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Stimulating Thoughts

By Roy Innis - February 6, 2008 12:00 AM

Congress and the White House, Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something. We need a stimulus package, they intone. The economy is stagnating, unemployment is climbing, families can't pay their bills. We have to prime the pump, reduce interest rates, increase unemployment benefits, provide temporary tax relief.

These unlicensed physicians are prescribing aspirin to counteract the poisons they routinely inject into our economy, while they prepare even bigger doses of arsenic.

Every one of these supposed shots of economic adrenaline is counteracted by policies that drive up prices.

Oil, gas, coal and other resources on America's citizen-owned public lands could help meet US energy needs. Developing these resources - with full regard for ecological values - would generate jobs, economic growth and tax revenues and stabilize energy prices.

Onshore and offshore public lands could hold enough oil to produce gasoline for 60 million cars and fuel oil for 25 million homes for 60 years - and enough natural gas to heat 60 million homes for 160 years.

But several legislators, regulators, courts and environmentalists have made most of them unavailable to the workers and families who own them. In addition, a Utah area with a trillion dollars worth of public coal was placed off-limits by the Clinton adminitration. Nuclear power has been in a regulatory stranglehold for decades. And activists blocked construction of dozens of coal-fired electricity plants in 2007.

The "energy" legislation President Bush just signed doesn't foster the production of a single drop of oil, whiff of natural gas, or kilowatt of new coal or nuclear power. Instead, the bill:

* Adds $6,000 to the price of new cars, while reducing passenger safety in collisions with trucks, trees and other large objects, by forcing manufacturers to downsize cars to meet 35 mpg ratings;

* Replaces billions of incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights, necessitating expensive recycling facilities that can safely handle the mercury in each CFL;

* Increases ethanol production to 35 billion gallons a year - five times what we produced last year from corn grown on an area the size of Indiana, using 42 billion gallons of water and 5 billion gallons of petroleum (for fertilizers, pesticides and fuel);

* Promotes wind power - although generating enough electricity to power New York City requires huge turbines across an area the size of Connecticut, and they only work eight hours a day on average.

Policymakers who are experimenting on our energy, economy and lives need to abide by the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm. Affordable, reliable energy transforms constitutionally protected rights into actual rights and opportunities for better jobs and living standards.

Roy Innis is chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (, one of America's oldest civil rights organizations, and author of Energy Keepers - Energy Killers: The new civil rights battle.



And we should be surprised, why? (TS)
Pandering politicians (of all stripes), touchy-feely liberals, authoritarian bible-pumpers and a woefully economically ignorant populace all conspired in the comedy of errors known as "competent, energy self-sufficiency."

The politicians grovel at the foot of "global warming" for which we should really ask: is it real? did we cause it? can we fix it? at what cost? are you willing to pay that cost? if not, why not?

The libs and their allies in the press, DNC and NEA want to make everything fair and dumbing down coupled with success-envy is the method. Their message: it's the (rich) man who is holding you down! Its not your fault you smoked and skipped high school. You _deserve_ your neighbor's house, car and lifestyle. Free healthcare is your right! The bills, their problem!

The bible-pumpers claim the earth is God's gift to mankind and thus it must be protected as though it is a bottle of rare champaign not a self-replenishing system. Worship the polar bear for it is God's gift to you. As is the cockroach, lice, flies, bird flu and Aids. Thanks, but I'll make my own covenant with God and respecting the roach is not part of it.

And the populace, while demanding the government "do something" about gas prices, health care and the war in Iraq, they want to suffer no consequences for their demands while passing the costs on to the "evil rich" who don't pay their "fair share." Sorry Charley, not only do the rich pay their fair share, they pay everybody else's too.

Ignorance, stupidity and delusion - and that is the majority it seems.

So, somebody show me the error of my thinking.


What bible thumpers are you talking about?
The only so called Christians who meet your description vis-a-vis "protecting the earth" tend to be the far left variety, such as the Church of England and various denominations in this country.

These groups are about as far from "bible thumpers" as one can get. Heck, most of them ignore most of the bible, especially those portions that make liberals uncomfortable.

I understand that it's difficult when you hate a class of people, to actually see that there are differences amongst them. But try, you can do it. It also prevents you from looking like an ignorant fool.

Sounds like they've been listening to Roy..
"We need a stimulus package, they intone. The economy is stagnating, unemployment is climbing, families can't pay their bills. We have to prime the pump, reduce interest rates, increase unemployment benefits, provide temporary tax relief."

People are rewarded for being irrational at the voting booth
...especially in nations that have voting booths. The price of their irrationality is fully externalized to the rest of us, so why should they be rational? Isn't it bad enough that they are forced to rationally deal with the laws of chemistry when their iPod batteries need recharging? Whereas in the voting booth, they feel that they are on their own personal Fantasy Island. (All of us are like this, including myself)

Because of this, I say we bring back the maligned Diebold electronic voting machine 'fixed' with a simple pavlovian mechanism where the voter would get a sharp electrical shock if they put their pointing device/finger anywhere near the touch screen where the candidates are displayed. They would still vote for whomever they wanted to, but would pay some sort of price for doing so. Some rationality on behalf of the voters would thus be enforced. As for voter training, we all played the game Operation as a kid, didn't we?

Wind produces 27% of waht wind produces
A common misunderstanding about windpower is that on average it produces about 27% of the power it is actually rated at because the wind does not consistently blow at optimum speed. That means when we are told that some windmills can provide enough power for a New York it actually means on average 27% of the power (or sometimes even only 27% of domestic usage) including none on particularly calm days.

I don't know if the writer has been misled this way but I suspect so.

ratings vs. wind energy
When the wind is blowing too hard, windmills are feathered so that they won't be damaged. As a result, they are producing no power at those times either. Even though those same high wind speeds are used to help calculate an areas average wind speed.

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