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The Cruelty of Cowards

By Ralph Kinney Bennett - May 17, 2007 12:00 AM

Cowardice is the mother of cruelty.

-- Montaigne

"The beheadings are still happening, but we have an order not to broadcast them. Everything is videotaped but we can't broadcast them. We do seek to capture and imprison American soldiers, but you have to understand that it is very difficult to do so because they patrol in groups, at least 15 soldiers at a time. We hope and pray to capture them."

-- Al-Qaida fighter Abu Adam al-Maqdisi, interviewed on a radical Islamic website, April 27, 2007.

Even as we pray for those three missing American soldiers we are prepared for the worst.

They are not prisoners of war; that is, their capture was not a happenstance of battle.

They were the very object of the action that left their comrades dead and burned near Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad.

They were kidnapped, sought out as Americans for the purpose of embarrassment, humiliation, torture, and finally death and mutilation as a horrific lesson to the "Crusaders" and to the world.

Think about it. If three Islamic fighters had been captured by the Americans, would there be any apprehension about their fate? Of course not. Despite all the fervid Abu Ghraib and Gitmo propagandizing of assorted leftists, pseudo-peaceniks and Democrat apologists, the general presumption is they would be treated decently.

But as soon as the news of the disappearance of these three American soldiers was released, the presumption was for the worst. For in the twisted world of Al-Qaida and its spawn of Islamofascists cruelty is first and second nature.

And there is no cruelty quite like the cruelty of cowards. Because, in the end, cruelty is their only weapon. The cruelty that leaves bodies in the smoking ruins of buildings. The cruelty that beheads. The cruelty that slaughters innocents in the marketplace. The cruelty born of a cowardice that camouflages itself in the ignorant "bravery" of suicide bombers.

This hate-fueled cruelty feeds on itself, grows and intimidates by its certainty. Where are the imams who will speak against it? Where are voices for Allah the "merciful" as these soldiers' lives hang in the balance? If they are not secretly sympathetic to it then they are shut up, intimidated, muzzled by the certainty of a hateful cruelty; a revenging cruelty that seeks out all who would oppose or protest it.

There is nothing else certain in the world of Al-Qaida and radical Islam but this great cruelty. It is not merely a capacity for cruelty; it is intrinsic, organic cruelty. All of Islamofascism's small cruelties - its denials of freedom and free thought, its humiliating impositions against the very half of the human race that gives its minions life - are given peculiar force because of the certainty, the dependability, the inevitability of its great cruelty.

The Palestinian Al-Qaida fighter quoted at the beginning of this piece boasted in the same April 27th interview that "the jihad that began in Muslim Afghanistan and then spread to Iraq shall not stop there and will not be limited by any border."

And as we have said before, no matter how Islamic apologists parse it and high-minded scholars and imams turn words on their heads to explain it, "jihad" always seems to end up writ in bloody revenge, murder and histrionic cruelty.

We are in a war against this cruelty. It is a war some think can be "ended." But it is a war, I think, that must be won or lost. And the consequences of losing are dire for mankind.



No matter...
what the Islamofascists write, post, scream, or video there will always be those who believe that we created them and that we are just getting what we deserve. A damn shame that they make up a majority of the Democrat party.

I prefer to take them at their word, which they have been speaking for the last several decades, that they will seek us out in our homes and slaughter us if we choose not to submit.

Yes but the current strategy may indeed be making matters worse. It’s all in or go home. Historically the sad sickening reality seems to be that evil can not be defeated without utter destruction. WWII was successful because the Allies took the fight to the cities and civilians with every resource we could muster. First we won on the battlefields and oceans, then we crushed the civilizations that created two war monger empires.

the historical "sad sickening reality" is that people were able to understand that they were at war. Terrorism did not materialize under Bush. Nor did the barbarity that is Islamofascism come about due to Western influence. It is a religious dogma that destroys Muslims as well as infidels.

We did not crush the cultures of Japan and Germany, we destroyed their governments and infrastructure and rebuilt them from the ground up. Their cultures exist to this day as does our presense on their soil.

A presense which helped us greatly during the Cold War (the Soviet Union) as well as today (China).

He are fighting a ideology that transcends national boundries. It is pointless to retreat behind our borders and wait for them to come to us. Killing this one or that one, when we actually do hunt them down, has done nothing to keep us safe. Taking out terrorist sponsoring nations, of which Iraq was one, as well as supporting nations in their fights against Islamofascism is what we must do.

Bush never said it would be quick. He said it was something we need to do and with that I absolutely agree.

Finally! Someone who grasps the situation!
Too bad that the mainstream media and the Democrat politicians don't stand behind the raw truth regarding Islamofascism and its sheer cruelty and barbarism.

Socialists don't care
Look at their outrage over Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il......

RE: Finally! Someone who grasps the situation!
You'll find RKB's missives to be insightful, penetrating and well reasoned. Among the TCS stable, he posesses perhaps the most enlightening quill.

How much--or How?
World War II isn't the only model. Civilization has been pushing back the FARCness in Colombia. The Morro insurrection was put down. Pancho Villa escaped, yes, but he didn't come back.
The important thing is not that we destroy a civilization utterly (though in a few cases it is); the important thing is that we figure out how to fight back effectively, and then we do fight back. The chess game (taking away allies, discrediting the movement) and the spearpoint (killing and forcing them to come out and be killed) are both important, but the specifics of how come from the situation.
This isn't new. President McKinley was killed by the 19th-century strain of terrorist, and it was that strain whose bullet lit the powderkeg for World War I. The Bolsheviks were terrorists, too, taking down a newly hatched government with the avalanche of a 'popular movement.' Had the USA and Britain not run away, Bolshevism might have been strangled before 1920.
If we fight badly, we might lose. But if we don't fight, we certainly will. You might not know how. I might not know how. But one of the strengths of civilization is that together-but-independent we have the collective memory of centuries at the disposal of millions of ingenious individuals. If we do try, all of us (or most of us) we'll find a way. If half of us spend all their energy interfering with the half who are trying to save us all, it's not so clear.
The most important thing now may be to get the truth back from the battlefields, whether in Afghanistan, Denmark, France, or some rural school district in the USA. Right now, the people who'd rather we do nothing (for whatever reason) own the news channels. The truth might not make us free, but ignorance is the sure road to slavery.

perhaps the ridicule of being labeled "cowards" might lessen the attraction from their peers who think them to be heroes... m

History telling us, white people are more coward.
Read the histroy, white people are more cruel, and this creuelty arise from cowardness.I donot quote all incidence only giving two. When Japan want to surrdered in second world war,U.S. creuly through two atombom on Japan.[2] Saddam had no atomic weapon till U.S.destroyed Iraq

raghunath1's Idiotic Statement
The extent of foolishness expressed by raghunath1 is enormous. The savages who attack coalition forces in Iraq are criminals. American soldiers are deployed in Iraq because the United States is attempting to establish the rule of law there.

Try to find some examples that match reality. Not just your strange imagination
Yes, Japan offered to surrender, but with significant conditions. Conditions that were unacceptable to the allies. Why don't you mention the whole truth, not just the tiny portion that matches your bigotry?

Saddam didn't have atomic bombs. Nobody in the world said that he did. What he did have, and what post war investigations have proven, was that he had preserved his atomic weapons programs and was ready to re-start them the minute the sanctions were lifted.

"If we fight badly, we might lose"
My perspective is that war is all or nothing and success requires a realistic view of what we can and can not do. Granted, that leaves me with no real answer to guerrilla tactics. And yes this war is too important for us to withdraw. So I am listening but I don’t see much advantage in the current strategy. We are attempting to engage in limited warfare to eliminate the bad elements from a population we do not generally consider to be our enemy, with the idealistic notion that a friendly democracy will organically flourish. Is there a similar successful precedent? It seems to me all we have accomplished is to toppled a government that our enemy hated at least as much as we did. are not only an ignorant fool, but also a racist!
I don't know your race, your nationality or your culture, Ragnunath1, but the periodic ravings against America and Americans you post on this site condemn you as an ignorant racist. I suggest you follow your own advice and "read the histroy(sp.). "White people are more cruel,,,," Crueler than whom? The Moslem Arabs of the middle ages who spread their religion at the point of a sword? The Bantu peoples of Africa who committed wholesale slaughter, decimating vast numbers of bushmen and pigmies as they swepted into Southern Africa exterminating all in their way? The Mongols who carved out the biggest empire in history by riding over the bones of the millions they slaughtered? The Aztecs who fought vast wars to secure sacrificial victims to their blood-thirsty God? The various groups of Indians who, even in the last decades, periodically ran through their neighborhoods killing and maiming all those of different religions? Contrary to your racist views, all peoples of the world were at one time or another guilty of vast cruelty to outsiders. White people don't hold any corner on human cruelty. It wasn't "white people" who, during WWII marched starving, exhausted Japanese soldiers hundreds of miles in the humid jungle to concentration camps, shooting and bayonetting those that fell by the wayside as the Japanese did to thousands of American and Filipino soldiers. No "white people" went on a rampage in the city of Manila, or anywhere else, and executed more than 100,000 civilian men, women and children over a weekend of bloody barbarism as the Japanese army did in the waning months of the war. No "white" dictator gassed his ethnic populations or filled vast tracts of the desert with the graves of those men, women and children who dared to disagree with his rule, as did Saddam. I suggest you open a history book now and again before showing the rest of us how ignorant of history and how racist you are.

RE: are not only an ignorant fool, but also a racist!
Wow, Dave. Well argued and well supported. Nicely done.

We really don't understand...
Every culture has heroes, bullies and cowards. This is simply a matter of normal human behavior. There are disciplined, self-sacrificing warriors. And there are dishonorable, self-indulgent pricks.

There are emotional true believers of limited intelligence who want to validate themselves by risking their lives recklessly following orders.

And there are individuals so obsessed with a violent desire to hurt people that they will turn their own bodies into weapons. (Over here we call such people Professional Football players.)

The net of this argument is that to call an entire society cowardly is patently stupid. What we are actually looking at is two different approaches to the same problem...effective techniques of waging war.

Modern warfare practiced by Americans is "overhead intense" and plays to our industrial strengths. We like massive firepower, heavy guns and air strikes. We have been extraordinarily effective at this, enjoying kill ratios above 50:1 in all theatres since the Korean War.

Traditional warfare in the Middle East is labor intense. Historically, their infantry fighters have been astoundingly ruthless and their ancient warrior cultures have continued without interruption to this day.

They cut the heads off their enemies. That is one of the things that they do. They have been doing this all along and they are still doing it today. Such a practice terrifies the enemy and is considered to be no more cowardly to them than our long range artillery and cruise missile strikes should seem cowardly to us.

The enduring problem, however, is that at the end of the fight we must hold the battlefield with boots on the ground. If we try to do that in Iraq then we need to play by the rules of engagement for infantry in that arena.

The only way for us to win this part of the fight is to actually annex Iraq into a permanent possession and to crush this ancient behavior out of them forever. Bring their warrior culture to an end. Failing that, however, we have no way to compete with them man for man in a fair fight. They have been doing this for thousands of years. We are simply outclassed. Our most savage killers (mostly sitting in our prisons over here) would immediately be chewed up over there. Our polite, volunteer army has no chance at all.

The analogy would be to put our very best high school Football team in America up against any NFL squad. It would be ugly. And a sorry thing to witness.

You might say the things such professionals would do to those boys should constitute cowardice...but then you simply don't understand.

How to fight?
If you haven't read the publicly released US Army Counterinsurgency manual, I suggest you start there. Our target isn't armies, heavy transportation, or industry. It's the individual terrorist and the things that allow him to act, including the attitudes of people around him, his ability to control them and remain secret by fear, and a lot of other things, big and little. The situation is very asymmetrical, but symmetrically so: each side has large vulnerabilities and large strengths. The trick is to find them.

These wars have been fought and they can be fought. But right now, only scholars of military history (professional or amateur) remember, so we have to learn it all over again.

The army COIN manual doesn't provide formulas. It tells you what you have to think about ... but it requires skill and experience to execute it in a given situation. It looks to me like General Petraeus (who wrote the darn thing) is showing us how.

The Answer
The Grave of the Hundred Head

"Then a silence came to the river,
A hush fell over the shore,
And Bohs that were brave departed,
And Sniders squibbed no more;
For the Burmans said
That a white man's head
Must be paid for with heads five-score."

No wonder, I expect ing abusing on me.
This one is traditional trend of white people they donot like criticism on them, their word power is very poor they know only word justlike fucking, idiot, racist.
I requist to my respondents please increase your word power better read classics literature.perhaps you can learn civilize manner

cowardly behaviour
The west no longer has the stomach to fight, and the enemies see that and it emboldens them more. And the western left as a fifth column with its self loathing helps the cause along. The enemy could be beaten but are prevented from doing so by rotten societies who like all appeaser think "they will be the last guy the crocodile will eat". Probably what will happen is that when it gets really bad, then the weak liberals will finally beg the real warriors to sort out the problem. But if they keep their heads in the ground then they don't even deserve their own countries so might as well live in dimmitude under some fascist caliphate. Too bad.

The Chicago Way.
"You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That's* the *Chicago* way! And that's how you get Capone. Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? I'm offering you a deal. Do you want this deal?"

Will of God
There is a scene from Lawrence of Arabia where he rescues an Arab stranded in the desert. He is ridiculed because his fellow Arabs believed it was God's will to die in the dessert. Not long after the rescue, the rescued man is killed.

This fatalism prevails today in the Middle East.

Therefore, if the West fights back and wins, the Muslims will be convinced it is the will of God and we are simply carrying out His will.

You might be thinking too much...
Let's not over analyse this. I am not sure we can adequately get into the minds of these guys to understand their actual, personal motivations.

Over here in secular America the majority of us declare that we believe in God. This probably should include some belief the Christian heaven and hell paradigm. Nevertheless, I don't see a whole lot of personal morality flowing out of those claims...I am, indeed, a little cynical.

This behavior might be more indicative of the normal attitude people everywhere apply to their own spiritual beliefs. (Superstitions aside.) I have no reason to believe that normal adults in the Middle East buy into Islam any more than we buy into Christianity. Probably about the same.

Therefore, I am a little slow to buy into your "it's God's will" argument. I am simply not sure how operative that is.

That very compelling, 72 virgins deal seems a little bit of a stretch too. Most reasonable people are going to assign a huge weight to their "reasonable doubt" regarding such a "too good to be true" arrangement. On balance, they might be hoping it is true...but they are probably not counting on any sort of enforcible guarantee if it was actually all a lie.

Fatalism is quite another matter. Many people take comfort in the words "Well, it was his time to die, wasn't it?" Don't they?

As for myself, I am not so much in need of any such solace. Rather, one brief moment of hesitation into "fatalistic surrender" might distract you from the quick move that saves your life. Or the lives of know.

Better to always be prepared to immediately fight your way out of whatever comes up.

I believe this discussion is all simply about the way some people wage war in their culture. We seem to be confused because this is not the way we operate. But what do we know?

It has worked this way for them all these many centuries. And it seems to be working for them again now.

"What" is working?
For hundreds of years the Islamic culture has been in a back water and they have produced little of value to themselves or the world.

So, "what" is working for them?

White people are curse to manmkind.
A genocidal mentality is indubitably at the very heart of the white psyche

With societies that have effectively resisted being permanently incorporated into the civilization of one imperialistic conqueror after another a culture of resistance (for as long as it takes until the enemy goes away) is their secret weapon.

While the Vietnam War had a very different etiology and motivation the society we were trying to subjugate had been in this same position countless times over the centuries. Everyone invaded Viet Nam. They were simply going to keep fighting us forever and breeding a fresh flow of young men to take up the struggle every year. Into perpetuity. They placed no limits on their violent methods or the sacrifices they were willing to make. They were told from childhood that the only reason they were alive was to fight and to die for the freedom of their people. Personal destiny.

Such people cannot be beaten. You might try to kill them all. But failing that, they will keep coming at you. Recklessly. Forever.

This is exactly what we see today in the Middle East. Those societies refuse to become like Americans and they will never cry "uncle".

That is what I mean. This behavior has worked for them throughout history and it is working for them today. We are not even trying to stay there until we crush their culture out of them. We always intended to disengage.

If those societies someday decide to embrace secular democracy and enter the global economic arena as competitive capitalists then they will surely do that. When they are ready. Not while we are trying to force them.

Haven't any of you ever raised a teenager who simply would not do what you told her? Of course you have.

So why do you still understand so little about human behavior? Do you think your kid was a special case? You can do your best. It will not work. And then they are on their own.

We gave Iraq the chance to do this for themselves the easy way. By simply behaving. But they will not. So let them do it on their own. And suffer. We are through.

But we must stay around over there (watching) in case they get too crazy. "OK you kids...don't make me come in there!"

Everyone wants to be free
Everyone also has a desire to force others to their will.

As people become more civilized, they slowly begin to realize they can't have both.

Jesus had it right.

Wait...civilized?...we are more civilized?...than who ?...
Let's get past everyone's desire to be the top dog in some such hierarchy or the other. Some of the time. That urge is not operative all the time for any of us.

You said: As people become more civilized they understand that they cannot lead (when it is appropriate) and also be free? Jesus said that?

America has "civilized" us by dumbing down our various cultures of behavior into this gray vanilla society where we call the police to protect our families and where we don't immediately know what we think when Woody Allen starts dating his girlfriend's daughter.

My grandmother on my father's side was 3/4 Blackfoot. Her parents were summarily subordinated by the United States of America at the point of a sword and their culture was physically beaten out of them. The ability of her people to fight back was forever taken away.

My grandmother did not speak her mother tongue ever in my presence and as far as I know today my father never learned any of it. Although I saw pictures of him as a child with his very dark (literally black) grandparents we became white people. We became Americans.

The Europeans came over here and they stayed. The Europeans would not allow my grandmother's people to continue resisting. They did whatever they wanted to do. To us.

This is what must be done in Iraq. We must go there in overwhelming numbers and we must determine to stay there forever. We must make their grandchildren into Americans. We must immediately kill any of them who doubt our resolve in this regard. We must be willing to kill them all if necessary and we must make them believe we are so motivated. We must completely destroy their culture of independent social behavior. And replace it with a society that is so weak we let our 12 year olds make up their own culture every generation.

Of course, no one has ever been able to do that in their part of the world. And, of course, we are not going to do that either. Because we do not love their country enough to disgrace ourselves forever by crushing them all and taking it away. We do not love their land so much to hate them enough.

The white people will not go back to Europe...but it is too late anyway. What we had and who we were...those things are gone forever.

But we shall leave Iraq someday. We are not waging a war to change them into ourselves. We are simply killing people. Jesus does not come into it.

ask yourself.....
Why Mahmudiyah? Because that is where they could snatch American soldiers and be protected by the local citzenry.
Because of the cruelty of cowards....the Iraqi Rape Squad. Member? The American soldiers that raped and butchered a 14 year old child? And slaughtered her family?
Seeking some sort of rough justice the locals turned to the terrorists when their complaints to American authority fell on deaf ears. Menchaca-Tucker was the result. And that horrific video forced a fear motivated confession from one perp.
The Rape Squad burned our goodwill capital in Mahmudiya with THEIR CRUELTY AND C0WARDICE.
and now innocent American soldiers will pay.

We are not finding them......alive. The locals wont give the terrorists up, it doesnt matter if there are 6000 searchers or 60000.

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