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The New Crusaders

By Alexandros Petersen - August 17, 2006 12:00 AM

The free world is being confronted by crusaders. The American Heritage dictionary defines a crusade as "a holy war undertaken with papal sanction" or "a vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse". The suicide bombers in Iraq, the alleged terror-plotters in the UK, Hezbollah paramilitaries fighting in southern Lebanon, and the transnational Islamist movement that the United States and its allies face, are engaged in a holy war undertaken with clerical sanction, encouragement and organizational ability. They are also part of a vigorous concerted movement for a cause: the restoration of an Islamic caliphate enforcing extreme religious laws; and against an abuse: the perceived attack on Muslim sensibilities by Western culture.

Like the European crusaders of the medieval period, these forces are not always united. However, the banners under which they serve are similar enough to make cooperation feasible, and when the time is right, preferable. Like the many crusades of the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, some efforts are sanctioned by central authority figures, such as Osama bin Laden, and some are undertaken by self-starting groups, inspired by the message of the movement.

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi's operations in Iraq received the blessings of Al Qaeda's number two, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, while the London bombers of a year ago, and recent would-be bombers in Toronto, funded and organized their own endeavors. Iran's mullahs back Hezbollah, and Hamas learned tactics from Hezbollah's fighters. Although Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah has in the past stated that his group and Bin Laden's have diverging agendas, Al Qaeda praises their efforts and vows to support Hezbollah in their current operation.

The most significant news out of the fighting in southern Lebanon is the ability of Hezbollah to continue to launch rockets deep into Israel, after almost four weeks of siege by one of the most effective militaries in the world. The capability of Hezbollah's fighters was unexpected, but eerily familiar, given the resilience of the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is widely agreed that conventional Western forces, with their focus on speed, lethality, and low casualties (on both sides), have found it difficult to adapt to the suicidal, asymmetric warfare amongst the people, practiced by Islamist extremists. Israeli forces, and coalition forces in Iraq, are adapting, however.

The medieval European crusaders remained an elusive threat to the Muslims in the Holy Land due to their ability to reinforce by sea. The Muslims may have driven the Christian fighters out of Jerusalem, but they reappeared in Acre, or attacked from Egypt. The transnational Islamist movement has shown the same ability to rear its head in unexpected places, in unexpected forms. It took 200 years for the crusaders to be finally driven from the Holy Land. As tactics are adapted to better fight the enemy, the overall strategy of Western forces fighting Islamist extremists must be to persevere.

Therefore, although some see it as a superficial, semantic change, the U.S. Defense Department's decision to refer to the ongoing struggle against this movement as "The Long War" is both appropriate and prescriptive. And, it is for this reason that the July 31 letter to President Bush from top Democrats in the U.S. Congress calling for a pullout of American troops from Iraq by years end is inappropriate and misguided. At the same time, events in Lebanon and Iraq must not distract from the drive to prevent Iran's mullahs from steadily developing nuclear capabilities. Most of all, as last week's foiled plot to destroy transatlantic airliners underlines, the value of vigilance is just as great now as it was five years ago. Perseverance must permeate our strategies, military and diplomatic. Whether against Hezbollah, the Islamist insurgency in Iraq, or transnational terrorists, the free world's efforts must outlast the vigorous concerted movement of today's crusaders."

Alexandros Petersen is a military and international affairs analyst based in London and Washington DC.



An Asymmetrical Price War
"Whether against Hezbollah, the Islamist insurgency in Iraq, or transnational terrorists, the free world's efforts must outlast the vigorous concerted movement of today's crusaders."

The key advantage to Islamist insurgency in the so-called "Long War" is that it's extremely cheap compared to America's efforts. We've spent over 300 BILLION in three years. How long do you think we can keep sustain that cost?

We won the Cold War because we could outspend the U.S.S.R., forcing it into economic collapse. But many Muslims nations are EXTREMELY OIL RICH -- combine that with war on the cheap, and we're the ones who will go broke.

biggest bang for the buck
since we can't outspend AND outfight them, it seems the next logical step is to eliminate those members with the highest value namely their clergy.

and while we're at it, let's eliminate their media infrastructure.



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Let's stop being a chump, first
I agree but even before that let’s stop supporting our enemy.

Eisenhower supported Nasser; Reagan supported the Muslims in Afghanistan; Clinton supported Arafat and Bush followed at first, etc. Notice how Condi is trying to find a loophole to fund Hamas by calling it “humanitarian aid?” Why do we have to feed our enemies? No wonder they don’t take our threats seriously. Now we’ve held back Israel from doing greater damage to Hezbollah. There’s a reason the Arab and Islamic world holds us in contempt.

Sure we should get tough and smart but the first step is stop being a chump.

Jason Pappas

Big Dollars in Chump Change
My contention is that the "easiest" way to stop supporting our enemy is to shift to a non-petroleum economy as soon as possible.

Besides addressing the problem of Global Warming, encouraging American businesses to develop alternative energy would strengthen our economic power in the 21st Century whilst crippling the base that sustains many corrupt Muslim nations.

I have no problem with advances in technology but I’m afraid that a boycott of Arab oil will do nothing to stop them from getting the wealth needed to carry on the jihad. They’ll just sell it to others.

Now if we bomb their facilities, they’ll be out of business and the higher oil prices, if sustained, will economically justify the investment in alternatives. But that can’t happen unless the American people believe the enemy is loathsome enough that we should endure the higher prices -- until competition brings new technology online.

At present the American people don’t understand the problem and believe it can be solved by taking out a few Osama-type characters. Few realize that we are in the early stages of a new World War.

However, I believe that Americans do understand that we are dealing with a savage enemy that shouldn't be coddled. I think we could easily convince the American public that we shouldn’t give aid to our enemies, i.e. stop trying to help them, and stop holding Israel back. The next step might come from the Arab response … and our counter response.

The Replacements
No, it's not a boycott, it's replacement.

Just as petroleum replaced whale oil, alternative energy will replace petroleum because it will be cheaper and more effficient. (It should be noted that Plastics are also becoming less and less petroleum-based.) As the world switches over, the value of petroleum will decrease as will production volumes. And the shrinking of the global oil market will destabilize Muslim dictatorships and will fuel the desire for local Capitalist development.

Free markets, of course, are the Trojan Horse for imparting the peronal values of independence, freedom, and tolerance. By making oil comparatively worthless, we can bankrupt our enemies once again.

Re: The Replacements
Ah, now I see what you're saying.

That is one feature of these boards that makes it difficult to know who said what when unless the reply is within a few hours.

The West has forgotten that the key to victory means killing your enemy. Dstroying his will to fight. This means exactly that not casualty avoidance, the avoidance of killing civilians or destroying his nation. It means making war so terrible that any alternative is better and theat the prospect of peace seems so wondrful that any other alternative is unacceptable.

Till we return to this model the West will continue to face struggles it will not win.

Good argument to make the war costly for Islam
Why not just seize the oil fields and see how long militat Islam exists.

Why not just help those corrupt reform?
Seize their oilfields now.

I think that's the point, TJ
that there appears to be no movement toward that model. Moreover, I would suggest that most evidence shows that most of the world including the U.S. is in fact moving further away from it.

Hence the need pointed out by the author to do it in other ways.

But cnn would object to being targeted.
as would the NY times.

but we should.

the west will win this war, but only by becoming as nasty as our enemies in war. That’s how we won WWII, by out blitzkrieg the Germans and out Samurai the Japanese.

replacing oil will happen when you/somebody replaces the owners
You want to replace oil with another technology, the REAL problem is that the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world own the oil companies, and they arent ready for a change. Old money doesnt like change.

They have long driveways and security guards, what the hell do they care if there are gas riots or terrorism?

For another thing, they dont fly united, they have their own planes.

as long as old oil money is comfortable, nothing new will happen in the energy market.

bull droppings
If somebody invented something that was cheaper than oil. The world would rush to produce it. Nothing could stop the world from switching over.

I've requested that they include vertical bars on the threads display, to make it easier to track back and find out who a particular post is responding to.

Notice oil wasnt invented?
It was discovered.
as was coal, wood, water & wind.

Only one energy source we use was invented, nuclear power.

Even that uses natural resources that had to be discovered.

Leading one to make the assumption that the next energy source we use will use resources based in the natural world.

since thousands of engineers have looked at this problem for a hundred years now and come up with no new solutions, not even any promising leads, the farther assumption would be that new sources of naturaly based energy will NOT be forthcoming any time soon.

The old paradigm of simply lowering our usage by switching to alcohol or bio-diesal to lower world demand and thus price will not work in a world with China & India coming on line as technological societies.

The average person has no clue to the difficulty poised when the afor mentioned thousands of engineers and scientists over the last century has not even pointed us in a workable direction.

so think, energy is NOT produced, it is discovered and converted. We simply need to "find" more in different places.

This brings us into conflict with the current owners of energy conversion and sales. Without them on board financialy, good ideas will get buried again & again.

Liberal (small "L")deomcracries simply aren't mean enough, anymore, to root out an insurgency of the kind we are seeing. As in all things, we have sticks and we have carrots. Since we aren't willing to lay waste to the countryside and make opposition just too painful, we have to find carrots. Take a look at the disaster in Iraq. To paraphrase Tom Cruise "Show me the carrots."

News from the mullah village
Its this kind of thinking that got us a disaster. After pouring in billions in reconstruction carrots what do we have to show for it. Had we laid waste to every facility I doubt the jihaddies would have the support they do now. Further, as long as we take no action against the master's of the sock puppets the war will not end. Itstime for Syria, Iran and Saudi to pay too.

The Sun Also Rises
"since thousands of engineers have looked at this problem for a hundred years now and come up with no new solutions, not even any promising leads, the farther assumption would be that new sources of naturaly based energy will NOT be forthcoming any time soon."

In the darkness, just before dawn, look to the east and you will see a great ball of light rising above the horizon. The sun -- a common yellow star -- blazes via nuclear fusion produced by the enormous pressures of its mass. Every minutes it bathes our little planet with more energy then we know how to use ... but we are learning:

EI Solutions Completes Installation of Largest Solar Facility in Marin County
Business Wire, August 18, 2006

EI Solutions announced today that it had completed the installation of a 490kW solar electricity system for the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District in San Rafael. The system, comprised of 2,940 Sharp solar panels, will meet over 90% OF THE DISTRICT'S ELECTRICTY NEEDS. The project is Phase 2 of the District's solar program. Phase 1, installed by EI Solutions two years ago, is an 81kW array, which supplies power to pump recycled wastewater to maintain pasture land in open space. Together the two systems will SAVE THE DISTRICT $170,000 in electricity costs annually at today's prices.

...EI Solutions is one of California's fastest-growing providers of large-scale solar power systems. The company has completed projects for a wide variety of public agencies and private companies, including Berlex's Richmond California campus, Swinerton Property Services' California offices in Concord and Irvine, Seghesio Family Vineyards, Sonoma State University, and the Marin County General Services Building.

I really didn't see much in the way of advocacy
The West has forgotten what victory is. I hope it never learns what defeat is. Only the American South has suffered an military occupation and that perhaps explains why that part of the country is more prepared to support the needed policies than other parts of the nation. In the meantime we get the same idiots who believe we just can all get along if we adopt the jihaddies views.

wrong carrots
Thomas, you miss my point. By wrong carrots, I don't mean a little more or this, and less of that. "This and that" won't work Obviously it isn't what they want. My comment in the piece in this issue by Mike Vlahos is that if we can't lay waste to the enemy we gotta figure out what it is they want. We will never know until we ask. I won't repeat it but take a look at that comment. There is even an example there.

California dreaming
Solar power will remain a dream until both battery and collector technology improves about tenfold, something we won't see in the next fifty years. In the meantime a simple dollar and cents examination proves that solar energy is a costly and inefficient solution if alternates are availble, just more California solutions for non existent problems.

If you don't understand what these folks want you'll never get it
Do you suppose they want democracy? The continued existence of Israel? A government that doesn't support a hard line fundamentalist regime? A return of Saddam or a like minded type? An embrace of American ideals? Peace and love?

Sounds like you've attended one too many UN seminars.

Fly or Die
Thankfully, there are a great many wealthy people and insightful corporations. So for every GM and Ford that fails to adapt, there's Toyota and Honda to seize the new opportunities. And then there's the truly unconventional -- like Tesla Motors of Silicon Valley -- that seemingly come from nowhere.

In the energy industry, Exxon-Mobil seems content to "stay the course" whereas BP and GE are diversifying by building alternative energy businesses, not to mention upstarts like Nanosolar and DayStar.

To use an anology, when the days of the dinosaurs draw to a close, learn to fly or die.

My Final Answer
I guess everyone uses personal attacks and sarcasm instead of reason. Pity. I hope you won't be offended if I ignore you hereafter.

Just for the record, I think the UN is totally worthless. As Vlahos said, they don't want to live in perpetual war. Whether they rule themselves democratically or not is secondary though it happens to be the only way that societies can share power and responsibility amongst different communities. Politics is dividing up scarce resources amongst competing interests. If you don't know what someone wants, you can't divide anything. How do you find out? Ask

Wake up, Rumpelstiltskin
Here Comes The Sun: Solar Saves With Incentives
Invstor's Business Daily, August 17, 2006

...It's no surprise that sunny California is the world's top market for residential solar power. Builders such as Premier Homes of Roseville, Clarum Homes in Palo Alto and Los Angeles' Pardee Homes -- A UNIT OF WEYERHAEUSER CO. (WY) -- are putting up zero-energy houses in California and Nevada.

But the states that are runners-up in adopting solar power aren't known for year-round sunshine: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. In Massachussetts, a $6 million development of 26 solar-powered town houses is going up in Brockton, near Boston.

...Eight out of 10 Americans believe home builders should offer solar power as an option in new home construction, according to a Roper survey conducted earlier this year. HALF OF THOSE SURVEYED SAID THEY WOULD PAY UP TO 10% MORE FOR A SOLAR-EQUPPED HOUSE. In the past, home buyers were reluctant to opt for solar since the equipment needed to halve energy consumption cost $15,000 to $18,000. But the real cost of solar power is falling, thanks to cash rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives from the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

...A solar electric system raises home values $20,000 for every $1,000 cut in home operating costs, says the Appraisal Institute. Data compiled by analyst Andrew Black for the American Solar Energy Society indicates that spending $17,500 on a 2.6-kilowatt solar setup for a California house trims an $80 monthly electricity bill to $7 and raises home value $17,600. Big solar power systems can recoup 157% of cost vs. 75% for kitchen remodels.

Investors are looking at solar too. "THREE OF THE TOP HIGH TECH IPOs FOR 2005 WERE SOLAR COMPANIES," Resch said, adding that with investment in the field "we expect solar power to account for 10% to 20% of all new electricity generated within 10 years' time." The initial public offerings were for San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower, (SPWR) Chinese firm Suntech Power Holdings Co. (STP) and German company Q-Cells, traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Let me know when you buy one Hampton
My area boasts these dinosaurs from the Carter era. Disfigured with nonfunctioning solar pannels that never delivered. I think all Lefties should buy these homes its a kind of social justice making tree huggers pay for the increased energy costs they have forced on the average person due to their crazed policies. Ah yes, I read IBD, and anyone who invests in start ups with unproven technologies deserve what they get.

Let me know when you buy one Hampton
My area boasts these dinosaurs from the Carter era. Disfigured with nonfunctioning solar pannels that never delivered. I think all Lefties should buy these homes its a kind of social justice making tree huggers pay for the increased energy costs they have forced on the average person due to their crazed policies. Ah yes, I read IBD, and anyone who invests in start ups with unproven technologies deserve what they get.

And now its time for "Ask a Mullah!"
Welcome to "Ask a Mullah!" Today's contestant, Rabbi Schwartz gets to play "Ask a Mullah!" Here comes our pannel of immans now lets let Rabbi Schwartz ask the pannel-oops seems like the Rabbi lost his head, its a load of fun here. CDs and videos on sale at your local madrassa.

Wasn't this the Chamberlain line at Munich?

We will never win unless we understand the nature of our enemy.
Islamofascists: "Kill all the infedels!"
Moderate Islam: "Convert or die!"
Liberal Islam: "Respect me and pay me tribute!"
Capitalist Islam: "Pay high prices for my oil, so I can buy off the Islamofascists, so they will leave me alone!"

Remember, Islam is a religion of peace!

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