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The Free Market Case Against the Immigration Bill

By James D. Miller - June 1, 2007 12:00 AM

Unskilled Immigrants + Large Welfare State = Higher Taxes

The above equation shows why free market enthusiasts should oppose the current immigration bill. Yes, historically immigration has helped the U.S. economy. But our large welfare state combined with the importance of education to wealth creation provides a compelling reason to oppose importing unskilled immigrants and citizens. The benefit an immigrant provides to an economy comes from the value of his work. The lower an immigrant's skill, the less value the economy derives from his presence.

Some immigration advocates, though, claim that the U.S. economy "needs" unskilled immigrants to work at critical — if low paid — jobs. This, however, is an economically silly argument. If a job offers low wages either it is relatively unimportant for the economy or many people are willing to do it.

A hundred years ago human muscles played a relatively large role in powering our economy. At that time a strong, hardworking, but uneducated immigrant could make great contributions to our economy. Today, however, when our economy mostly runs on educated brains, we receive far less benefit from importing uneducated workers.

Much of the cost of new immigrants comes from the government services they consume. In 1900 the U.S. provided relatively few government benefits to anyone, so poorly paid immigrants couldn't become too much of a burden on the economy. Today, however, government spending is about five times larger (as a percentage of the economy) than it was in 1900. And legal immigrants today have the right to consume considerable government services. Indeed, according to the Heritage Foundation's Robert Rector, in 1994 the average low-skilled immigrant household received $30,160 in direct governmental benefits. But this same average family paid only $10,573 in taxes. As a result, low skilled immigrants are net tax eaters. (But read this for a contrary view.) The difference between the taxes paid by unskilled immigrants and the government benefits these immigrants receive is mostly made up by taxes imposed on U.S. citizens. Such additional taxes slow our economy.

Political Dynamics

Although very pro-immigration himself, economist Bryan Caplan provides a powerful argument against allowing millions of new uneducated illegal immigrants to become citizens. As he explains in The Myth of the Rational Voter, the lower a person's level of education, the less likely he is to politically support intelligent economic policies. So providing a path to citizenship for millions of uneducated illegals may eventually provide millions of votes for harmful economic policies.

Unskilled immigrants also cause political harm by increasing income inequality. Not only do the immigrants themselves make far less than the average American does, but they also lower the wages of unskilled native-born U.S. workers with whom they compete for jobs. Greater inequality fuels class warfare politics. And class-warfare politicians such as "Two Americas" John Edwards always support increased government benefits for the poor and thus push for higher taxes on the most productive Americans.

50 Million New Immigrants

The current immigration compromise is supposed to limit future illegal immigration in return for legalizing about 12 million current illegals. But it's foolish to think that implementing the current compromise won't increase future legal and illegal immigration. As economist Thomas Sowell writes:

"The big talking point of those who want to legalize the illegal immigrants currently in the United States is to say that it is 'unrealistic' to round up and deport 12 million people. Back in 1986 it was 'unrealistic' to round up and deport the 3 million illegal immigrants in the United States then. So they were given amnesty.... [W]ill it be 'unrealistic' to round up and deport 40 million or 50 million illegal immigrants in the future?"

Amnesty sends a loud signal to the world's poor that if you smuggle yourself into the U.S. you will eventually be legalized. Amnesty furthermore creates incentives for politicians to support further immigration.

As more immigrants become voters, there is greater voter support for allowing in more immigrants. Even if the current immigration compromise had effective measures against future legal and illegal immigration of unskilled workers, politicians would soon back out of this compromise in response to immigrant voters' demands to let in their relatives.

Politics rewards intensity. For example, although milk subsidies are harmful to almost all Americans, dairy farmers care far more about milk subsidies than do milk drinkers. As a result, politicians eagerly support milk subsidies.

Similarly, recent immigrants care vastly more about chain migration than do most other Americans. (Under chain migration the extended family of an immigrant has the right to move to the U.S.) New immigrants will fight much harder for the U.S. to increase chain migration than native-born Americans will fight to limit such immigration. Consequently, if the U.S. gives 12 million illegal immigrants voting rights, it might become politically impossible for the U.S. Congress to limit future chain migration. As a result, providing a path to citizenship for 12 million illegals today may well provide a path to entry for 50 million new unskilled immigrants over the next few decades.

Charity to Foreigners

The best reason to support the current immigration compromise is that it will significantly improve the life of many immigrants, even if it does harm current U.S. citizens. But the greatest benefit that the U.S. provides the world is our technological innovation. The entry of high-skilled immigrants greatly helps such innovation, but such immigrants don't enter the U.S. illegally and so won't benefit from the current proposed amnesty. Massive low skilled immigration doesn't promote innovation and by causing taxes to be raised will likely slow technological progress in the U.S. And if, say, this delays the discovery of a cancer vaccine or AIDS cure by even a few months, then enacting the immigration bill will on net harm non-Americans.

James D. Miller writes "The Game Theorist" column for TCS and is the author of Game Theory at Work. He keeps a blog here.



S 1348 drafted in the pit.
He blows it on that last paragraph. There is NO good reason to support S1348. Since he has given a rather cogent argument in the rest of his article, I would have to assume that he has not really studied that bill. On the surface it does appear to be a good bill, but after you get through digging into it with your Blacks law dictionary, you are forced to conclude that some really clever devils designed and built that nasty piece of legislation. Sen. Sessions’ comments are particularly pointed. For example: "It is clear the people who drafted this legislation had an agenda and the agenda was not to meet the expectations of the American people”.
"The agenda was to create a facade and appearance of enforcement, an appearance of toughness in some instances”.
"When you get into the meat of the provisions and get into the bill and study it, tucked away here and there are laws that eviscerate and eliminate the real effectiveness of those provisions. It was carefully done and deliberately done. This is a bill that should not become law”.
"It is a bill that will come back to be an embarrassment to our Members who have supported it. I wish it were not so. I know how these things happen. You do not always have time to do everything you want to do. You try to do something you think is right, but ultimately in a bill as important as this one that has tremendous impact on the future of our country and our legal system and our commitment to the rule of law, we ought to get it right. We ought not to let this one slide by. It is not acceptable to say, let’s just pass something and we will send it to the House and maybe the House of Representatives will stand up and stop it and fix it. That is not acceptable for the great Senate of the United States."
For the full text of his comments SEE:
--------Sen. Jeff Sessions, Senate Floor, May 23, 2007
This Bill (S. 1348) has nothing to do with anything but total surrender to a world governance that any thinking person would oppose. A word such as treason is not out of place in this discussion.

I would be fascinated to know how many...
of our esteemed senators have actually read the bill in its entirety and understood it.

I believe we are looking at a package of intended consequences + "unintended" consequences + "intended but unacknowledged" consequences. I am far more concerned about the latter two types of consequences, particularly the insidious "unacknowledged" variety.

Immigration Reform
S-1348 should be withdrawn and new legislation written that is better designed to serve the interests of America. This legislation should include the following features:
1) Provide funding to secure the borders. The goal is 0 illegal crossings per year by 2012.
2) Require registration of all current illegals, and establish a one-year registration time frame. Any current illegal who fails to register within the prescribed period, will be deported (upon discovery) and forever denied future US entrance.
3) Registration includes a security check and the issuance of an ID card that establishes the legal status of “Guest Worker”. Those who fail the security check will be immediately deported. The commencement and termination point of the registration process must be well publicized.
4) No guest worker, their offspring or extended family would have ANY PATH to citizenship. Acceptance as an immigrant applicant for future citizenship would be a different process. Of course, a guest worker’s track record should have bearing in the immigrant application process.
5) Congress would vote EACH YEAR on the authorized number of guest workers and immigrant applicants. Congress can/should stratify both groups based on skill sets deemed currently in the highest demand.
6) Sufficient funding would be provided to support the monitoring of all guest workers and immigrant applicants.
7) Clarification of the legal rights, responsibilities and entitlements of guest workers and immigrant applicants would be fully enumerated.
8) Substantial penalties would be established for any citizen, business or organization that knowingly employed an illegal (after the one year registration period has passed).

I am with you on "1-7" above. I would agree with "8" above, on 4 conditions:
1) the federal government establishes a robust online system which permits potential employers to IMMEDIATELY verify the combination of name, age, sex, SSN, green card, or guest worker card number for an applicant;
2) state and local governments provide the verification service to potential employers of day laborers at day labor shelters and known day labor "pick-up" locations; (If the potential employers know where the day laborers are, there is no excuse for municipal governments not to know as well.)
3) state governments stop issuing drivers licenses to known illegals, by using the online verification system; and,
4) all of the hideous "sanctuary cities" start enforcing the law for everyone, as was intended.

I agree with your stipulations.

The administrative infrastructure you suggest will be expensive. And while security will not be cheap, lack of security has and will cost far more in the long run.

"administrative infrastructure"
The databases already exist; the issue is instant, online access and instant response. The IRS and SSA already KNOW which SSNs are being abused; they are just not doing anything about the abuse (except the IRS trying to "bust" those whose SSNs are being used fraudulently). The initial demand on the internet access system would be high, because there is a bocklog of 12-20 million verifications which must be addressed. However, beyond that, you're only looking at 2-3 thousand verifications per day, assuming that the borders remain as porous as they are now.

It costs an employer a lot to train an employee (not day labor) only to be informed six months to a year later that the employee is illegal. It would also cost an employer a lot to independently verify the validity of the documents presented by illegals, especially since the quality of forgeries has greatly improved.

Once the online system is in place and functioning:
1) fine the employer for each illegal employed;
2) double the fine if the employee was not checked through the online system;
3) double the fine for a second offense; and,
4) double the fine again and again for subsequent offenses.

Once the online system is in place and functioning:
1) reduce federal funding to states for each illegal drivers license issued;
2) double the reduction for each licensee whose legality was not checked through the online system; and,
3) fire any state employee who "knowingly" issues a drivers license to an illegal and exclude the from unemployment compensation as a result of the firing.

Einstein is reputed to have defined insanity as: "continuing to do the same things and expecting different results". The Senate immigration bill is "insane".

Credit Bureaus
I'll bet the 3 big credit bureaus would jump at the chance to maintain and support the database and administer the access. I'll also bet their fees would be very reasonable.

come on in!
Aw hell! Come on in. We want everyone in the world to come and join us. Why sholdn't we have higher taxes, more crime, lower educational standards, more disease? I think these are all great ideas. Heck, another 50 to 100 million uneducated and poor people and we too can become a third world country. Won't it be great! /sarcasm off.

We need you in Congress...
This is actually a good plan.

Free Ride
This bill is nothing more than a way to create a larger dependant class and empower the politicians who feed these unskilled workers.

Skilled workers are denied access because they actuallyt hink and do not require the ruling calss to support them.

The proponents of this bill seek nothing but political power ad infinitum and if the US crashes they care not for they have power and economic failure means more dependants.

It is sad to see the US fall prey to Socialism but generations of indoctrination are having a effect.

It is sad to see the greatest nation on Earth become a third rate power but Socialism cares not. Power is more important than liberty.

The Dark Ages approach and the sheep to the slaughter go willingly.

In fairness we must all share misery equally. The ***** nation of the liberal left.

Population Dumping
I think the illegal immigration problem is better analyzed as a product dumping case. The Mexican government is actively engaged in moving vast numbers of its unskilled and uneducated workers to the United States with the intent of improving the Mexican economy through reductions in the social welfare costs.

Those favoring the current invasion plan either don't care or don't understand that it will bankrupt the border states through Medicare/Medicaid requirements, additional educational burdens, and welfare payments to the unskilled and undereducated who will generally remain in entry level jobs. The natural consequence of bankrupt states is a stronger federal government and, it appears, most in Washington want a stronger federal government even at the expense of a weaker country. Honor and integrity stop at the water's edge, the edge of the Potomac that is.

Can anybody tell me how on earth our economy is driven by unskilled labor when those laborers are net users of government services? Forget about Iran and Iraq, we need regime change in Mexico.

You forgot something else....RACE
The fact is, elites are deliberately attempting to Balkanize this country to make us more easily controlled. Its the old divide and conquer strategy. This nation is on a DELIBERATE path to a white minority because these elites (many of whom are Jewish) see the white Christian middle class as thier biggest obstacle to their globalist agenda. Uh huh...that's right, I SAID IT!!

But liberals claim that all the illegal immigrants are a net benefit, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. A good way to test this would be to see if the illegals would still come in such numbers if they were denied all the various welfare handouts, like free medical, free schooling etc. My prediction is that they wouldn't.

Not enough Americans would or could do the job.
I believe that Mr Miller hasn't been talking to farmers who have to compete with government authorized imports of food and fiber and government required rules, regulations, and paper work. Farmers who get less for their products than they did 20 years ago. Farmers who cannot set the price at which they sell their crops (short of plowing them under and taking huge losses). Farmers who have to pay today's price for equipment. Farmers who know that, even if they doubled or tripled wages, couldn't find enough Americans who would or could do the back-breaking field work required to get the job done.

Does anyone believe that the unemployed in, say Los Angeles, would leave their homes to work in the 100+ degree heat of Central California for $15 an hour?

No Subject
I support most of your ideas. I have some comments:

How could Congress possibly know how many workers will be required from year to year. I think Congress should set a maximum limit and then leave it to, say the Department of Labor, to set the number as seasonally required.

I see no need for the Widow Smith to be put it the same catagory as WalMart when she hires someone to clean her house or mow her lawn once a week. How is she suppose to know if an ID card is a fake, or not?

Come to think of it, how is any employer suppose to know who is legal or not? Paperwork can be faked. How about a national ID card for everyone that would include his or her picture that would also include digital finger prints and other information? It could be like a credit card that could simply be swiped by the prospective employer who would know immediately if the person in question was legal or not.

Securtiy checks on 12,000,000 people? If you could do 10,000 a week it would take over 20 years.

How about making the immigrants responsible for any funding needed? Charge them, say $2,000 for the ID card. Hey, they pay over $5,000 for coyotes to bring them across the border!

Another Idea That's Not So New
Why don't we make our immigration requirements the same as the country from which the immigrants comes?

Mexico's requirements would not allow its own people to immigrate to Mexico.

Right to farm?
What right does anyone have to be in business? Especially farmers?

It is said produce doesn't share the same level of corporate welfare that milk, wheat or corn enjoy, but in CA, they get their labor subsidized by illegal immigrants, they get their water subsidized at the expense of people in the city and in other desert states.

If they can't make a profit growing lettuce, try another crop.

NW WA state used to produce strawberries. A very laborious crop to pick. I tried it a few weeks as a teenager. Farmers can't hire the local teens to work there anymore. I guess they prefer the malls or Burger King.
The farmers are planting raspberries which can now be mechanically harvested.

Instead of subsidizing American farmers, let them grow those crops south of the border where there is more water, sun and labor. US farmers can learn to plant new crops with no subsidies.

US does this with visa fees
The Saudis hated it.

Plenty of Americans could & would do the job of farming...
Americans who want farm jobs pretty much have to own their farmland because the Mexicans have claimed nearly all the migrant worker jobs. Forget being able to get factory jobs as these have been exported to China or where ever. About the only way to have a job anymore is to create your own! Bigwigs certainly don't care about unemployed Americans being able to find relatively easy to get jobs. Just bring in another truckload of Mexicans to do whatever needs done. They all just KNOW that Americans wouldn't DO those jobs...

The impact of the welfare state
"Does anyone believe that the unemployed in, say Los Angeles, would leave their homes to work in the 100+ degree heat of Central California for $15 an hour?"

What you're describing is a direct result of the welfare state. Before "The Great Society" you had to work if you wanted to eat. Sure, there were private charities that helped one get back on their feet following some adversity but if was a foregone conclusion that the charity would stop, that you would ultimately have to look after yourself. Enter LBJ and the socialists. Now the unemployed and the rest of the welfare state are a growth business. We have scads of bureaucrats who are single-mindedly expanding their vast empire by giving away more money. Helping people in their time of need is a good thing, but too much help destroys the individual.

But asking your question a different way... "Does anyone believe that the unempolyed illegal immigrants, once legal, would leave their homes to work in the 100+ degree heat of Central California for $15 per hour?" Not if it's easier and more profitable to not work.

lies about border enforcement
there are a lot of misstatements about border enforcement. many are equating the amount of money spent on enforcement with the actual enforcement of the law. this is disingenuous.

checking some of the articles, it appears that the minutemen were pretty eefective at enforcing the border:

some articles imply that the border partrol is collaborating with the Mexican government officials with intelligence on the whereabouts of the minutemen. the border partrol was very reassuring to the Mexican officials assuring that all illegal immigrant rights would be retained and that these "vigiantes" would be watched very closely.

others show that the border partrol actively pushing to not enforce the border:

i do not believe that our government is making a real effort to enforce the border.

What? You don't trust the government?

We can fix immigration and today's illegals
"The lower an immigrant's skill, the less value the economy derives from his presence."

A ready supply of willing low-skilled workers keeps costs and prices low, relieving pressure on high-skilled wages. If we grow food here at a competitive price, we don't have to import it.

The question of government service costs is better left for the academic duelists.

"the lower a person's level of education, the less likely he is to politically support intelligent economic policies."

This appears to be much less true with imimigrants because they are people on a mission and while they pay taxes, they are eligible for many fewer benefits.

"Unskilled immigrants also cause political harm by increasing income inequality."

But they typically don't stay low income. They are much more economically mobile than native-born American workers.

"The big talking point of those who want to legalize the illegal immigrants currently in the United States is to say that it is 'unrealistic' to round up and deport 12 million people. Back in 1986 it was 'unrealistic' to round up and deport the 3 million illegal immigrants in the United States then. So they were given amnesty.... [W]ill it be 'unrealistic' to round up and deport 40 million or 50 million illegal immigrants in the future?"

Logic says, "if it was unrealistic, it is unrealistic, and it will be unrealistic". But you don't have to make room for 50 million more. Enforcing our laws is a mix of will and technology. We have more of both than ever before.

"there is greater voter support for allowing in more immigrants."

Yes, current polls show much greater 51% support for the "comprehensive" approach.


What a polluted word. Never before has amnesty meant paying a significant fine, paying back taxes, and leaving the country first. But even if you "know it when you see it" regardless of the facts, amnesty per se is not evil. We have tax amnesties frequently, and benefit from doing so. We had an amnesty after Vietnam, which healed many wounds.

I support the rule of law, and believe it to be fundamental to our way of life. But I also understand that sometimes wisdom takes you in a different direction than logic. The big concern should be whether these policies will encourage greater scofflawry in the future. That's where improved enforcement has to come in.

"Politics rewards intensity."

This is true, but incomplete. Recent studies have shown that the population as a whole, not just producers supports milk subsidies and many other subsidies.

"chain migration"

The bill explicitly shifts the emphasis from chain migration to skills-based migration, which is a very good thing. However, the point system approach the bill favors is getting a bad reception because it appears to be cumbersome. A much better approach would be to define skill categories with quotas for each, and use an auction approach instead. That way the market instead of the government can figure out who's worth the market price. And Friedman is right that US graduates should stay at the front of the line (0 price.)

"it might become politically impossible for the U.S. Congress to limit future chain migration."

These "might" arguments cut no ice with me.

"The entry of high-skilled immigrants greatly helps such innovation, but such immigrants don't enter the U.S. illegally and so won't benefit from the current proposed amnesty."

The problem is that not enough of them are entering, period.

EASY Answer
Simple. Issue, for a fee, an ID card that resembles a credit card. Require all employers to swipe the card through a credit card reader to get a near instant approval from the Department of Labor. Nobody gets a job without that card.

Cards are easy to fake...
That's life in the new millenium.

I envision a card that has the photo of the person on the card and other information on a magnetic strip or microchip that has such things as finger prints, emergency contact information, etc.

Anyway, when a prospective employer swipes the card back comes a photo of the person. Can't fake that -- at least not easily or cheaply. The card will have a Tax Identification Number for "guest workers" and the Social Security Number of citizens.

Not really, not at a reasonable cost
It's effectively an arms race. Our id gets better; they're fraud stuff gets better...

Why the antipathy?
What exactly is the problem with low wage immigrants competing for our manual labor jobs? Are all of you not very strongly pro-capitalist?

Every single employer who employs manual labor needs the lowest paid, best workers he can find. Whenever he finds a work force that can deliver his product faster and cheaper, he should hire them. They boost his bottom line.

Undocumented aliens typically pay more in taxes than they use in services. You might read the latest report from the Congressional Budget Office on the fact that they contribute tens of billions of dollars into our economy, both from taxes paid and from income spent on purchases, above and beyond whatever expenses they may incur in the form of things like medical care or food stamps.

All this is very well known to those people in Congress posturing and orating over the bill under consideration. So I'm wondering why they are going to so much trouble to stir up the proles against the immigrants. They're good for business.

Very good, in fact.

Lets bring back child labor
What exactly is the problem? I mean, hell...lets bring back slavery. We could at a minimum use prisoners as slave labor. But I like the idea of children with low IQ's being used in cheap unregulate groups to pick my vegetables. And their nimble little hands could be used for purposes where well paid adult hands just won't do.

At the least, we can use illegitimate children right? I mean, why educate a lot of bastards who will just become criminals anyway. Lets get some use out of them while we can. THEN, we can promote illegitimacy and promiscous sex to produce an unending stream of little bas.tards.

I love this line of thinking!!

Better yet...what we REALLY need to do is eradicate the American middle class and create a permanent underclass of hundreds of millions of cheap/slave laborers. THEN we can just produce to our hearts content.

Hell...people don't need families, houses, or nations. Lets get rid of all that useless crap so our plutocrats can have an unending supply of slaves to satisfy their lust and greed for wealth and power.


Barking up the wrong tree
That's not what I'm getting at. Historically this nation's growth and economic strength has come from its influx of foreign workers. They start out at the bottom, knowing little or no English and getting crappy jobs at low pay until they become familiar with the system, and start moving up.

Just because today it's the Mexicans and Central Americans makes no difference. That's the way my forefathers and probably yours as well came to America-- unless you're native American.

Our system depends on a constant stream of motivated new workers coming in. They and their children will be tomorrow's leaders.

No, its the right tree...its called a NATION
I don't want a Balkanized "multi-cultural" society. I want people like me....EUROPEAN....and specifically, WESTERN European. Its like Pat Buchanan said, we are not an ECONOMY....we are a NATION. A Nation...get it? These people are NOT assimilating. And these people are organizing into a racial bloc vote for the Left. Get your head out of the clouds....

Immigration is just another tool the elites are using to dilute the white American middle class so they can control us more easily. Currently, the white Christian middle class is the ONLY obstacle to an all-out socialist totalitarian pan-Western fascist police state. A state in which the elites will have NO opposition. A state in which the international bankers can finally come out of hiding and rule in the open air.

You foolish pseudo-intellectual "conservatives" or "libertarians" or whatever you call yourselves. You are fools. You simply do not understand power. It is your ignorance which is leading to the consolidation of power in the world....this is not a GOOD thing...its a BAD BAD thing. Power corrupts...its not a cliche. And with modern technology, and enough consolidated power, freedom can be vanquished once and for all.

Third-world immigration into the West is just another chess move by these globalist elites. Stop playing checkers and learn chess.....fools.

Aryan Nation
I understand you perfectly. "Those people" are not like us. They're lazy, shiftless and dishonest. And they undermine our values. Plus, they are brown... and even darker than that.

Got news for you. The only true American are the Red Man. The English, the Germans, the Irish, all the black Africans, the Poles, the Italians and the Greeks, then the Latins and Muslims and Chinese and Koreans-- all those people came over in subsequent waves, looking for opportunity. This nation does not belong exclusively to your kin. We are a nation composed of like-minded people, all looking for a good place to live.

If you're not happy with the brown folks in "your" country, maybe you could move to the Idaho panhandle. It's still mighty white up there. Then you can yell at us down from your mud fort what fools we are, not to recognize your innate racial superiority.

Wonder if those children would work cheaper than Mexicans...
That appears to be the predominate hiring criteria. Who can get work done the cheapest? Children are built close to the ground like Mexicans so maybe if they would pick cheaper than the Mexicans do we will start seeing fields full of busy children! At the least this should save on the cost of building schools & hiring teachers. Why attend school when most jobs are being outsourced anyway?

Non-white racial hypocricy
1. If you do a search on Google for "National Association of [non-white]" where [] equals "Black" or "Hispanic" or any other non-white group, you will get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HITS.

2. If you do the same search for [] = "White" YOU GET ZERO HITS....NADDA...NILL...NONE. This country was 90% white in 1960's its less than 70% white and is on track to be less than 50% white before 2040.

3. NON-WHITE racial identity politics is promoted, funded, organized, and controlled by the elites. WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS is taboo. Whites have unilaterally disarmed themselves in what amounts to a DE FACTO RACIAL COLD WAR

4. EVERY multi-racial society ends up in civil war, both historically and contemporaneously. Your multi-cultural pipedream is just a recipe for death and mayhem.

The fact is, both the Left and the Right are promoting NON-WHITE identity politics and using RACE to consolidate the non-white vote as a tool (bloc vote) against WHITE AMERICA. These elites have an agenda and its all about power. It is time for WHITE America to stand up to this double standard and claim their birthright.

I GOT NEWS FOR YOU is inevitable. If you think White America is going to lay down and be overrun by these non-white hoards, you have another think coming. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I fully believe the white identity politics in the form of blatant white nationalism is inevitable.

The elites are pushing third-world immigration on the West because the ONLY obstacle to thier world domination is the AMERICAN WHITE MIDDLE CLASS (and perhaps the White European middle class, if they ever get their act together).

...its coming...its coming.

Your contention:

"If you do a search on Google for "National Association of [non-white]" where [] equals "Black" or "Hispanic" or any other non-white group, you will get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HITS.

"2. If you do the same search for [] = "White" YOU GET ZERO HITS....NADDA...NILL...NONE."

The FBI seems to think otherwise:


"The National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) was incorporated on December 14, 1953, in Delaware. The NAAWP was registered in Dover; however, the focal point was in Milford, Delaware. The goal of the association was the segregation of the races. A representative of the NAAWP gave a speech at the Delaware Airport in Harrington, demanding that separate schools are kept. Members traveled throughout the United States defending their beliefs. In September of 1955, the Deputy Attorney General of Delaware took action to revoke the charter of the NAAWP."

The rest of your rant sounds pretty much like straightforward Christian Identity propaganda. Maybe you should just bend over and smile. The world to come is inevitable, you may as well lie back and enjoy it.

We'll see
I guess we'll just have to see. The internet has changed everything. Information is now at the masses' fingertips. My IMPLIED contention is that there are no MAINSTREAM white organizations. The Ford, Mellon, Pew, and even the federal government are funding hispanic groups like "La Raza" (in English, means "The Race") to the tune of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

I don't see millions flowing from left-wing foundations into groups that promote what is good for White America. Why is promoting what is good for White America TABOO, but these foundations and the media can promote NON-WHITE interests all day long???

I think the white middle class will inevitably see this double-standard for what it is....BUL.L.SH.IT !!!

...we'll see...we'll just have to see

Obstructing immigration is bad for business
This country relies on a constant stream of fresh immigrants to fill our entry level jobs. In fact, we need them just to work in any kind of jobs. Demographically we're entering a period when fewer and fewer workers will be supporting more and more retirees. So we need them as much as they need the work.

North Carolina found in a 2004 study that the undocumented work force provided an annual benefit of $8.4 billion to the state's economy. Further, they found that efforts to clamp down on undocumented labor had harmed the state's agriculture in the past growing season to the tune of $260 million.

Further, it was noted that since Smithfield got busted for employing undocumented labor, they have been running short of help-- unable to fill a hundred entry level positions with starting wages in the ten dollar range. Mexicans really do do work we won't do.

To pass a flawed bill like the one that has just failed would be the equivalent of shooting ourselves in the foot. It would be fitting, I suppose, if we were to outlaw one of the things that has made America great.

No kidding
This really does not surprise me. You and she make a fine pair.

It's just not fair
You complain that "there are no MAINSTREAM white organizations."

I beg to differ. The US government is an organization running most of the world for the benefit of mostly white men. And the World Trade Organization, the G-8 and World Bank are all organizations for imposing the white man's primacy over what they delicately call "third world" nations.

In fact the entire mechanism of corporate control is being run virtually exclusively by white people, with only the occasional, token black face.

The white guys have already won. That's why there are no mainstream "white power" protest groups. They already hold power, and there is nothing for them to protest against.

Ultimate self contradiction
James Miller basically says that because we don't live in a free market, we need to further restrict the free market to avoid bad economic effects.
Then he calls his proposal "The free market case .."?????
A classic example of how laws restricting market freedom lead to ever more restrictions. Hayek called this the "Road to Serfdom".

An actual free market position on immigration would be to control immigration only on the basis national security issues. Repeal the welfare state. Any economic effects should be left to the market.

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