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The New Forced Segregation

By Aaron Hanscom - March 6, 2007 12:00 AM

Celebrating diversity has become one of the main goals of American schools. Students are being taught to think of themselves primarily as members of different ethnic groups, while being discouraged from developing an American identity.

Consider the case of Mount Diablo High School in Concord, California. Mount Diablo's website states that students will "celebrate diversity by being respectful to all walks of life." In keeping with that ethos, last month the school divided students by ethnicity for separate assemblies.

School officials explained that the purpose of segregating the students was to talk about test scores, recognize achievements and celebrate different cultures. Spanish was presumably spoken at the Hispanic assembly because student Ronald Mares said, "When I went to the assembly, I'm Hispanic, but I don't know how to speak Spanish, so I couldn't connect." Freshman Jason Lockett was disappointed with the African-American assembly, at which the words "Black Power" were projected overhead. "It was to compare us and say how much dumber we were than everybody else," Lockett told the Contra Costa Times.

Mount Diablo is not the only Golden State school to experiment with this sort of segregation. California High School in San Ramon decided to hold pre-test assemblies for only the black and Hispanic students at his school last year. The school asked the students, whom they divided by the race marked in school records, to meet in separate locations during school hours.

The school's principal explained that the meetings were "much like a coach would talk to you before a game. It was all motivational." But the sports analogy is easily refuted by a simple question: Is there a coach alive who would ever dream of separating his players by race before a big game?

The stories listed above are the ones that make headlines, but the battle against assimilation is being waged in schools throughout the country every day and forced segregation is just one of the tactics. Schools in California, Arizona and Colorado have banned the display of American flags and patriotic clothing. The Virginia Beach School Board has created a Diversity Task Force and included diversity as one of its seven strategic goals. (Teaching American values isn't one of the other six.) The Seattle Public Schools stated on its Equity and Race Relations Website that "emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology [and] defining one form of English as standard" were all forms of racism.

Principal Hansen of Mount Diablo High says, "In this country, race is a very uncomfortable topic, and it's time we got over it." Until that day, apparently, she'll go right ahead making her students feel uncomfortable by reminding them of the color of their skin in segregated assemblies.

Aaron Hanscom, a freelance writer in Los Angeles, teaches elementary school for the Los Angles Unified School District.



What else could you expect of whimpy teachers who are themselves beneficiaries of economic segregation? They get rewarded for only serving time in their union protected ghettoes, and nothing else. They are segregated from the real economy, and it seems reality too. Theachers are nothing other than another pathetic rent-seeking special interest group, out to continue their ride on the gravy train.

Just plain dumb
This is not just a phenomenon experienced in the USA, this sort of segregation occurs in Canada aswell, all under the banner of equality. This generates two outcomes, neither of which are good.

1. The country looses its identity, and then ultimitly divides.
2. Extreme fascist controls sneak in, and based on the ingrained segregation hate groups are able to eisily cause widespread terrorist attacks.

In my opinion, a group, be it ethnic or religeous, should have their right to the freedom of speech, however, this should not inflict on others, nor should it destroy the identity of the Country. for example: I am of Polish Heritage (on my fathers side, my Grandparents immigrated) and I am a practicing Roman Catholic, but, I identify myslef as Canadian, a citizen of Canada, I speak English, both in the workplace and in the shopping mall. My family still keeps some Polish traditions alive, but we Identify ourselves as Canadaian, Not Polish. So, I think a little patriotism is not such a bad thing, if a group, or individuals do not like where they are currently living, and believe the "old country" was better, than in the words of my Grandfather: "Go back then!"

It seems to me that the administrators did not consult with the students to see if they wanted to do this, it seems a feeble excuse to create some form of pseudo Bulshivic ripples.

And finally, the banning of the flag, that is truly disgusting! If people are so offended by the nations flag, then they should return from whence they came, or just plain leave.

From Canada,


Perfect post
I agree completely. This kind of drivel is one of the big problems in our society these days (whether American or Canadian).

The Old World Order
Funny, the same people who talk of "Multi-Cultural Diversity" and inclusion are the same ones who promote this mindless dribble. The inner cities are such vivid examples of the failures of the liberal welfare state. Fatherless homes and crime, yet these people perpetuate the lies. Why? It is about tenure and power. If a truly integrated society exists, one of equality of opportunity, not outcome, then the liberal establishment has no reason for existence. The liberal welfare state is predicated upon greed and envy. They shall preach tolerance and diversity while promoting suppresion and segragation.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

Since LBJ the war on poverty has really been a war on independance for millions. When the people need the state the state is king.

Listening to Hillary and Obama try and talk Southern was beyond funny. How low the left will stoop to rule the masses is beyond measure...

When will we ever learn?

Everybody has their right to ethnic pride and place…
Except of course if you are:
Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic

And if you happen to be all of the above… You must be the devil himself.

If we had an all White school we are raciest.
If we had an Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic school we would be *****.
If we had a Christian school then we would be zealots.
If we had a Heterosexual school we would be homophobes.
If we had a Male school we would be oppressive.

And a school with all of these? WOW it would be the worst school in the world.

If we had a school with no whites, but any other one group we would be strengthing culture.
If we had a school for any one non-European person we would be promoting ethnic pride.
If we had any other one religious school we would be promoting diversity. (With the possible exception to Jewish school, which in some cases could be just as bad as a Christian school.)
If we had a homosexually school we would be promoting understanding
If we had an all female school we are providing a safe learning area.

I guess you can't say N a z i here.

Wonder what other words are *** out here?

I agree - good post --- eom

a list
don't forget
and finally

Its interesting that inclusion is defined as Exclusion.

The problem is not inclusion, its revenge.

I agree but,
Just because one school is doing this, doesn't mean that it is a trend.

This is without doubt an annomoly. If the Fed. was enfourcing this policy then I would screen at the top of my lungs.

No! No! No!

Untill then... Boring...

Seriously, that is just strange.

How you doin' stone wall?
Missed you.

only a few bad apples
we should obviously wait until every apple is rancid before taking any action...

take heart fellow patriots,
even the lefties are getting freaked out about the statest and un-patriotic actions of the hard left.

Since Bush has been elected, the enemies both foriegn and domestic have come out of the closet to declare themselves, this has hurt some of them, (dicksy $hits for example)but the hurt is only starting for the rest.

Since the taco intafada last year, hundreds of thousands of placid retirees have realised there is another world war to fight and they can do some of it here in country from their computers & motor homes. These new netzens are watching and learning who's the enemy & who's the useful idiots.

I have faith this will catch up to the traitors and fools in the long run.
The fool's in education that cant read the writing on the wall think 100% effort to shove this foolishness down our throats will win in the end, all they are doing in this age of communication is placing themselves in jepardy of having to explane themselves to a irritated mob with torches & pitchforks.

all this PC @#$^#@$& will fold in on itself much like the USSR did, in a short period and surprising most of us.

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