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Government Solving Its Own Crises

The Federal Reserve recently announced new measures to tackle the current financial crisis. They include helping J.P. Morgan Chase acquire Bear Stearns, lowering the discount rate and offering short-term loans to about 20 investment banks-- and they came only days. Read More

Christos Anesti

I wonder if the people sitting in churches last week understoodd how very much Jesus of Nazareth's last week of life was driven by clashes pertaining to wealth and poverty - freedom and tyranny. Probably not. Theologians generally don't... Read More

Stimulus vs. Growth

Can Keynesian-style short term stimulus engender economic growth and forestall recession? Or is such a package of no effect or even harmful to the economy? This essay examines this question differently from recent commentary, via a return to fundamentals.... Read More

The Universal Spitzer

"The former New York attorney general never believed normal rules applied to him, and his view was validated time and again by an adoring press." --Kimberly A. Strassel The term "Spitzer" belongs in the dictionary, and its definition should be... Read More

The Energy Future: Scenarios

"[Electricity from solar power] is doubling now every two years. Doubling every two years means multiplying by 1,000 in 20 years. At that rate we'll meet 100 percent of our energy needs in 20 years." Ray Kurzweil, quoted in Live... Read More

The Return of National Greatness Conservatism

There's an old military aphorism that reminds us that "no military plan survives contact with the enemy." It can equally be said that no intellectual fad survives contact with reality. Such appeared to be the verdict rendered on one... Read More

Obama's Well-Aged Beef

The television images are striking. A handsome young candidate, an adoring audience, a beautifully delivered speech in which he offers to bring us together as a nation, and speaks of his "movement for change:" "I don't want to spend... Read More

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