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The Fajita Flu

Influenza pandemics are the stuff of nightmares. My father was able to recall the "Spanish flu" pandemic during the winter of 1918­-19, when classes in his Philadelphia grade school were canceled for weeks, shops were closed, and open horse-drawn wagons... Read More

Doubting Der Spiegel

The already embattled Georgian President Mikheil "Misha" Saakashvili's ill-fortunes don't seem to be improving. In late March, Der Spiegel published a damning account of the yet-unreleased findings of the EU inquiry into the brief August war between Georgia and Rus Read More

Frankensteins, or Davids?

Evgeny Morozov's thoughtful piece in Boston Review on Cyber Utopia, which I found through John Brown's admirable blog, gives bows to Clay Shirky and Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and places some nice emphasis on our favorite subject,... Read More

The Death of Democratic Capitalism?

How far will the Obama administration move to assert regulatory control over key sectors of the economy? Are we moving away from democratic capitalism, and toward some sort of corporatist state-directed economy? That could be the biggest stock market and... Read More

FDA's Woes Will Grow Under New Leadership

The FDA, which regulates products worth more than $1 trillion -- a quarter of every consumer dollar -- has over the past two decades become a dangerous impediment to patients' getting the medicines they need. Drug development costs are up,... Read More

Stimulating Civil Society

The President's stimulus legislation, together with the recently enacted omnibus supplemental spending bill (H.R. 1105), undeniably represent for the immediate future the federal government's expanded role in public welfare provision. In the short term there will b Read More

Stock Market Corrections Are Beautiful -- and Necessary

Every correction is the same, a normal downturn in one or more of the markets where we invest. There has never been a correction that has not proven to be an investment opportunity. You can be confident that governments around... Read More

TARP the Life Insurers? This Is Nuts

Is bailout nation about to strike again? Sure looks like it. According to a bunch of front-page news stories, life-insurance companies are about to get TARPed. This is nuts. The public is clamoring for an end to TARP and bailout... Read More

Rising Sons

In March, I had the opportunity to visit a Japanese school. Kadena Elementary School is located on Okinawa Island in the town of Kadena, and is not to be confused with the school of the same name operated by the... Read More

Irreconcilable Differences

The debate on how to address the economic crisis can leave you breathless. Discerning free-market advocates understand that government meddling contributed to the troubles and restricting the government to its proper function of protecting individual rights is the Read More

Criticize by Creating

Most people think politics boils down to different answers to the question: how do we make the world a better place? According to idealist Michael Strong, step one is to ditch the politics. The second step to making the world... Read More

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