer sanctions, predictably the number of illegals has swelled nearly 4 times to more than 11 million people (many of whom assume that a new amnesty is waiting just around the corner).

Today it is vital that we adopt a policy that separates those aliens seeking permanent status from those only interested in temporary employment opportunities. Unfortunately, much of the present debate treats the groups as if they are one and the same. By failing to make this distinction, we risk going forward with an updated-but-incoherent program.

Economic Refugees, Labor Flexibility

First and foremost, policymakers must recognize that there are significant economic consequences to allowing geographical barriers to determine wages -- particularly in the context of low-skilled workers. Every American household pays an arbitrarily (and therefore wasteful) higher price for the goods and services that are provided when they are denied the benefit of competition simply because of where they live. Although often mentioned in the context of goods, the principle is no less true of labor costs. A rational temporary worker plan recognizes that we exist in a global economy that requires labor flexibility and allows honest workers interested in coming to America to provide for their families while respecting our laws.

Let's look at it from the low- or unskilled-laborer's perspective: Typically these workers are economic refugees plagued by the corrupt and chaotic economic regimes and attendant policies of Mexico or other countries in Latin America. The problems in these countries are not America's fault. Arguably, many of these workers would likely challenge their own governments if they didn't have America as a viable outlet. Nevertheless, it is in our economic interest to allow them to enter our labor force if not but to help maintain our own economic vitality.

To be sure, the presence of these workers has the effect of deflating salaries among unskilled or low-skilled laborers, but this consequence is offset by the benefit of increasing the standard of living for Americans which occurs because the lower priced goods and services they provide are made more readily available than they would be otherwise. Unless this process is only good when Wal-Mart does it, it should be recognized as an integral part of international competition.

And such facts are borne out in the numbers. According to the President's Council of Economic Advisers 2002 Economic Report, immigrants effectively raise the income of Americans by upwards of $12 billion a year. A rational temporary worker program would allow us to match foreign workers with American employers for wages that no American is willing to take, but does not require that we throw in citizenship as part of the deal.

Unfortunately the 1986 act had the unintended effect of turning seasonal illegals into long-term permanent lawbreakers by increasing the risks of crossing back and forth. Alternatively, a temporary legal status would alleviate much of the pressure for illegals to seek permanent status since they would be free to come and go across the border at will. Under the rules today they have the opposite incentive. Why, because the barriers to frequent entry are so high that once they come in (legally or otherwise) they have every incentive to make a permanent residence of America including resorting to having "anchor babies" (children born by illegal aliens in the U.S. that automatically become citizens). And by reducing the flow of illegal aliens, we can apply border enforcement resources more efficiently against those who present a threat to the country.

Ultimately, since the primary motivation for these workers is not citizenship, there should be no easy footpath to citizenship built into the program. Working in America is an economic opportunity of a lifetime -- in other words, getting the work permit is its own reward. With a temporary worker program, economic migrants would be given a chance to obtain wealth and related economic sustenance they can't get in their home country. Therefore, there is no need to offer citizenship as an added inducement.

Putting the Heat on Illegals

Once operational, those individuals here in America illegally will face a choice. Go to their home country and apply for the program or watch as others do exactly that while they miss out on the benefits of legal status. Employers will quickly demonstrate that they far more prefer a steady and reliable supply of legal unskilled workers (who have all passed background checks) to the outlaw labor force they rely on today. Ironically, it will be the illegal aliens who will feel the heat of competition most, because when the program is up and running and operating on a first-come-first-served basis, those that join in first will see the benefits sooner. (And by charging a fee for this, a temporary worker program could likely be used as a revenue source to pay for itself as well as provide additional border enforcement resources.)

Ideally rather than a fixed limit, the program would have a fluctuating fee level which would rise and fall depending on demand. Starting at around $1500 (the going rate for smugglers) and rising to say $10000 per applicant, potential workers and their employers could decide for themselves what the ultimate level should be. On the other hand with a floor of $8 billion and a ceiling of nearly $55 billion in revenue even if only half of the undocumented workers joined the program, the American taxpayer would easily come out ahead.

Additionally the plan should have two features. First like worker's comp programs all across the nation, it would require potential employers to be responsible for the social services used by these workers. Employers could provide health insurance if they chose. If not, whenever the temporary workers are provided assistance, hospitals and other government service providers would be allowed to seek reimbursement from the employers instead of sending the bill to the American taxpayer. A second feature would be that participants in the program would agree that their participation in the program in no way may be used to advance or assist them in seeking citizenship status.

And the program would have other benefits as well such as being attractive to fathers and older sons and single women who generally prefer to work seasonally or annually and then return to their home country. In a return to the practice prior to the act of 1986, participants in the new program would have little incentive to uproot their entire family or to have "anchor babies" in order to protect their ability to maintain their presence in the U.S.

Border Security

On the other hand, for those individuals uninterested in employment opportunity, the U.S. should signal a reinvigorated commitment to controlling border security and American citizenship. The U.S. has every right to restrict who it will invite to become an American and to set the terms. Indeed, any policy that rewards those who enter the country illegally is a poor one.

In fact, knowing who is crossing our borders has taken on a greater urgency -- particularly after 9/11. The U.S. should commit itself to a policy of returning every illegal alien caught crossing the border without exception (and rules like this could help provide incentives to other countries to help). New approaches such as interior repatriation for Mexican nationals (which transports illegals to interior portions of Mexico instead of simply escorting them back across the border) should be employed, and greater use of electronic surveillance at border sites should be undertaken.

The completely unworkable policy of "catch and release" should be ended within the next 15 months. Under this practice, if non-Mexican illegal aliens are apprehended they are released and told to return later for an immigration status hearing. As you might imagine, 75 percent of these persons simply fail to ever show up for their day in court. Also, the US should commit the resources to allow expedited hearings and new detention facilities so that once illegal aliens are caught by border patrol, they aren't allowed a chance to escape deportation, and instead are forced to actually appear in court. As illegal border crossings of economic migrants are reduced, interdiction of other drug smugglers and related criminals will be much easier to accomplish.

Ultimately, by separating immigrant citizenship policy from a temporary unskilled labor program, America will be living up to its own ideals -- keeping our borders open to legal travel and honest trade while securing them from exploitation by criminals, terrorists and drug traffickers. And by ensuring that citizenship is granted solely to those who understand and value the benefits of being an American, we'll protect our culture and the American way of life.

Horace Cooper is an assistant professor of law at George Mason University.



Good to focus on solutions
The situation with illegal immigration and the demonstrations today reminds me of an illicit relationship between a married man and a beautiful woman. She gives him everything he craves, no strings attached, and he gives her money to live on.

After awhile she forgets that she took that shortcut and begins to wonder why he won't show her off or introduce her to his family. She may bear his child to try and get him.

Eventually she realizes she's being used. She complains about how that b*****d is mistreating her and gets all of her friends on her side. But in the end, he doesn't want her when she's got strings attached.

Our businesses and consumers are the philandering husband, craving the cheapness. The illegals are the mistress, settling for little and hoping for more.

The only answer is for the mistress to empower herself, go back home and create the kind of life she wants for herself, and stop asking the sugar daddy for money and respect. And the sugar daddy ought to be dumped by his wife, after she takes everything he's got.

We're taking note of who's doing what. I'll stop eating beef for awhile because our local beef plant is closing so their illicit hirees can demonstrate. I'm not voting for those who want an amnesty.

a pathetic reach for a statistic to support the value of open borders
You wrote "According to the President's Council of Economic Advisers 2002 Economic Report, immigrants effectively raise the income of Americans by upwards of $12 billion a year."

Even if true this is a truly pathetic reach for a supporting statistic. Illegals alone now make up more than 4% of the population of the country, and Immigrants probably make up more than 10% of the population.

Since the overall GDP is now over $10 Trillion the supposed $12 Billion (.0012 of GDP) raise in the income of Americans is so trivial as to be down in the noise of economic measurement.

It is a measure of the desperation of supporters of unlimited immigration that such statistics are publicized.

That illegals here in America send up to $23 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR TO MEXICO!!! As they bankrupt our hospitals, raise our costs of living, bring in drugs into our neighborhoods, disrespect our flags, kill our citizens, and abuse our public aid system, destroy our schools, that the reality is AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHIN! Vote out all compromising politians that reward ILLEGALS BREAKING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS and replace them with new leaders by signing a legally binding contract that will protect our borders from being raped by these mexicans who only want to live in America as mexicans. I was done writing for a while, but today I am out of mind with rage seeing them turn a US flag UPSIDE DOWN UNDERNEATH A MEXICAN FLAG IN CALIFORNIA!! Where are these useless police and local school officials. I did not know we were paying these roaches to disgrace my blood soaked flag of WW 2 by people telling me to reward them with public aid and cash for breaking our laws. WHERE IS THE INS TODAY!!! WHERE IS THE NATIONAL GUARD. WHERE IS THE AMERICA OF OLD!! I want to know the name of every alleged US company helping these bastards aiding in the cultural and economic destruction of my homeland.

Look --- you want unskilled workers? We'll have PLENTY. The American educational system is producung them by the droves. Illegals generally can't read or write in their own language, let alone English, and they won't learn English. Kids coming out of our high schools today are no different --- they can't read, they can't write and if you listen to them it sure isn't English that they speak.

Where do we have LOTS of these unskilled workers of the future? Why, in California, of course --- target for most illegals. The unskilled labor pool of AMERICANS grows day by day by day because the California educational system is nothong more than a giant holding pen --- especially in the inner cities. Los Angeles, especially, is a huge educational bad joke.

So, your argument fails to hold water. Our skilled workers are coming from India, Taiwan, China --- We are producing our own unskilled worker force and don't need the BURDEN of the Mexican rejects. We don't need the burden of the tens of billions of social costs, the tens of billions in prison costs, the hundreds of billions in lost economic strength due to the lack of multiplier effect when they send $19 billion every year to Mexico.

We are creating our own economic burden and loads of unskilled workers right here. Just folow what the "experts" are telling us --- don't change the educational system and do more and more of what doesn't work.

Sully our economy is at.......
the range of 12.2 TRILLION US DOLLARS so mexicans are even more insignificant than you realize. Dont forget that they cost tens of billions of dollars monthly for soaking up our taxpayer funded social services. Bring in the army and arrest everyone at these demonstrations including the traitor politicians.

The Right Way to Put Heat on the Illegals
Just remember... it's for the children.

The Right Way to Put Heat on Illegals
As I calculate the Commission's quoted numbers (12$ billion) the benefits to American's (300 million of us)income work out to about 40 bucks each. Seems to me that, in an economy where compact cars cost $20,000, this amounts to chump change.

The Right Way to Put Heat on Illegals
As I calculate the Commission's quoted numbers (12$ billion) the benefits to American's (300 million of us)income work out to about 40 bucks each. Seems to me that, in an economy where compact cars cost $20,000, this amounts to chump change.

I don't know whose children!

Bus Fare
I have read that some of these border crossing trespassers pay people thousands of dollars (not pesos) to bring them to the border so that they may illegally enter the U.S.
If this is true, they certainly are not the "poor" people that I read about. What's going on with this?

Anchor Babies
I was under the impression that even though a child, born in the USA to foreign national parents, cannot claim any benefits of citizenship until he is 18.
Remember the Saudi terrorist born in the USA had to be treated as a US citizen?

Don't forget to observe the grassroots movement to boycott Mexican restaurants on May 5th. Dine American.

Pass this on, please!

I don't know which $12 billion you're talking about. Welfare costs in California? What I DO know is that $19 bilion are sent to Mexico --- that's the documented amount. The multiplier effect says that a dollar goes through a local economy between five and seven times (depending on the closeness of the local economy) before it leaves that economy. Take $19 billion out of the US economy and we're talking between $95 billion and $126 billion taken out of OUR economy annually --- not counting the "benefits" of lower labor costs --- and the costs on our social welfare system.

That's OUR taxes, ladies and gentlemen, NOT Mexico's.

Whose Children?
Well aren't you aware that Hillary said that we are all in a global village? Didn't she say that it takes a community or village or something to raise the children?

The way I figure it is that the children that she and our educators are talking about are the American children.

Isn't that the way you see it?

800 lb gorrilla...
is the welfare state that no one is talking about.
Let's say anyone with a valid passport, who is not a criminal and is healthy can enter the USA for any reason.
Anyone can hire them.
If they stay longer than five years, they must become citizens (speak, read, write English, pass civics, etc.) or they must go home.
The only negative objections I might hear would be the drain on public institutions.
Maybe those public institutions should be reconsidered.
This would open doors to English speaking immigrants from asia and Europe, bringing in significant talent and energy.
I would also suggest, many countries might then restrict emmigrtion since the best and brightest would flee thier corrupt systems for a better chance here. And the USA would be better for it.

Seems to me that we could solve a lot of problems by having a one world government and opening up every border everywhere. Then no one would be an illegal.

What's your take on this proposed solution?

If that government followed the US Constitution, creating a federal system,what would be the problem?

Insane idea. Too many different....
nationalities, languages, religions, etc. We have a UN of nationalities here in the USA and that diversity is ruining us. Diversity naturally means division and has that ever been a good thing for a nation...especially during a war? The UN is bloated, perverse, and useless. They have done nothing to stop muslims killing non-msulims in Sudan so what would or could they do for the whole planet? Everyone needs their own borders and nations.

One World Government
Should we use our current federal system? I thought that the word of the day is tolerance.

Haven't we been taught for the past three or four decades that our forefathers established a free society that recognized all people. With that view, why do we need our federal system?

Additionally, with all of the negative comments about our federal system, shouldn't we just adopt something that would recognize everyone's beliefs?

Recently, one of my children's teachers taught them that reality does not exist. It is only our perception that counts.

Based on that premise, my reality could say that we don't have an illegal immigrant problem. My perception could assume that these are just unfortunate people trying to provide for their families. Why therefore should we not open our borders and open our treasuries to them. Don't they deserve it?

And furthermore, with what our teachers tell us about how we treated minorities in the past and stole land from groups that were here before us, would it not make sense to redefine reality further to suggest that historically we also took advantage of those civilizations south of us and stole their lands as well?

Therefore if reality says that we originally stole those lands, is it not correct to interpret those people's perceptions that they are only returning to their rightful lands and should be able to inhabit them at will?

Furthermore, should we not pay them to come here and create programs to assist them with the resettlement effort?

Seems only right. But I guess that's just my perception.

How do you see it?

Illegals & Evolution
I had a creative spark just enter my mind. What if evolution is true and Intelligent Design is a product of a warped mind.

Perhaps it truly is survival of the fittest. You know, I can't tell you how many programs I have seen or heard from of late that are telling us that we Americans have become an obese and unfit nation.

Perhaps what is happening is natural selection afterall and we are all doomed.

Does Madonna have the answer? Is exercise what it is all about?

Again, I said, if the US Constitution was being applied to a federal system.
Diversity of peoples, but unity in the spirit of liberty made this country great.
And a common language, is required.

But that is not being tolerant. We must recognize each other's differences and appreciate them.

Afterall, we do need more holidays to replace the the ones that are being eliminated.

365 days of tolerance. Can't you feel the spirit?

Citizenship as Intellectual Property
So open borders create more wealth?

A big part of this country's success is our political and civic culture which is the "intellectual property" of every citizen.

Two points:

1) as an employee of a large multinational, I benefit from the limits on the domestic labor pool in so far as competing locations can offer similar productivity.

2) The high productivity of US locations is the result of our investments in infrastructure, education and political stability.

What the supporters of open borders are trying to do is free ride on those investments that my ancestors and myself have made in this country through our sweat, our taxes, and our blood.

Remember the line "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity"?

Our government is assigned to making those blessing secure.

Open Borders: A Fair Trade
We give them our country and they give us grief.

I've got to find out what you people are smoking and how I can get some of it!

An unworkable idea
There is not a shred of documented evidence about the percentage of illegal aliens who would prefer to migrate back and forth than to simply live here in the US. Neither is there a shred of data on the percentage of people who work seasonally to the percetage who take year round jobs that pay under the table. My guess is that year-round illegal labor dwarfs seasonal by a couple of orders of magnitude. Now where is the incentive to leave when the temporary contract ends?

Background checks? For people from third world countries? Is the author patently insane??? How long would it take to do a background check on a Mexican or Honduran or Guatemalan citizen? Too long for them to wait, and too long for employers to wait! Who would pay for 20 million background checks, anyway? Employers? Yeah right. Try taxpayers.

The next problem is with enforcement: Once we have a population of 20 million "temporary workers", how will we make sure they hop back over the border once their contracts end? Will the new requirements that companies pay for health care or get billed afterwards thus require yet another taxpayer-supported government agency to track and control the workers and monitor the bill paying programs? If the goal is flexibility in unkilled labor, what systems are necessary to track the movement of temporary workers between jobs? How much paperwork will be involved for employers? What about homeowners who just want to hire day laborers to plant a tree? Do they now have to pony up an extra 50 bucks for this guy's health care? How will government track and enforce those deals? What possible incentive is there for employers to hire "legal" unskilled workers versus simply continuing with business as usual when enforcement of the law doesn't even occur now?

The third problem is recourse to the law - if a temporary worker gets into a dispute with an employer, can the worker sue? If the temporary worker is fired or forced to work in deplorable conditions, can the worker sue? Can temporary workers unionize? If a temporary worker causes significant damage to the employer's property, what recourse does the employer have against a foreign national who can then hop over the border and pop up later on in another city?

There too many holes in this proposal that one post cannot capture them all. Here are my suggestions:

1) Enforce Current Law - this includes coming down hard on the companies that employ illegals. Throw the RICO statutes at the most egregious offenders. Lock them up and take every cent of their illicit gains. Not fines, not plea bargains, straight jail time and loss of property. Remove the incentive for companies to hire illegally by making them a ruinous liability.

2) Fix the Borders - build the fence, post sensors, deploy UAVs, do everything to corral people trying to enter the country and send them right back.

3) Hire American workers!!! Despite our low unemployment rate, there are still millions of Americans who would love the opportunity to work. Zero unemployment ought to be a national goal. There are millions more high school students who could also fill the need for a flexible workforce.

4) Fix our immigration-citizenship system: Shorten the time to full citizenship. Devote additional resources to clearing up the backlog of cases. Make the system work more efficiently.

This temporary guest worker program is nothing but lipstick on a pig. It is an argument for the status quo and even worse. It is a proposal based on fraudulent data and supposition. In short, it is a typical scheme hatched by uncaring government wonks and their cronies in the business sector.

I've had those thoughts
I've wondered if the Mexican people under the CAtholic church are reproducing faster and they will be dominant in the forces of evolution.

But watch out for a self-loathing attitude that says Americans are getting too fat and lazy. We come from good stock. Don't forget, we were the tough b******s that took over Europe and North America. We're only a few generations after that.

Any as long as it's not...
Got to get rid of any white Christian traditions, to prove how openminded and tolerant we are!

It's all in how you frame it.
Reality is all in how you frame it, don't you know. The US is a great country because Mexicans came over here to do our labor.

demonstrating for freedom
That's never been all that it took. Being a free nation doesn't come from demonstrating. It comes from sacrifice and commitment of your identity.

I think our politicians have lost that, and so have our business interests. Governor Roy Romer, past governor of Colorado, is a liberal dem but he is against illegal immigration because he saw a whole business fire its legal workers and then rehire all illegals, to save six bucks an hour and not have to pay bennies. That was decades ago. Shame.

Hey Lisa AA are you still in AA??
You talk typical liberal crap and lies. What mexicans are doing my labor or work. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT WE ARE ALL PAYING TAXES THAT THEY DO NOT PAY! Why do you side with lawbreakers and all those currently trying to destroy us? What have they done for you and remember what the USA has done for you! I know for a fact they suck cash, public aid, medical care, and kill Americans, so why do you side with these invaders. Great idea you have, keep bringing them over and watch all our hospitals close down and than who will be left to service your big mouth in an emergency? Pablo, Jose, Maria, I dont think so.

this is a brilliant way to deal with the illegal immigration problem. it is workable and easy to begin--just a permit application (in English only), a desk, a pen, and a registrar or two--as early as tomorrow. registering could be a day and night job (3 shifts of American workers)since the border ports are open 24/7.

New Marketing Idea
Change the spelling!


Old roy_b. would swap sheets on that one.

one world govt
very flawed.

a free society still needs laws.

we have a system that recognizes everyone's belief. you can have yours and i can have mine. neither belief may be right and our government can not infringe upon our belief untill we do something wrong with it.

As far as a teacher speaking on reality, that is the teacher's assumption. We may have to sit and listen to drivel but we don't have to believe it.

You may assume that we don't have an illegal immigrant problem. Remember what assume means.

The only land we stole was land from the Indians, but even then we made a deal. It may have been a crooked deal, a scam, but nevertheless back in those times transactions were looser. We have to live with mistakes. Perhaps the Indians made a mistake. All the rest of US land acquisition was won through battles. The Mex can't claim southwest territories because most was occupied by the Indians.

Reality dosn't say we stole those lands. You may perceive it as you wish, but no, those people never had a right to those lands and should not be able to inhabit them until they abide by the laws of the United States.

No, we should not pay them to come here and create programs to assist them with the resettlement effort? Those people from Mexico and Latin American countries should stay in their own backyard and change their corrupt governments and work hard in their countries to get where we are in the United States. We are what we are because those who immigrated here legally, worked hard to build this nation.

rationalizing law breakers
The ISSUE is that they broke the law by entering this country illegally!

Wake up!

If you allow them to break the law why do you think that they will become good citizens?

Good fences make good neighbors.

Don't forget to observe the grassroots movement to boycott Mexican restaurants on May 5th. Dine American.

Hmmmmm... just had a thought. Since today untold numbers of illegals are said to be marching in the streets of America to demonstrate how much they impact our economy, would it not make sense for the INS to be taking note. Looks to me like it might be an easy thing to use the military and a lot of cargo planes to help these people find their places of origin.

We could also set up an identification point and "log" all of these people.

Could we handle that many million illegals all at once? Would this be the tolerant thing to do?

What about prosecuting the others that aren't illegals that are walking with the illegals in these marches? Isn't that considering "harboring"?

Just my thoughts.

Mexican Restaurants
Hey... what do you mean boycot Mexican food? I like Mexican food. That food can't help it because it's made at a Taco Bell. It's also made with American ingredients.

Wake up. We need to embrace the illegals. They can't help it that they are called illegals. They didn't choose to be an illegal. That's the way they were made.

You need to practice tolerance.

This is just a matter for science. It is evolution in action. Survival of the fittest. Don't you realize that we Americans have become fat and lazy? CNN said so.

And that's what happens to species that can't cut it. They go away.

Evolution works. My teacher said it does. Therefore it does.

Stealing Land
Hmmmm... good point lionpisces. Perhaps the Indians can make another deal here by selling that land back to the people down south. Do you think that perhaps they stole it from them to begin with? Otherwise, how did we get all of those mexican names and buildings all over the southern part of this country?

Hmmm... another good point lionpisces. About immigrating here legally. But help me on that one. When those folks from Europe came over here and started fighting the folks that were over here, how did they become legal immigrants?

To: dabolay
If one crime is okay, I don't guess you're going to mind if one of them breaks into your home?

Breaking In?
If one crime is ok? What does this have to do with the discussion. Are you suggesting that the illegals are just a bunch of common thieves?

Which common language?

To: dabolay
They're not tha common.

I'm sorry 20232570. I just don't get your point about illegals breaking into my house.

Madonna's answer
Is it significant she left the USA, assumed a British accent and studies Jewish mysticism?

Because it has proven to be the most flexible.

English is good because
They say English is the most difficult language to learn. But the great advantage of it is, it's made up of three different languages rolled into one, which gives it a huge advantage in vocabulary and subtlety of meaning. It constantly brings in words from other languages, it's got computerese, and...if someone has got to learn your language to do business, you're the man. I vote that we keep English as the world language, by staying innovative and strong in business.

I haven't seen a single illegal all day - I hope they haven't. . .
I haven't seen a single illegal all day - I hope they haven't all left the country as part of their boycott.

If they have left the country I imagine all the lights will go out and the economy will grind to a halt within a few days.

Madonna - Left the USA?
According to fairly current statistics, Madonna has homes in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Do you have information that she has sold those homes and now only resides in London?

British accent? Do you think that may be influenced by her marriage to a British film director?

Jewish mysticism? Is that significant? Why or why not?

Inquiring minds want to know marjon.


Humor you
I'll give in.
If one law can be ignored, why not all?

Stolen land?
What land was stolen?
It seems that throughout history, land was taken and held until it was taken away by someone else.
Where a civilization existed, property rights were held and people could sell land instead of taking it by force.
Something like the Louisianne Purchase and the Gadsen purchase.
Texas was too far from the Mexican power base to keep.
So,what land was stolen and who owned it first and set up the legal framework to establish ownership?

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