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Whole Foods Has Guts

There is nothing unusual about Chief Executives Officers of large companies expressing their political opinions in The Wall Street Journal. But recently John Mackey, a founder of Whole Foods Market, made a big splash with his column "The Whole Foods... Read More

The Record of the Federal Reserve

Not a day goes by without talk of the Federal Reserve, whether by the organization itself or by its opponents. An incessant cheerleader of his organization, Chairman Ben Bernanke will be the first to tell you that the Federal Reserve... Read More

Helicopter Ben or King Dollar?

It's no surprise that President Obama re-nominated Fed head Ben Bernanke to a second term as chair of the central bank. It was the path of least resistance. Essentially, the president argued that Bernanke was the guy who kept us... Read More

Geopolitics of a Melting World

The U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf reconvened on August 10th in New York to continue sifting through submissions made, according to the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea, regarding proposed submarine territories of the... Read More

Health Care Reform or Welfare Program: Who Pays the Bill?

The White House has released another of its health care reform clarification emails--- there will be more. It seems strange to me that the focus is on insurance coverage rather than on the spiraling costs of health care itself. Frankly,... Read More

Rescue, But Not Outrage

Early this morning (Hong Kong time), I was interviewed on CNN International (here's the video) about the consequences of recent rescues of American citizens sentenced to long prison terms in some of the world's worst countries — specificially, former President... Read More

The Battle of the Bulb

You can lead a horse to water, but not make it drink: except for politicians, especially in Brussels. Europe's Finest, ever busy fixing the world, stop at nothing to force happiness upon their citizens. Who knows better what's good for... Read More

Jefferson vs. Hamilton Redux

Today's divide over ObamaCare, bailouts and an exploding national debt brings to mind a defining conflict between two of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Their feud--nicely recounted in John Ferling's A Leap in the Dark: The Stru Read More

Town Hells?

"Town halls have become town hells," says Mark McKinnon, a former adviser to President Bush who supported Barack Obama in the November election. He was referring, of course, to contentious meetings between members of Congress and constituents on the subject... Read More

The Underlying Principle in Taxation

"One more thing, none of them wanna pay taxes again...ever." -- Bruce Willis, negotiating his terms to save the world in the movie Armageddon (which made a ton of money, all of which was taxable). If not flat out unfair, almost... Read More

Class Warfare On The Airwaves

A friend of mine in the radio business called me recently to ask what I think about the "performance tax" issue. If you are a regular listener to talk radio, you've probably heard ads decrying a plan to impose a... Read More

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