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Never Give In

By Jerry Bowyer - November 5, 2008 12:00 AM

"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

-Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

Check the date, Churchill was speaking during the depths of the Nazi onslaught. And he was speaking to school children. The quote above is the text of his entire commencement speech to those boys. He rose, stepped to the podium, uttered those two sentences and sat down. Few people could have gotten away with that.

As I hear about the death knell of conservatism, I'm reminded of Churchill. He won WWII, and then lost the next election to a Fabian socialist named Clement Atlee. Brits had become tired of risk, tired of war, tired of privation and so they gave the reins to a man of the left. Atlee began to commandeer large swaths of the economy. In fact, my favorite Churchill story is the one about the time that Churchill was standing at the urinal in the men's room of the House of Commons. Atlee came into the room and stood at the urinal next to Winston's. Churchill looked up at him, zipped up, moved a couple of urinals farther down and resumed his business. "Why Winston, I had no idea you were so modest.", said Atlee. "It's not modesty, Prime Minister. It's only that every time you find something that is large and functions well, you try to nationalize it, and I thought it best not to take a chance!".

Atlee did nationalize whole industries, and the industries and the political opposition resisted. The things that were large and functioned well in the private sector, got larger, but did not continue to function well under socialism, and eventually, Churchill won back the office of Prime Minister.

We will win too. But it won't be with same crew that brought us to defeat. Let me say in print what so many of us believe in our hearts: the present generation of conservative leaders has failed us miserably. For the most part, congressional republicans are a village of pygmies. Few have genuine leadership qualities. Fewer still can compose a clear English sentence in defense of our ideas. Our president, whom I love, certainly cannot. Our nominee is a man who spent too many decades in the DC Skinner Box where he learned to flinch every time his inner Reagan threatened to say something true about the left. Sen. McCain said in his most recent appearance on Meet the Press that he had appeared there more than any other guest in its history. He thought that was a good thing. I thought, "That's why he's losing."

How could he have possibly believed that he could win an investor-bashing bidding war with a utopian socialist?

For the most part, our conservative intellectual establishment is a herd of antelope crowded around a few springs of conservative foundation money, taking no real chances, and forming a ring in which they see and hear only members of their small and shrinking herd. When someone appears who they haven't met, a Palin for instance, they close ranks and exclude the newcomer and reinforce their own tiny circle even more strongly.

I go to DC fairly often, and I find the old guard of conservatives every bit as out of touch with my neighbors and I as the liberals are.

It's not us; it's them. The elements of the Reagan coalition remain alive and intact: practicing Christians and Jews, military families, investors, entrepreneurs - they're all at least as large and probably larger than they were when Reagan convened them in 1980. We didn't shrink, but our leaders did. After every revolution, the careerists step in. The guys who see a good job in politics or advocacy are a completely different personality type than the guys who leave a good job to go and change the world.

Here's what you're looking for:

If you flinch every time your leader speaks, he's the wrong guy.

If Congress, staffer, policy analyst, etc. is the best job this guy could have ever gotten, he's the wrong guy.

If he's lived in DC more than a decade, he's probably the wrong guy.

If he sounds like the people on TV and not the people in Church, temple, work, or the Rotary, he's the wrong guy.

If he uses hackneyed phrases like 'traditional family values' and 'tax and spend liberal' instead of normal English, he's the wrong guy.

If you wouldn't hire him to run your own business, or recommend him to the owner of the company that you work for, then he's the wrong guy.

History has handed us the founding fathers' worse nightmare: a hyper-articulate, hyper-charismatic man who has a low view of the constitutional limits of government. It's going to take the founding fathers' best dream, a citizen-soldier of wisdom and achievement to get us back on track. He (or more likely, she) is out there already.



Support the Fairness Doctrine

With so many articulate conservative talk show hosts, maybe we should support the fairness doctrine so they would be forced to step out from behind the mike and try their hand at practicing what they preach.

Never Give In
I do not understand why obama is perceived as charismatic. His charisma is a carefully crafted, well scripted facade. He is bereft on any sagacity, honesty or wisdom. From the first time I saw him he seemed shallow, self serving and arrogant. What he was was fortunate that first Hilary and then McCain were so uncharismatic. If you want to call what Obama projects charismatic I'll need a different dictionary. (I must admit he does have a good speaking voice.)

We have to police our own house
Our leaders did fail us, but a large part of the blame is ours because we (party members, party officials, party professionals, and elected party members) saw the corruption and failure and did nothing. We waited for prosecutors or Democrats to do the policing. I have always had very high hopes for Republican candidates - and very low expectations.

So when Tom DeLay played his petty games in Washington and redistricted Texas as he did, the people saw he was a political hack and that the party did nothing. The same for Ted Stevens and it's going on even now. It is time for the party to say to Alaska and America "we're sorry but that guy will not be allowed to foul the nest any longer."

"shallow, self serving and arrogant."
These are his followers.

Hope for 2010
""I'm not worried about overreaching," said Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. "I'm worried about being too timid and too cautious, and not stepping up to the plate and doing what we promised we would do.""

Yay! Its the generalization game!
Vast generalizations are not going to get people to take you seriously in the real world. And don't come back with some infantile, "but its true" remark. Please don't waste time clogging our precious internet tubes with your divisive noise making.

Did I hurt your feelings?
People who supported BHO did so based upon emotion since BHO has a shallow record and can only speak well.

When challenged to do so, no BHO supporter could answer the question what has BHO done to qualify him to be president.

A two year governor, Palin, has more executive experience than BHO.

Observing comments by BHO supporters, they ARE shallow, self-serving AND arrogant.

Don't have to be female to be disturbed
Quite frankly, I was appalled at the things that were done to both her and her family with the intention of destroying her political and personal reputation. I could go through the entire laundry list of things that were said and done to humiliate her, but I think everyone has a pretty good idea what I'm talking about.

I'm not female but this is nothing new. The more effective the opponent, the more the left is unhinged. For that matter, I was shocked how they treated Hillary. There's an rather disturbing ferocity among the Obamamaniacs. THere's undercurrent of ferocity and a little ideological goose-stepping going on.

Joanie, if you pick up a copy of Amity Shlaes book "The forgotten man" or listen to the podcast of her interview w/ Russ Roberts at GMU on -you'll see how that pinnacle of compassion FDR treated those who dared to challenge the Nat'l Recovery Administration. That abomination was only destroyed thanks to the valor of poultry merchants named Shecter (sp?)

Zyn's Dilemma
He was certain that McCain & Crew would pull it out. He may be nursing a mammoth-sized hangover....

(Goodness knows I am.)

As I mentioned to a friend after the election, it isn't so much that a platitude-espousing Socialist whippersnapper with no identifiable accomplishments has won, but moreso that all of the repugnants who supported his ascendancy -- those who've insanely compared the Bush/Cheney admin. to ***** over the years; those who've advocated publicly in fiction and art for the death of President Bush; those who've invoked the most vile profanities in attacking Sarah Palin; those who've led a vicious onslaught against a common citizen (Joe the Plumber); those who've displayed thuggish intimidation tactics with nary a sense of indecency about them -- have won. And today they're gloating about that victory. Irrationality and virulent hyperbole have triumphed in the public discourse. That's what's difficult to stomach.

Did you see the Soviet symbols in Grant Park the other night?

Don't worry about conservatives
Unlike the liberal whose life revolves around feelings, conservatives control their feelings and understand that an opportunity exists in 1-2 years to elect conservatives to the House and Senate as was done in '94.

Since BHO is a politician with few principles, like Bill Clinton, he will be influenced by fickle public opinion polls.

"Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages"
Don't they understand we all need to make sacrifices?

to both our commentator Pacific Waters and the author of the essay.

Between the two, it's 'nuff said already.

What a joke Obama is. I mean, really.

All the money he thinks he's going to steal from the rich, even as we speak, is being moved offshore. When that money isn't there, when it's as gone as the Who's Christmas tree and gifts and stockings and fireplace log after the Grinch comes, where do you think he's going to turn for it?


Not that there's enough money among "the rich" to pay for what the Magic Negro wants to spend money on anyway.

But, you "commoners", don't worry too much. I don't think Obama is long for this world.

He's going to **** off, and already is pissing off, the wrong people. And these wrong people will kill him. Yes, as in assassinate him. And I ain't talkin' no white trash skinheads. The people who decide to assassinate Obama will succeed.

Obama is 47. He will only live to see 50 if he learns some real moderation the hard way. Right now he's 100% big mouth and swelled head and absolutely nothing else. The power he's drunk on and thinks he has, he doesn't have.

The stock market tooks its greatest dive in a single post-election day in the nation's history. Businesses greatly increased their estimations of lay-offs and greatly decreased their estimations of new hirings.


For those of you who like him--yeah, that's YOUR boy did that. That wasn't W. Bush.

HA! I'm elated!

Why not, AnarchoC?
That's what your boy Obama the Magic Negro does, and you think it's golden.

"Irrationality and virulent hyperbole have triumphed in the public discourse."

And what else is new?

Damn, this is going to be FUN!

I'd better stock up on popcorn right now before Obama makes it too expensive to buy!

Prying the gun from cold dead hands
Never give up, you say? How about when the electorate has discredited ideas that, carried into fruition, have wrecked our economy? How about causing the country to expend blood and gold in ill-considered and planned foreign entanglements, from which there appears now to be no satisfactory manner of extrication?

A basic conservative premise since 1980 has been that the republic's capital should be sequestered into the hands of its investor class.. from whence it may be the more profitably employed in increasing wealth for all.

As a direct result, trillions of dollars that could have been used as seed money to ensure another generation of prosperity have been squandered in reckless and unregulated speculations that have proven sterile. All we have left from this ill-formed exercise is a mountain of debt.. one that grows more immense the more we try to stanch the gaping wound with freshly borrowed billions.

How much richer we would have been, had we had the good sense instead to have invested in our human resources. Had a fraction of this money instead have gone to consumers in the form of better wages, all our corporations would be healthy today, and working as hard as they could to satisfy a ravenous and well funded consumer demand. Instead those corporations, like the federal government AND the American family, have each been collapsing under their own piles of debt.

When I was in business, at least I knew that my business should be run at a profit. And that no amount of finagling of the books with fresh borrowings to cover operating losses could ever improve my financial standing.

So let's hear it from the never-give-ups. Only let's also hear them admit that they have a task before them now: to fundamentally rethink and reshape those policies that have brought them-- and us all-- to ruin these past eight years.

Long live the new, reformulated conservatives!

So hopeful, so delusional
The first order of business will be to try and crucify Bush, pass laws to grant unfettered abortion and infanticide "rights", try and undermine all the "protection of marriage" state Constitional Amendments, tax conservatives, forget the poor, destroy the energy infrastructure and severely damage the military.

Do you really think they will have the time or energy to bother with pesky and trivial issues like the economy, health care, immigration reform, fair trade practices or Afghanistan? (Iraq isn't an issue because Bush already won that one and the troops are already trickling out. As long as Obama doesn't screw the pooch he might actually beat his own timetable for Iraq).

I have high hopes that Mr. Obama will actually live up to the office and take care of the most important matters first (if he can). But he will have to fight the house and senate to do it. I, like 95% of population, have no faith in them. Remember the Clinton push for universal healthcare? That was begun under a Democrat controlled house and senate and never had a chance.

The next 20 months will be interesting!

I would worry, and try to get prepared for 2010
Do you realize what has happened here? It isn't just Obama, the Republican part has been very nearly destroyed politically. Seldom before in history has one group held so much political power and never before has that group had such a fringe party platform. The Republicans need to take back at least 15 seats in the house and 5 in the senate in 2010 just to be able to do damage control.

For the next two year democrats will be able to ram through anything they want. The only weapon at the disposal of the Republicans is the filibuster, and that was nearly taken as well. The only real hope that reasonable limits will be maintained lies with a division in the democratic party. If there are enough moderates in the house and senate then they will help hold the line. If the democratic party manages to come together, the sky's the limit.

Yeah, I'm worried. This election showed the Republican Party is disorganized and in shambles. They have 6-months to pull it together or face further losses in 2010 and relegation to third party status.

Right now is the time for a new party to rise and fill the void; any takers?

New era for both parties
I hear a lot of talk about the new era Obama has ushered in. It's true for the nation.

But I hope that Republicans realize that it's true for the Republican party, too. They must embrace Palins and Jindals, and not parade a line of elderly white men as the best representatives of what is actually a diverse party. McCain would've had my support no matter what: but then he stepped away from party advice to gain Sarah Palin.

As much as I loathe the thought of the policies that will be implemented over the next four years, I hope that conservatives can learn some things from the liberal elites who successfully launched Obama on the nation. As much as I disagree with the positions of the leftist illuminati, their management of this campaign was remarkable.

What are they putting in the water up there?
"The first order of business will be to try and crucify Bush, pass laws to grant unfettered abortion and infanticide "rights", try and undermine all the "protection of marriage" state Constitional Amendments, tax conservatives, forget the poor, destroy the energy infrastructure and severely damage the military."

Not only are these all peripheral, third rate issues.. and ones BHO has never even referred to in passing.. they tend to be within the province of the states to decide. Except for the last three.

1. Forget the poor? Do you mean to say the current administration has been their champion?

2. Destroy the energy infrastructure? How, exactly?

3. Damage the military? I think he's said he wants to build it up. Meanwhile it's being weakened greatly by extended deployments that have left it exhausted and poorly supplied. Continue the way we're currently heading and the military will in a few years be capable of any meaningful response.

And this: "I have high hopes that Mr. Obama will actually live up to the office and take care of the most important matters first (if he can). But he will have to fight the house and senate to do it."

If he concentrates on bringing together both sides of the aisle he can get a lot of business passed. But if opponents decide to block his every move as a matter of principle, the country will not be well served.

Recall that with the Clintons' push for universal health care, they announced that they wanted strong bipartisan support before they passed a plan that would change the way America does business on such a basic level. Which to me is a better way to proceed than to ride roughshod over minority sentiments, as we've been seeing more recently. But the support they were looking for never happened. The Rs, invited to make suggestions and amendments, never responded with a word. And the plan died a quiet death.

I would predict constant filibustering to take place, as a way of blocking any plan and making the new administration look bad. Is this the kind of government we wanted for ourselves when we drew up the Constitution?

Democrat 'leadership'
With the popularity of a Congress led by democrats in the single digits now, it will be interesting to see how they can dig themselves out from the hole THEY are in.

We'll see
I believe in the office of president and that most of the men who have occupied it have tried to live up to the burden. I have no reason to believe Mr. Obama will do any less. But he has indeed made promises to various group to do some of the things I pointed out and several members of the democratic party are pretty hot on these points. Mr. Obama has said he will cut the military 25%, never have I heard him talking about building it up.

I love the way you liberals never have done anything wrong; it is all the republicans fault. The Clintons may have asked for Republican imput, bu they couldn't even get it through the Democrats and it died a not so quiet death.

I will be pretty peeved if Republicans fillibuster any decent tax or economic policy. They do need to work together to try and fix the mess and/or prevent it from happening again. And they need to get it done before we slip into a full-fledged depression.We also need a fixed immigration system immediately and we need to get things headed in the right direction in Afghanistan. Those should be the top missions of the democrats, but I expect a lot of sidetracking into these other areas.

Some want to bring Bush up on charges (rediculous), some demand abortion without restrictions to the point of legalized infanticide (even more rediculous), some want immediate gay marriage rights codified by the U.S. government. Obama has said he wants a carbon cap and trade scheme that is so draconian that it will bankrupt all coal-fired power plants and possibly even break the coal industry; and some of the things he has not said are just as bad.

When has Obama ever spoken out for a comprehensive energy policy that includes coal, petroleum and nuke? When has he ever denied he wants open obortion rights at all stages of development? When has he said he would not back or sign any of these issues?

No, it is not Obama that will be the problem per se; it is those democrats with their own agendas. Nancy P. and Harry R. have now become very powerful individuals and they aren't exactly centerists.

As I said, it will be interesting!

Which time?
"Damage the military? I think he's said he wants to build it up."

He also said he wanted to reduce it, he wanted some multi-hundred thousand strong civilian force....(no doubt some sort of paramilitary SS)

And he promised to "bankrupt" the coal industry.

"If he concentrates on bringing together both sides of the aisle he can get a lot of business passed. But if opponents decide to block his every move as a matter of principle, the country will not be well served."

He's never done anything of the kind before. If his every move is as far left as his legislative record-hey dimbulb, we don't elect kings-and we know how little regard you have for princples you don't agree with-even Generally Accepted Accounting Principles was a topic you disputed despite any understanding in the subject.

His first move was to ask Rahm Emmanual to be his COS. A man quoted as saying "the Republicans can go *** themselves" is a real sign of bipartisanship.

Idiot, Hillary's healthcare plan was being concocted in secret, with a few hundred of her most secret advisors in Jackson Hole (I love the irony) Wyoming. Are you so stupid you think nobody remembers this stuff?

Apparently, the market loves Obama. An election should reduce uncertainty and elevate stock prices. Down 10% in two days.

I won't give that website another hit on its counter.

And another voice TJ Jackson too.

It worked for the liberals.
" I would predict constant filibustering to take place, as a way of blocking any plan and making the new administration look bad."

If the government is too busy fighting amongst themselves they don't have time to pick my pocket.

Not prognosticating, simply pointing out the obvious
The Republican party is not dead… yet. However, they are on life-support and need to make a move in 2010 of face the pulling of the plug.

It doesn't have to be a big one, just a notable tick upwards.

Assuming the democrats will hand it over through error, though probably true, is not enough. Republicans need to begin the search for strong winning candidates at the state level and work their way upward toward a total takeover in 2012 or 2016.

I remember that about 6 years ago, but the democrats began pushing back in 2004. Also, the republicans never had close to the margin the dems now enjoy. If the republicans drop below 125 in the house and 40 in the senate, they will find themselves with no more real power than the Constitution Party.

I find no comfort in this, it fact I find it quite scary. Things are already potentially bad enough, any worse and it will be devestating socially and economically to this country.

I posted
Just at that time this forum was pretty dead.

Here's where I've been:

You don't get it
Most of the policies you dub as 'conservative' were anything but.

"Is this the kind of government we wanted for ourselves when we drew up the Constitution?"
Actually, YES. THAT is what the Founding Fathers wanted.

In fact, the Senate was designed deliberately to temper the passions of the Mob (the House and Presidency). And, you didn't seem to mind when the Dems used this to stop Bush from pushing his agenda through.

"Not only are these all peripheral, third rate issues. and ones BHO has never even referred to in passing"

Who says this is just about BHO? You forget Roy, this isn't about BHO or just his Administration. This is about the total package Americans are stuck with right now. That includes the Dems in Congress -- which you love to bring up when you want to blame Reps for filibustering but conveniently forget about when issues like these are brought up.

The Justice Cmtte chairman wants to prosecute Bush and Cheney.

Two others want to gut the military by at least 25%.

Another wants to nationalize IRAs and 401ks and force people to turn them over to Social Security so the politicians can raid that. Apparently, nobody told that idiot that such a huge drain of investment capital out of the markets and into a defacto government slush fund will definitely cause a Depression for sure. Or, maybe they did but he doesn't care -- like so many Libs smelling fresh blood right now.

Pete Stark wants full blown Single-Payer health care. I am embarrassed to say, he's my congressman.

Schumer wants to raid the TARP bailout.

Here's a good article that sums all of this up:

..and here is some video footage of the already active Black Panthers Scares Away Whitey From Voting Booth Corps:

People, you should be worried less about how the Reps will 'reform' from all of this and worry more about if we'll even have elections in 2010 or onwards.

Why hasn't Obama denounced these guys?

I wonder...
...if that one lady's gas and mortgage bills got paid yet?

It's the first step in the dehumizing process
...eventually, they'll move onto marketing lampshades made from the skin of conservatives.

As Gandi said
..."first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and win!"

I've been sparring with Bob Jones...
...who seems to think that the voters-who-made-the-difference are totally into the Ideological Obama Struggle and didn't just vote because they saw their 401ks go down the dumps or got notices that their HELOC lines were being reduced.

*NM* = No message
It means the message is entirely in the subject header. Some boards didn't allow empty bodies.

Not saying you should give TJ a shout- saying he should pipe in, now that TCS seems to be coming back from its near death experience.

Huh, "The magic negro?"
This is a very racist sounding name you level him with. Why not "the magic hawaiian" or "the magic liberal"? Its seems that you focus on his race as the primary determinant of his traits, and that makes you a racist. And just to let you know, if you want to convince me of anything, (my goal is to try to convince you of something) then a better way to be taken seriously is to not act as an agent of intolerance

As a supporter...
How is the Obama campaign shallow when McCain team' " Palin 'did not understand that Africa was a continent and not a country'. Nor, he adds, could she name the three countries [Mexico, the US and Canada] which are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement." Palin is one of the most idiotc people I've ever seen in the kind of position she's in. Obama on the other hand has gone to Harvard and the University of Chicago, run the Harvard law review and run the largest political campaign in US history (executive expierience)Palin on th other hand was mayor of a town which provides near to no social services, and Governor of a state with a population the size of El Paso, Texas. To say that she was an inexpierienced incompetant reck is an understatement. She should make intelligent people like you and I shiver.

Probably because he's a secret terrorist!
Oh golly guys and gal's, my friends, Barack Hussein Obama, that sure is an awfully Arab-y sounding name to me, and I hear he's friends with some crazy precher guy too!

Repeal the 17th Amendment
Senators used to be elected by state legislatures.

That was a good idea.

You agree with his preacher?
Why won't the IRS take away the tax exempt status of Wright's church when they promote a political agenda?

Palin was the VP candidate.
McCain, the candidate for PRESIDENT, has decades more experience than BHO.

Dim bulb Biden, thought FDR was president in 1929 and that TV existed at that time, and that j-o-b-s has three letters. And Biden only worked in a real job for three years, as an attorney. Real 'blue-collar' roots.

As for Palin, she defeated and incumbent Republican governor in a primary election, and won the vote for governor.

Because AK has fewer people, why would you think they are 'stupid'?

Palin is a majority in this country.
She has a political future and your snobbery is so typical.

My grandfather, an 8th grade graduate from a small SD town in the 20s, was smart enough to know that FDR was a socialist and did what he had to do to find work and raise 4 children.

If you want to be respected, you need to respect people like that.

Besides, what I have observed, if you have a proper education, you should understand that the more you think you know, what you don't know expands geometrically. If you don't recognize that, you have not had a real, classical liberal education.

I think they're stupid because they choose a moron to represent them.
And I apologize to the ones who didn't vote for her, I'm sure you knew how Plato felt. Democracy, eh? But your point was that Palin was more fit for the presidency, and my point was to debunk you. And based off the fact that you didn't respond to my point, I'm guessing you just can't prove that Palin is more fit to run than Obama.

'Magic Negro' is a real term, idiot! (No...make that race-baiting IDIOT)
So, why don't YOU educate yourself before throwing baseless accusations of racism at people here? Or, are you just a 'troll'.

Or, are you worse than a troll...just someone who uses baseless charges of racism whenever something you don't like about The One are thrown?

Here, let me help you:

Original context as defined in Wikipedia:

Here is its usage in the political context as it refers to Obama (which is what The Great One was referring to and it is not his/her fault you are so damn ignorant) by a BLACK & LIBERAL columnist who used the term properly (even if you disagree with it):,0,5335087.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Your goal is just to convince us you want to waste everyone's time, because you sure as hell can't convince anybody of anything if you are just race-baiting for your God.

What does that have to do with voter intimindation by Black Panthers
...on The One's behalf?

Answer the question: Why hasn't your Obamafuhrer denounced these guys?

I'll admit, I'm a snob, from Berkeley, CA
But I would say that I probably have a better education than your grandfather, as nice of a person as he might have been. We don't need nice people running our country. We need smart people running our country, and Palin is not a smart person at all. And if your grandfather thinks FDR is a socialist, maybe someone should have told him about Eugene Debs, an actual socialist, from the 1910's. It shocks me to see how anti-intellectual many Americans are, as if education is a bad thing or makes one lose their "common sense"

Ok, ok, fair enough, jumped the gun on that one, my sincere apology.
But for someone who didn't know of its usage like that, I hope you can see how I might have been shocked and stricken to a passion.

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