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Mumbai: Deadly Numerology

By Austin Bay - July 12, 2006 12:00 AM

Terrorists didn't need to conduct a detailed reconnaissance. The commuter trains of Mumbai (Bombay), India, classify as a "very soft target." According to Indian government statistics, 6 million people a day ride Mumbai's commuter trains. Checking every bag and briefcase is simply a logistical impossibility.

As an operation, India's 7-11 repeats methods and techniques exploited in London's 7-7 and Madrid's 3-11 -- serial bombs detonated on mass public transportation. The Madrid Method is a proven, blood-soaked concept -- scatter a few time bombs on city trains, and high explosive wreaks its deadly evil. The Mumbai attack also echoes the 9-11 attack on lower Manhattan, for Mumbai is India's financial center. Bombing a financial center exacts an immediate international economic cost.

As I write this column, no terrorist organization has "claimed responsibility" for what Indian police describe as a "coordinated" terrorist act. Initial police reports indicated the bombs exploded over a six-minute period during the evening rush hour. Several Indian states placed their police and security forces on high alert to prevent further attacks.

Americans will immediately think of al-Qaida and point to the hideous numerology -- 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, 7-11 -- as a clue. Roll sevens and 11s on the dice table, and the shooter wins. Terrorists use mass murder to create fear and chaos. If the public begins to dread seven and 11 on the calendar, international terrorists will consider that a psychological victory.

Al-Qaida, or an al-Qaida affiliate, may well be involved in the murders. Polyglot, poly-ethnic India, however, confronts an array of homegrown ethnic, religious and political zealots with track records in terrorism.

Violent Hindu separatist groups have been implicated in past bomb plots. The terrorist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are based in Sri Lanka -- the island nation off India's southern coast. The Tigers tend to focus their terror on fellow Sri Lankans. In May 1991, however, they assassinated Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi. The LTTE arguably invented modern suicide terror attacks. The Tiger assassin wore a suicide explosive belt. Ghandi was killed while campaigning in India's state of Tamil Nadu.

Islamic radicals have repeatedly attacked India. For 50 years, India and Pakistan have been battling over Kashmir -- and in 1965, the two nations fought a full-scale war over the religiously divided region. In December 2001, Islamist gunmen attacked India's parliament building in New Delhi. Islamist radicals consider Kashmir to be one of the holiest of holy wars. They seek to derail any Indian and Pakistani diplomatic rapprochement. Launching attacks in India stymies any peaceful resolution.

Mumbai attracts attention in India. The city is wealthy. It's a media center and the headquarters of the Indian "Bollywood" movie industry. In the early 1990s, Mumbai suffered a series of bomb explosions that Indian government later blamed on criminal gangs. In 2003, a bomb killed 11 people on a train there. In August of that year, two car bombs killed 60.

In the last decade, India's economy has grown -- at times spectacularly. As the world's largest democracy, India serves as a political example to other developing nations who confront ethnic divisions, illiteracy and poverty.

Terrorists of all stripes despise democracy, for democracy means having to respect the interests of human beings who are political opponents. Rattling India seeds doubt in the fragile nation-states of the developing world.

But don't expect India to waver. New Delhi is already an ally in the War on Terror. In fact, Indians argue that the United States is the Johnny-come-lately to the war against Islamo-fascists.

In a public statement following the attacks, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh vowed to "fight and defeat the evil designs of terrorists."

Believe him.

Austin Bay is a syndicated columnist and TCS Daily contributing writer.



Main culprite for florrished terrorism in world is U.s.
Us is really curse to mankind. Who created Laden?Who was responsible for war between India and Pakishan?Who helped to creat the atom bobm to Pakishan?who helped to Pakishan to increase dispute on Kashmir?U.S always think for her self interest.U.S is rich country superpower,only aim of U.S. IS ALL WORLD MUST OBEY HIM AND LIVE JUST LIKE SLAVE UNDER U.S.

nice rant...
however I'm not sure what it has to do with mass murder in India, but somehow I guess the U.S. is responsible, just like we're responsible for everything that ills the world. Not that I'd expect you to get it, but that implies that the rest of the world is unable to see to their own affairs--sorta like a child needing help tying their shoes and wiping their arse.
All those poor immigrants drifting to our shores from Cuba in mostly-watertight '57 Chevys, and the immigrants dying in the Sonoran desert to reach our borders; you better explain to them how when they arrive they're going to live as slaves.
Makes me wonder why they'd choose to leave wherever it is they're coming from--to voluntarily live as slaves.

Thank you Remesh!
For yet another hard-to-read installment of "Paranoid Screed Theater".

So now the "U.s." is responsible for the animosity between India and Pakistan? Boy, didn't see that coming. As for Pakistan's nuclear weapons, the US had nothing to do with their development.

Intercepted Osama bin Laden communication
Osama: "Hey Al... Al... Al Zawahiri, I'm talking to you!"

Al: "Are you talking to me?"

Osama: "What other Al is there? They sent Al Zarqawi virgin shopping last month."

Al: "Sorry, what can I do you for O?"

Osama: "Didn't we tell the Indian franchise to bomb one of those 7-11 stores?"

Al: "Yes, unfortunately, according to intelligence provided to us by Senator Biden's office, you can't go into a 7-11 without speaking Indian."

Osama: "Great, now we're gonna be the subjects of another episode of N3mubers on CBS."

Al: "Sorry, dude"

Where are those who wanted an end to the British Empire?
Once the British left it would come to this with all the nut cases getting out in public. I can think of no better reason to close immigratiuon to these races than morons like this. Whatever he has is probably spreading. It should be confined to the third world.

Re: nice rant...
It's what comes from being the world's 'top dog' or superpower. 150 years ago it would've been the British Empire (or French, in some of the grottier parts of the world...) that got all the blame and in 50 years time all the ills of the world will be China's fault.

Thing is, when China *really* starts throwing its weight around on the world stage people will be positively nostalgic for US hegemony. Think of its support for the Burmese dictatorship, Karimov, North Korea, its 'ethnic cleansing' of Xinjiang and Tibet, the hungry eyes they have on Taiwan and Mongolia etc. This especially if democratisation doesn't occur.

Wow, TCS Contest Winner
I'd never have guessed this article would incite ThomsonJackass to put on his hood. What a cracker.

Natural reaction of citizen of U.S.
I read reacation on my comment, that one is natural, because national pride is always blindspot of every man, in this blind faith they avoid to see real truth of history, no one can destroy the history,other nation know and understand history but they are helpless, Iraqi people know well that there were no dangerious weaponary with Sadam, but they were helpless, poor to face mighty force of U.S.

The voice of jihhad
Hey raghead may the your mustache fall off and all your girl children look like Saddam and all your boy children be the boy friend of Uday.

We all realize how dull and uneducated you are
Nothing like vile instead of evidnce.

ya missed someting
I guess you missed the news that Saddam's own generals were shocked to learn that they had no WMD's with which to repel the US invasion.
Saddam bluffed, and we called him.
By Amnesty International's (no friend of the USA mind you) own estimation, between 400,000 and 600,000 people disappeared during Saddam's reign. DO the math-you can even use the low number. Take 400,000 and divide it by his approximate reign of 30 years--divide that by 52 and you get over 200 people disappearing a week.
It's too bad CNN and the BBC were not breathlessly reporting on that each week.
Indeed, the Iraqi people were helpless, just as you say.

Americans are learning but the MSM isn't
Americans were well aware of Arab terrorism since the Munich Olympics. Of course, Arab/Islamic terrorism was directed at Israel for several decades. Americans were complacent because the leftist media kept telling everyone the Palestinians has legitimate grievances. Likewise, the media led Americans to believe that the conflict between Muslims and Hindus was a clash of cultures. Again, our media has failed to convey the truth.

It’s become clear to most people that Islam is a unique problem. It stems from the fact that Islam was created as a supremacist warrior ideology with imperialist aims. It’s not your grandfather’s religion. It’s a completely different beast.

who created Bin Laden? A guy named Muhammed some 1400 years ago.

Who is responsible for the war between Pak and India? Muslims who can't accept that they don't get their way in everything.

Where is your evidence to support your claim that the US demands that the world obey us? We seem to tolerate quite abit of disagreement.

If he is wearing a hood than........
you must be wearing a towel AND a burkha. Why do you make common cause with muslims and their bloodletting if you live here in the west? It would make as much sense for me to live in Iran or Saudi and start slamming their government policies and religion of islims. I dont understand liberals with their alleged "thinking"

Another item has been missed and should be obvious.
The time between Bush talking of invading Iraq and actually going in of March 2003 was roughly 6-8 months. Perhaps more? Perhaps less? Someone is permitted to correct me if possible. Now even if we use the low number of months would that not be a huge window of opportunity to move any missiles, bombs, warheads or rockets to another nearby nation....perhaps Syria? I would not dare say Iran as those 2 nations slaughtered each other for 8 years so I believe we may have to call or e-mail Preident Assad and ask for the total inventory. Much can be moved in just a period of several days with trucks, transporters, aircraft, trains, etc. Months you can move mountains.

My poor man, I can help tutor you for a mere $19.00
an hour to improve your writing and grammar skills. It is a side job for me on the weekends. Anyway, what hashish have you been smoking to believe the USA IS A CURSE? We are the first nation on the spot to help, dig out, feed, water, hospitalize, and bankroll all and every disaster on this planet. Where were your friends for the tsunami disaster when it was ALL Christian nations flooding the area with cash and rescue teams? Why were not muslims helping their fellow muslims? It was all infidel Christians saving your buckets...again. I demand an answer, post-haste.

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