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Don't Close Gitmo

It's been a busy summer at the detention center at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base. The joint task force in charge of the 226 remaining detainees—they are never called "prisoners"—is spending about $440,000 to expand the recreation yards at Camp... Read More

Kevin Warsh Is On The Money

Attendees of the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh and members of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington should carefully read a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Fed governor Kevin Warsh. In a piece titled "The Fed's Job Is Only Half Over,"... Read More

Another Fed Meeting, More Helicopter Ben

Today's FOMC policy announcement from the Federal Reserve basically sends a message that Bernanke & Co. doesn't care one wit about the sinking dollar or the rising gold price. In fact, the latest policy directive removes last month's reference to... Read More

Let's Get Back to Worksheets

The U.S. is falling behind the world in math. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said, "We are lagging the rest of the world, and we are lagging it in pretty substantial ways." A special analysis put out by the National... Read More

What the Doctors Think

Will Americans soon be too sick to work, produce, invest, and generate new prosperity? That's one conclusion you can draw from a new series by Investor's Business Daily, which reveals that doctors are overwhelmingly opposed to a government takeover of... Read More

We the Rats, We the Children

We aren't rats. Nor are we children. But Congress and the Obama Administration seem to think so. From Cash-for-Clunkers to the idea that all Americans should be forced to buy health insurance, our leaders are moving away from stewardship of... Read More

How to Create More Jobs, America

My recent survey produced a variety of ideas, but most of them had these common elements: replace the Internal Revenue Code with a simpler model, encourage businesses to increase employment, and insist upon tort reform everywhere. It also brought two... Read More

The New York Times Again Cries Wolf - Part 2

NOTE: Bracketed page numbers and footnotes refer to documentation in the detailed paper downloadable here. Continued from Part 1... Dissents Presumably, what suddenly made the Cooper dissents newsworthy after 95 days was that the Times decided to do its own... Read More

The New York Times Again Cries Wolf - Part 1

NOTE: Bracketed page numbers and footnotes refer to documentation in the detailed paper downloadable here. "The State of California may be about to execute an innocent man."-- Judge William A. Fletcher, quoted with approval, NY Times, Aug. 14, 2009"This Man... Read More

The Jobless Recovery

The jobless-recovery theme re-emerged on Friday with the arrival of a disappointing employment report. The daunting number was the unemployment rate, which jumped from 9.4 percent in July to 9.7 percent in August. This is a big-versus-small-business issue. Sort of. Read More

From Mecca to Medjugorje - Part 2

Continued from Part 1... For Muslims themselves, significant reform measures in the Saudi domain would include ending the Wahhabi monopoly in religious life, abolishing the so-called "religious police" or mutawiyin who terrorize the public in the name of morals, an Read More

From Mecca to Medjugorje - Part 1

What happens when cities that owe their prominence and wealth to religion undergo uncontrolled growth, proposed redesign, or decline? Muslims around the world have asked serious questions over the past three years about the future of Mecca and Medina, the... Read More

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