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How Kelo Can You Go?

By Tim Worstall - June 22, 2006 12:00 AM

We've just had the first anniversary of the Kelo decision (your property is your property but only if, like, no one else will pay more taxes on it) and the blog Division of Labour has a listing of what those fine upstanding citizens, the local and State governments of the country, have been doing with it. My favorite was the first one listed:

"In Hercules, CA, the city council on May 23, 2006, unanimously voted to seize property acquired by Wal-Mart, in order to prevent the retail giant from opening a store in town."

Wonderful, don't you think? The fortunate citizens of Hercules are spared the pain of too much choice, of $2 jars of pickles and cheap orange juice, those thousands who would have applied for jobs can now stay where they are -- no need for them to trouble themselves.

Can things get worse though? Could it be possible that this idea that property exists to serve the community, rather than property being a private possession, be taken further? Unfortunately, yes, it can be taken further and it comes from my own country, the United Kingdom.

It's an old saying, a trope or a truism if you prefer, that "An Englishman's home is his castle". Whatever happens outside in the streets, whatever idiocies the current political pygmies have decided to inflict upon the populace, the possession and enjoyment of one's own property was safe, guarded by both law and custom. Certainly there were eminent domain purchases, broadly in line with American practice but as of the first of this month the government no longer even has to pay.

Yes, you did read that correctly, your paid off, unmortgaged, fully owned property can be taken away from you without your even being paid for it.

The law is here: The Housing (Empty Dwelling Management Orders) (Prescribed Exceptions and Requirements) (England) Order 2006. Something of a mouthful, I know, but what this and the preceding pieces of legislation actually state is that if you leave a property uninhabited for 6 months then the local council can take it from you and rent it to whomever it likes. There are a few exceptions, such as vacation homes and so on, but at a stroke the entire basis of property law has changed. Instead of it being yours to do with as you wish it is yours as long, and only as long, as you do as the government wishes.

The set up is that if you have left the property empty then the local council must make reasonable efforts to contact you to let out the house or apartment. If you still decide that you don't want to, then they will do it for you. Worse, far worse, is if their "reasonable efforts" don't actually find you, then they'll do it without actually telling you. These orders allowing them to do this will last 7 years, and can be extended. Yes, this will even be possible in the case of a death: the inheritors have 6 months (not from probate, but from the granting of representation: and there are many only even mildly complicated estates that can take more than 6 months to run the executor's course) to dispose of the property or conceivably have it compulsorarily rented out from underneath them.

That local council can charge you a management fee for this service that you obviously don't want and should then pass on to you whatever is left of the rent they have been charging your new unwanted tenant. Your new tenants will not, of course, be quite from the top drawer of society, for like anywhere else in the world, that's not the social stratum from whom the inhabitants of "social" housing are drawn. Yet you will be responsible for the costs of ensuring that said housing is maintained to the highest standards, whether or not they actually pay any rent; indeed, you won't actually be able to evict them if they should trash the place for, of course, you are not the manager or agent for the property; that is the local council.

As the excellent blog, The Last Ditch (from whom I have taken some of the information for this piece) notes:

"It would be unconstitutional here in Russia, which is not exactly the gentlest state in the world. Russians I have discussed it with cannot believe it has been accepted without public disorder in a country which they tend to think of as a bastion of private property rights."

I, too, have lived in Russia and I agree, this perverse law would astonish all and any there. While "An Englishman's word is his bond" may no longer be true for all of us (but believe me, in the early 90s in Moscow it was believed sufficiently fervently by so many Russians that we were able to operate purely upon our word) and that lesson has been learnt, the idea that an Englishman's home was not his castle any more would simply not make sense.

Yet the worst of all of this is not that property rights are being eroded, that we are one further step away from the freedoms they impart; the worst is in the penultimate word of the name of the new law: order.

In the UK's parliamentary system we have primary legislation: while being discussed this would be "The End of Freedom Bill" and when passed, the "Screw the Private Property Act". Bill denotes something that is going to be debated in Parliament, must pass the House of Commons, be debated again in the House of Lords and pass that house. After the Monarch's signature it becomes the law of the land and is referred to as an "Act". However, many newer such Acts contain provisions for secondary legislation. This started out as a way to allow the details to be filled in later but is now used to grant wide-ranging powers to Ministers to do as they wish. An order is simply slipped into the machinery of Parliament, is not debated, is often not even noticed, and becomes law 30 days after it was first printed (unless there is such a hue and cry that it is withdrawn).

So from that word "order" in the title we can see that this has not in fact been debated, has not been considered, it is a purely administrative piece of law creation: it is the executive deciding to appropriate our property without even asking our elected representatives.

Purely by coincidence, the pen name of the author of The Last Ditch is Tom Paine, something of a good name to remember from the history of liberty. It's about now that the original would have started calling for a bloody revolution isn't it?

Tim Worstall is a TCS contributing writer living in Europe.



the way of socialism
that's what you get for voting in a socialist government, election after election.

going lower
Here's just another manifestation of Britanistan sinking from their once proud status of a country that used to believe in private property and freedom, etc. Now they say that the guy who will probably take over from Blair, that Norman Brown I think, is even more socialistic than Blair, so we can expect even worse to come. This is the same country that can no longer display the Union Jack flag in many places because it be offensive to to their multcultural community where even illegal immigrants have pretty much the same rights as real Englishmen. This is the same country where the anti-capitalist demonstrators around Nelson's Monument, think it's Nelson Mandela, not Lord Nelson, a real hero, that is commemorated. How long will that stutue last? After all, it's a symbol that could even lower the self-esteem of all the losers that Britain beat over the centuries.

re: the way of socialism
Socialism? From Tony Blair? You must be joking!

It's more a combination of creeping authoritarianism that pushes the UK's unwritten constitution to the limit, combined with hand-wringing liberalism, interspersed with a bit of tough-talk every now and then. Oh yes, not to mention endless pointless fiddling with education, health and law 'n' order (in particular).

Trouble is, the opposition is absolutely dire, starting with a Conservative Party that is stuffed with lazy time-servers for MPs, who prefer to spend their time on their directorships rather than campaigning. The members (average age 65, or thereabouts) are obsessed with 'Europe' to the exclusion of pretty much everything else. And its leadership candidates, almost to a man, lack leadership qualities as they subsequently prove when they become Party leader.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, once centrist, like to position themselves to the left of the Labour Party. And, while posturing on popular topics such as environmentalism, are as soft as soggy sponges on such matters as law and order.

Elsewhere, there's Scots and Welsh Nationalists. More Euro-obsessed freaks in the form of the UK Independence Party and the Referendum Party (if it's still going); the Saddam Hussein fan club led by a narcissist megalomaniac (IMO) and going by the satirical name of the Respect Party.

The less said about the British National Party (BNP), the better.

And just when the Conservatives need to have someone moderate, yet angry, to articulate people's frustrations, they go and elect a Tony Blair clone who wants to be seen stroking dogs and cuddling babies - someone elected to fight the last two elections, not the next one.

What a shower! A golden shower - and I'm not referring to the precious metal.

PRIORITY: The Human Paradigm
Western Civilization was not founded on a philosophy or politics but on a simple Judeo-Christian scriptural definition of human nature. That definitive has made possible bills of Rights, just laws, representative governments, private ownership, and successful human creative progress unlike any other system in human history.

Human defined: Earth's Choicemaker.

As a school teacher for over 30 years, I would usually begin a semester's work with an illustration. If I would give each child a pet, would they know how to take good care of it. What pet? A canary, or a goldfish, or a puppy dog. How? Goldfish in bowl of water, canary in cage, puppy in dog house in the back yard. Why? Well, we wouln't put the canary in a bowl of water, nor the puppy in a cage, nor the goldfish in a doghouse. Why not?

Our agreed conclusion was: because it would be against their nature. The nature of the creature dictates the best way to care for a pet.

What characteristic in human nature dictates their most successful way of living? History verifies that defining 'human' in the Biblical term and priority will produce the greatest success and happiness.

Those earth systems which are founded on man-made systems always have produced abuse, distortion, and failure - and always will - because they choose a false and inaccurate definition of human nature and the consequent errors that flow from such premises.

Such is the case in the present example of government acting in its own self-interest instead of behalf of The People as the prime reason government exists at all. Individual value and Rights supercede any government opinion and reason for its existence.

All collectivist political systems are in error because of false and inaccurate definitions of human nature, and include socialism, communism, fascism, and abusive free Western systems when priorities are distorted.

Collectivism cannot come up with a better definition since we were all made in the Creator's image. His opinion is Superior. Human: Earth's Choicemaker Psalm 25:12

"Got Criteria?" See Psalm 119: 1-176

Jim Baxter semper fidelis

scratch a socialist
and you will always find an authoritarian.

this land is my land (as they used to say/sing)

I am not surprised at any socialist activity I see from that side of the ocean.

Here the USA (in Ohio) a tire company was required to leave their business under the new Eminent Domain law. Turns out that Sears opened a business on that corner - you guessed it - car repair and tires for sale.

One or two states are beginning to protest via the legislative process.

re: scratch a socialist
Depends what you mean by socialism, IMO. Like any 'ism' there are more elements to it than there are atoms in the universe, but certainly red-blooded socialism ultimately requires compulsion to a greater or lesser extent.

Blair's socialism - he really only uses the word at party conferences to please sections of the rank and file - isn't even salmon-pink by British or global standards.

It is, I think, what Americans would perjoratively call 'liberalism', one which involves frequent love-ins with the likes of Silvio Berlusconi, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Bernie Ecclestone (Formula One racing 'supremo') and other m/billionaires.

But WRT authoritarianism, there was a cheap shot I deleted in my earlier post about George Bush and some of the authoritarian measures HE has implemented, with barely a whisper of protest, under the cover of the so-called war on terror, or laws that have simply been ignored or 're-interpreted' (which is the perogative of the courts, not the president).

It isn't a left/right political point, but a question of right and wrong. Authoritarianism is always wrong and, ultimately, counter-productive to the common good.

Right, I'm now off to take cover in my bunker.....

This may be the calm before the storm ...
Well said, Mr Rooney! I presume you were pondering this while on the bench during the Sweden game. ;-)
If anyone believes that Tony Blair is some latter-day 'commie-lib' then they really are barking up the wrong tree! Or, as is more likely, they are fixated with the Cold War. He's a modern-day elitist, adopting authoritarianism 'from below' rather than in the traditional manner. He restricts freedom as a supposed reaction to popular pressure rather than in the more obvious way. It is no less authoritarian, however.

Tony Blair is no more a socialist then Vladimir Zhironovsky is a liberal democrat. Describing oneself as such doesn't make oneself a conservative, liberal, libertarian, socialist, communist etc. Actions speak much louder than words in political practise.
Desribing Tony Blair as a socialist says more about the 'accuser' than it does about TB. Rather than using it as an outdated term of abuse, attack him for his illiberalism. The problem for the right is that despite their professed love of freedom they are only too willing to restict freedoms when it suits them. Most of the right-wing contributors to these forums are testament to that.

TB is the first British PM to be truly beyond left and right. He uses methods and ideas from both. This is something the UK Conservatives have still to effectively learn AND be able to provide a coherent programme. The result is an absence of effective opposition (from any direction) and so an obsession with the internal politics of the Labour Party akin to Kremlinology during the Soviet era.

New Labourism (and its assumptions) will therefore be incredibly difficult to dislodge. More's the pity!

Conservative Restrictions on Freedom?

Just curious, which freedoms have we conservatives restricted? Please let me know so I can go on record as protesting such restrictions. I'd be much obliged at being educated to something I obviously have missed. Thanx.

It's an obvious restriction
As in not being forced to rent out your property.

Here in Wisconsin, a friend took over the loan on the house his parents lived in because they were in default. He paid the arrears, paid off the loan over many years, paid taxes and upkeep, and never charged them rent, under the agreement that the house would be his when they passed away.

The IRS in their infinite wisdom, said he couldn't do this, (let someone live rent-free in the house,) and forced him to pay extra income taxes on what the IRS considered a minimum return on the property.

Pretty soon they'll not allow farmers to allow a field to lie fallow, and let someone else farm the land.

Gee and I thought anyone who destroyed individual rights was a villain
Instead we get these last two commenters telling us that these blackguards are really enlightened people carrying out the will of the people. In my neck of the woods a thief is a thief and a socialist remains a thief.

Its sad to see the UK and Europe slowly falling prey to the commissars. But beneath socialism is the police state.

Always a vile one at that
On traget Mark.

Funny thing
the song you reference was written as a paen against the concept of private ownership of land.

Re: Gee and I thought anyone...
err, my post was intended to point out that Blair couldn't be described as a socialist in any (proper) sense of the phrase and, basically, to criticise him as a swinging in the wind bag of nothingness.

In any case, this particularly bad law, unless I'm very much mistaken, came from the office of the deputy prime minister John Prescott (it was dated 30 April 2006) - a big, blubbery, northern waste of space who gives a new meaning to the word useless. Very good at political empire building, but as useful as a chocolate fireguard at pretty much everything else.

Now, I hope you're not going to accuse me of praising the jerk.

Here he is punching a voter during an election:

Labour is a vast emptiness
I find the UK has become an asylum run by the inmates. Your observations are accurate.

Socialists and Authoritarians
According to Hayek, with whom I agree, socialists, fascists, communists, etc, are all, at core, collectivists. As such, they all tend, in time, to the tyranny of the state over the individual.

No Subject
It takes some strange logic to suggest that I am somehow a supporter of Tony Blair! Please read my post again.
My point was that TB isn't a socialist. He doesn't even mention the word these days.

Using the state doesn't make one a socialist per se. If that were so, Bismarck would be one of the founding fathers of modern socialism. (Apologies to a hairy DWEM!) Blair doesn't conform to the usual sterotypes - that's one of the reasons he can be elected time and time again.

Rather than just condemn anyone who doesn't agree with you politically as a socialist try and understand what is new and what isn't in the movement of political and social forces. Left and Right are increasingly meaningless terms behind the rhetoric.

UK Conservatives record on freedom ...
1) The Conservatives in gov't regularly banned TV programmes on the grounds of national security (it's internal war in Northern Ireland)
2) Puritanical banning of programmes we now take for granted. There have recently been series and documentaries of programmes banned in the 1980s that seem tame these days.
3) Britain's libel laws are among some of the harshest in the Western world. The onus is on the defendant to prove innocence! An inversion of natural justice. These laws have been used innumerable times to silence investigative journalism.
4) Sinn Fein was effectively banned from the airwaves from the late 80s until the first IRA ceasefire. The sight of an actor having to speak the words of a muzzled Sinn Fein member is a damning indictment of a party which professes to uphold freedom.
5) The right to silence was abolished in the mid-1990s. Suspects can now be assumed to be guilty if remaining silent during questioning.
6) Police powers to stop parties and to remove persons, vehicles and equipment were introduced by the last Conservative government.
7) Stop and search powers were extended to 28 days for 'anti-terrorist' purposes.
Refusing to be stop and let the police search you is an offence with a possible 6 months in prison.
8) Regular prohibition of political demonstrations in Britain and especially in Northern Ireland were a regular feature of the past 30 years.
9) The introduction of internment without trial in 1971 in Northern Ireland.
10) A suspect can be held for seven days without trial. This provision of The Prevention of Terrorism Act (extended every 12 months since the 1970s) has now been extended further.
11) Exclusion orders of Northern Irish citizens from entering the British mainland. These were granted whether the person had committed a crime or not.
12) No jury courts in Northern Ireland for alleged terrorist-related offences.
13) Gay rights were massively curtailed in the 1980s. An average of 200 people were arrested for 'crimes' as harmless as kissing in public.
14) Restricting movements of people supsected to be intending to cause a breach of the peace.
15)The right of nations to self-determination was whittled away
I could go on ....

And the Left created today's UK
A place where decent people fear to walk in the park without being assualted. A nation where defending yourself is a crime. A nation where pleading guilty to a crime reduces your sentence by a third regardless of the evidence against you.

The Left created a diverse society that hates all that the UK stands for. It created a society where piggy banks are banned for offending Moslems.

What crap. If one wants to see the lies the Left is capable of one needs to view the film "Sins of the Father" and read the true story. Its shocking the depths the left will sink to.

This will eventually hit the fan one of these days.
Most Americans are too preoccupied with spending money they really don't have, and thinking about sex they're never going to get, to really be thinking about the implications of the Governmental land grab that is in the process of unfolding. However, those people here who do read and stay informed about current events are pissed off, and it may be of surprise to many Europeans as to how many folks here now have absolutely no respect for the Supreme Court and of course the lower courts and legal system in general.

I see this current state of affairs continuing for a little while longer, but sooner or later the Great American Debt Bubble is going to implode, and whatever sense of civility that uneasily exists now will go out the window. We fortunately are a country in which about 300 million privately owned firearms exist, and sooner or later we will hear and read about the essence of an old saying that used to be uttered in the hills of my old home, back in Appalachian Eastern Kentucky, which pretty much goes like this: " When I pull my hand out of my pocket it's going to be smoking!"

Created everything?!?
Have you not seen the current TV advert for Capita One with its animated piggy bank?
The vast majority of people aren't frightened to take a walk in the park. Where do you get your information?

How do muggers get 18 months for making someone permanently disabled?
There have been at least two instances of individuals being assualted and having permanent brain damage. The sentences were 18 months. Gangs of yaboos loiter in parks preying on anyone and looking for fights.

Where do you live? Or are you blind?

In the real world not the unreality of tabloid scare stories
I live in the UK where you clearly do not.
Your only connection with the country appears to be reading the rags where moral panics are a staple diet.
I presume you are suggesting that no-one was ever assaulted or murdered pre-1997. Laughable! Yorkshire Ripper, Dennis Neilson, Bulger murder etc etc?
Of course there may be instances where gangs hang out in parks but to imply that it is widespread is ludicrous in the extreme!

Laughable indeed
All of the criminals mentioned are sentenced to live as guests of her majesty. How does this square with an 18 months sentnce for a man who is brain damaged for life or a farmer who is sentenced to jail for defending himself?

I do not live in the UK. I wouldn't live in a nation that denies its citizens the right to defend themselves but my wife is a Scot and each year she returns with stories of the decline of civilization in the UK. This is reinforced by the annual visitors we gewt in the winter describing how citizens are not only brutalized by roving gangs of youth but by a police force that seems to exict only to harass thelaw abiding.

I wonder if the people of the UK find the crime rates there laughable. I rather doubt it, but everyone gets the government they deserve. Any nation that could elect a Red Ron deserves what it gets.

Red Ron???
As per my first entries, if you think Blair is a red then why does he hang out with his arch-capitalist friends and distance himself from the labour movement? If he's a socialist then Margaret Thatcher must be a Leninist! Even the Tories attack him for betraying socialist principles.
The fear of crime is used, and always has been used, by politicians of all stripes to create a moral panic. It doesn't matter if crime figures go up or down, the panic is turned on and off like a tap.
Those that choose to see crime everywhere WILL see it everywhere. I live here 24/7 and look at things with a critical eye i.e. I read between the lines of media scare stories.
I'm afraid some of us are made of sterner stuff and don't feel the need to lock ourselves in our houses all day, afraid to go out.
Your cartoon-like scare stories belong in a comic. Civilisation going downhill? Very few here (except your right-wing friends) would recognise that!

None so blind as they that will not see
Yeah when the streets of London are worse than Central Park at night we all know whose deluded. Anyone mistaking Blair for Thacher or a capitalist also use your cane. Sterner stuff? I guess it was the same stuff that CXhamberlain was made out of.

We now believe the lunatics are running the asylum and the Brit community always has new and better horror stories each day. I wouldn't say civilization is going downhill, and don't expect the barbarians there to recognize that it is sinking like the Titanic probably becauise of yaboos like you.

Fear mongering from
So I'm a yobbo (if I may correct your spelling!!) now am I? I would say that once an American has lost the argument he/she resorts to assertion rather than facts and personal insults rather than reason, but I won't because I know not all Americans are as irrational as you.
I've lived on 'the streets of London' and while there are some rough parts it didn't stop me going out.
Re: Thatcher - so when Thatcher passed praise on Blair as one of her disciples she was carrying her cane was she? Ask your wife who John Maxton and John Maclean were if you want to know what real socialists are. That is if you haven't also made it up that you have a Scottish wife!
You're full of hyperbole e.g. sinking like the Titanic and what's all the crap about Chamberlain? Dear me! Your posts are just sad irrational personal attacks.

Inspired drivel
If the shoe firts ace. And you lost the argument long ago when you resorted to recreational pharmaceuticals to back up your contentions. Too bad you'd rather not deal in facts when insults are so much easier, but then along with everything else the education system has collapsed making logical arguement impossible instead of having to resort to the tactic of choice of Leftists everywhere, monkey feeces flinging. But with the education system ranking just below the butchers that you call your health care system what else can one expect?

I'm sure living in London's roughest streets wouldn't stop you going out. You've got to earn a living (snicker) as do our drug dealers. And nothing stops them from going out either.

What exactly is your mayor? He's so red that the politboro worships at his altar each day. Each day we get to read a new folly taking place in London, there's little wonder its called Londistan now. I hear theyobos running London are going to put up a statue of that famous Englishman Mandela next to Lord Nelson. Good to see you have your heads on straight.

Yeah ask Magee if Blair was one of her's when he tried to force the UK into the European Union? Let's put it this way about my wife, she kick your feeble little backside all over Aryshire without mussing her hair, given the kind of pantywaist you undoubtedly are.

I'm sure if the people in London feel safe than they have nothing to worry about and all the stories are just so much dross. Too bad all the Brits coming through here bring new tales of horror every year.

But there are those who exist on the dole who think its just ducky. We have the same vermin in the States. No doubt you'd feel most comfortable among them. Thanks for a demonstration of your education and upbringing.

Insipid drivel
It's best not to criticise an education system when you clearly have great difficulty with spelling and punctuation yourself.
'yobbo' not 'yaboo' or 'yobo'
'fits' not 'firts'
'faeces' not 'feeces'
'politburo' not 'politboro'
'who's' not 'whose'
'it's' not 'its'.
Schools must be considerably worse in your red neck town. Think before you speak!
'Recreational pharmaceuticals'? What are you on?!?
Clearly if you can now imagine that I am a yobbo and a drug dealer without any evidence whatsoever then I fear you've lost your marbles! And then you tell me your wife is a yob who likes fighting ... from the convenience of several thousand miles, of course. Well done! Keep up the juvenile insults.
We were discussing Tony Blair NOT Ken Livingstone but why stick to the argument when you can go off at a tangent eh?
The Soviet Communist Party hasn't existed for quite some time so which politburo are you referring? He's avery pale imitation of his former self. Only far right nuts would see him as a socialist. Which begs the question, 'what is your defintion of a socialist?'
The UK was already IN the European Union before Blair became PM, even while Thatcher was PM. Refer to facts!
Londistan? That old chestnut eh? haha! What a farce you paranoid right-wingers are! You read a couple of far right articles and you think you know everything about a country.
There is no logic in your arguments at all!! You've lost the plot in your conspiracy-fuelled world!

Look here commissar
Go worship the sacriment of doversity where English traditions are thrashed for the bright New Londistan of Red Ken. Tell all about you of the wonders of muggers, a police force that harasses the law abbiding while leaving murderers and thugs alone. Cheer on those who prey the weak and the elderly. Tell us all about the socialist policies that chip away the liberties of the citizens for the wonders of a nanny state with the joys of the dole, healthcare, and council flats.

Lossers like you can achieve no better nor aspire to any better. If it weren't for the government you'd be straving without the dole.

I'll match my education against your anyday, but I realize that if you had one you wouldn't be defending socialists and programs that suck the blood of workers. Go on wanker tll us about the wonders of London and why it is the joke of the world after the wonders of the French.

But do not tremble its only a matter of time before the goons at the Guardian create a new England that replaces the French as snivelling retards of the world.

Look here brownshirt
Surely an education should begin with basic literacy, something you evidently have not experienced. I'm getting tired of pointing out your spelling errors but here goes:
sacrament NOT sacriment
diversity NOT doversity
trashed NOT thrashed
about your NOT about you
law-abiding NOT law abbiding
prey on the NOT prey the
Losers NOT Lossers
starving NOT straving
And here's the crowning turd on your abysmal efforts, which you said without any hint of irony:
'I'll match my education against YOUR ANYDAY'. If you'd actually had an education you'd know it should have been 'I'll match my education against YOURS ANY DAY'!!!
What a dumb muppet you are!! An education like yours isn't worth having.
If that's how you spell, God knows what your pronunciation is like!!
And it's MAGGIE (Thatcher) NOT MAGEE, you f***wit!
I no more cheered on 'Red Ken' or 'Vladimir Blair' (!!!) than you but you don't actually read what people say you get the red mist and lose the plot. I've never voted for either and never would but that wouldn't fit into your warped view of what I originally said.
You behave like a spoilt child with your petty insults and moronic references to drug-dealing, yobs and the unemployed. Grow up you sad little man and get a life. Your tedious insults say more about you than they ever could about me.
And as for you being a friend of the workers?!? Don't make me laugh!! You're a snivelling apologist for the bosses because you're so far up their arses you can't see a bean!
Your ability to just invent bs about people demonstrates the paucity of your arguments. Why tell the truth when you can exaggerate and lie ad nauseum?!
You're the sort of weed who only becomes someone when he's got a gun in his hand. Take that away and social inadequates like you wouldn't last two minutes!
Most people would be asleep by now if they had the misfortune to live in your neck of the woods. It sounds so dull if people like you hate others because of their religion or opinions. Is that your idea of democracy? Freedom of speech being dependent on someone expressing extreme right wing views? What a paradise!!

Demonstrating why life is so unfair
Poor ditums. Still trying to cope with that low grade education and a life in minimum wage jobs are we? Or were you foruntate to be able to attempt to hold some low grade municipal job before they cashiered you for those nasty addictions and lack of morl fiber?

Experience teaches that when dealing with one who cannot focus on the subject at hand; is uable to either marshall evidence nor facts; is unable to display either logic or elementary reason; then one must conclude that one is dealing with an individual who has had limited education and experiences in life contenting themselves to the most base of entertainments.

While reading your drivel has only demonstrated and confirmed both the widespread nature of mental illness that must be present in Londistan, it also indicates a lamentable practise of allowing the demented to roam free without their minders. This would of course represent a real hazard to anyone who might accidently cross your path.

While I can't say being exposed to your braying and bile has been pleasant I have been informed that my horse sank or my boat threw a shoe and that I must as a consequence ask you to desist from displaying your simian like behavior for my gratification. With that I can attest to the pleasur with which I look forward to a session of root cannal work rather than be subject to another one of these missives that should rather be directed to your friends and family at NAMBLA.

So please be kind enough to display your infantile antics before a group of children, whom you frequently entertain at the local public lavatory rather than address me again.

It is with deep regreat that I say not reply further since I have vital tasks to attend to that are much more enlightening like watching my dog shed.

My warmest regards and hope you do encounter your minders soon and that they can provide that delightful jacket with the unique design you are so normally seen in. It does so become you. Have you considered running for Lord Mayor of Londistan?

No Subject
Oh dear! There you go again with your paranoid psychosis. It's a sad spectacle indeed. God help your wife when you have a row!
How you think you can know what my job is and what I do in my spare time is anyone's guess. I should add delusional onto your ever-increasing list of illnesses.
If anything has been proved by your behaviour it's that the only person who is lacking a formal education is you. No wonder you elect brain-dead illiterate drunks like Bush! You've clearly made him in your image.
How you have the gall to criticise my education when
a) you have trouble spelling
b) you never address the subject in hand
c) you resort to childish insults and invent stories when you realise you have no practical experience of the subject matter,
is anyone's guess.
'Experience teaches that when dealing with one who cannot focus on the subject at hand; is unable to either marshall evidence nor facts; is unable to display either logic or elementary reason; then one must conclude that one is dealing with an individual who has had limited education and experiences in life contenting themselves to the most base of entertainments.' Haha! The chutzpah of this statement is unbelievable! At every turn you have torn facts out of context, invented stories, been prone to the most ludicrous exaggerations, and made basic factual errors. Your understanding of logic and reason has no connection with the Enlightenment. Rather, it is something akin to Dark Ages irrationality and superstition!
If you sincerely believe your command of your own language is up to scratch, it's little wonder you have no concept of logic and reason.
Rather than accept your psychosis and ask for professional help you transfer it onto others, demonstrating an eagerness to make a plea for victimhood. 'Everything is everyone else's fault! Boo hoo hoo!' A typical right-wing tactic. Hence, your concept of democracy is so limited it makes Pinochet, Mussolini or Castro look like model democrats!
Once again, I feel like a school teacher correcting your badly researched homework. The Lord Mayor of London ISN'T Ken Livingstone. It's David Brewer. The position is an apolitical role. Research facts rather than confuse two very different offices. Somehow I don't think you'll bother. Get back to school with your retarded contemporaries and don't bother me again.
I will say, however, that you have provided some mild entertainment here and there. It's been a good laugh winding you up and provoking your thin-skinned nature.
My commiserations go out to your fellow Americans for having such a backward, bigoted, hysterical, arrogant writer of school-years fiction in their midst. If you didn't exist someone would have to invent you. After all, low-life schmucks have to have someone to look down on.
Good riddance to you and your hissy-fits!

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