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A Death Penalty Red Herring - Part 2

Continued from Part 1... NOTE: Page numbers and footnotes in brackets refer to documentation in the detailed paper downloadable here; those in parentheses refer to all other linked sources. "Second" Chance ImperfectionsOn November 9, the Supreme Court will be asked Read More

A Death Penalty Red Herring - Part 1

NOTE: Page numbers and footnotes in brackets refer to documentation in the detailed paper downloadable here; those in parentheses refer to all other linked sources. Dishonest death penalty opponents have made many false and inflated "exoneration" claims. But their Read More

Dollar Suicide

It wasn't Colonel Mustard in the library with the candelabra. And contrary to recent press reports, it wasn't Prince Alwaleed in the desert with a cartel. It was, in fact, Dr. Bernanke in the temple with the printing press. And... Read More

Kemp's Keys

I believe that free-market capitalism -- on the supply-side and along with King Dollar -- is the best path to prosperity. That's the model my late dear friend Jack Kemp successfully espoused to President Reagan more than 30 years ago.... Read More

How to Liberate an Economy

Brian Carney and Isaac Getz's Freedom, Inc. is a timely book. It's also countercyclical and somewhat counterintuitive. After all, most of today's writing about economics and business is haunted by the current crisis: nearly every author and commentator expects that Read More

How to Create a Fairer Tax Environment

Can lawmakers who don't have the courage or intelligence to outlaw texting while driving really be expected to create a saner tax structure? Hmmm.Developing a fairer tax environment is much less an economics problem than it is a political dilemma... Read More

Tony Blair and the Presidency of Europe

The putative candidacy of Tony Blair for the not-yet existence position of President of the European Union has raised predictable controversies across the continent.Since stepping down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, his legacy has been confused, giving su Read More

New Methods in the Old Line State

Something magical is happening at the Largo Kumon Center located in Largo, Maryland: students are studying beyond school grade level and actually enjoying it. Not surprisingly, their parents have great things to say about Kumon. One mom, Sandy Frazier, said:... Read More

Save the Greenback, Mr. President

We know that gold is soaring. And we know the dollar is slumping. But, did you know that year-to-date, while the S&P 500 is up 18 percent—a great showing no doubt—gold is up even more. The precious metal is up... Read More

Towards a Simpler, Fairer Tax

Simplify, simplify, simplify...Henry David Thoreau ("Walden") Some tax reform proposals, like the Flat Tax and the Fair Tax, are fairly revolutionary. Regardless of their merits, these proposals would turn our tax system upside down and inside out, and hit the... Read More

"F" for Freedom

Pundits, always eager to find a crack and drive a wedge into it, predict tough and tense negotiations between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her new coalition partner, FDP leader Guido Westerwelle. After all, Germany doesn't like radical change, and the... Read More

The Great Recession

Given the dark economic outlook this time a year ago, it was hard to find a business or household that had the confidence—or audacity—to predict growth by the end of 2009, let alone double-digit growth. But that's what Washington's spending... Read More

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