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Merry Christmas!

By Ralph Kinney Bennett - December 24, 2007 12:00 AM

If you are happy and warm, Merry Christmas. If you are cold and lonely, Merry Christmas.

If the world is your oyster, Merry Christmas. If the world seems like it is tumbling down around your ears, Merry Christmas.

If you are well and healthy, Merry Christmas. If you are ill and in pain, Merry Christmas.

If you had a good year, Merry Christmas. If you had a bad year, Merry Christmas.

If your faith is strong, Merry Christmas. If you have your doubts; if God doesn't seem to be listening; if you find it hard to pray; if your heart seems to be hardening, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!

If you are a Jew or a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Hindu, or if you don't believe one whit about a god or a spirit of any kind, Merry Christmas.

Take it for what it is - an expression of cheer and real regard for the best in you. And please understand it also as an expression of how deeply we, as Christian sinners, believe that God entered history in a certain place on a certain date and in the form of a human being, placing himself at our mercy that he might extend us mercy.

We are not sure of the date. Was it August 28, as some scholars think? Or was it March 28, May 20 or November 17 as others have posited? Most of us have cheerfully accepted the tradition of December 25, but the exact date is not the point.

We Christians wish everyone a Merry Christmas because we believe that whether we humans prosper or fail, cruise through life or struggle every minute, grasp the greater scheme of things or can't see beyond today's routine, Jesus' birth changed everything.

That baby in Bethlehem brought into being a sublime possibility - of forgiveness and reconciliation.

We are all still free to think what we will, do what we will, choose what we will, reject what we will - even reject God himself. But nothing can change the fact that God has chosen to love us, and what began as a gift in the manger and culminated in a sacrifice on the cross, is real history, real hope - life-changing hope.

That's why we wish the very best for you - for everyone - with this "simple phrase": Merry Christmas!



To Dietmar, Pauled, Marjon, Roy Bean, Forest, Stephen, Bobjones, DBT, Prospector, Vijay, et al
Though we disagree frequently, I wish each one of you peace and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

Thank you
And the same to yours.

Merry Christmas in a new light the Stars

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy New Year..
Recently a man came to our group who has used modern software that Nasa and others use to plot planet movements and he used it in reverse form to see if it could be used that way. It was a success for this man consulted with the very people that work and run the planet observatories.
His findings....are factual not hypothetical...

There was certain very easy to find unique occurences happenings in the galaxies at the birth of Christ which supports the accurateness of the historical writings that the heavens declared His Glory.

He found that a very rare but did happen unique eclipse happen during the midday hours on the day of Christ death on the cross that did bring darkness for a specific time that matches the time written in historicals records as time of darkness over the land at Christ's death. Once he found this and received the facts throught this software to support it. He decided to back track to the about birth time of Christ to see if something different could be found in the positions of the stars and our planets in our own galaxy. He did find some amazing things that is undeniable because this software shows it.

He found that certain groups of stars, what some of us call the big and little dipper and other contstellations had their selves aligned in a very rare alignment that has not happen since the birth and death of Christ. This alignment that he found with this highly advanced software happen once at Christ birth and at christ birth these constellations was somehow brighter than ever before and not since that time again..The software showed how the alignment of these caused the higher intense brightness, and what he showed with this same higly advanced software
was that these same constellations and their alignment happen again at Christ's death only instead of them being so bright, they was reversed and in a darkness not seen since. He showed his findings to the Star studiers at the observatories with using this software and they could find no mistakes in his findings. Of course the news media will not talk about this. They call it religious, the idiots.
So, not only does man say Merry Christmas, the Heavens did also. PS: These findings are mentioned to some degree in historical records of what the star gazers wrote in records in the time of Christ birth and death.
Merry Christmas to all....

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