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Let the Sun Set on Solar Fantasy

"Solar power is a key component of our clean energy future," said Gov. Deval Patrick this summer, announcing a plan to install large-scale solar photovoltaic power installations throughout the commonwealth. Just a few weeks later, the governor helped cut the... Read More

The Price of the Public Option

The main concern folks have with healthcare is price. For decades now, prices in the healthcare industry have outpaced the overall inflation rate. Healthcare takes up a larger and larger portion of the economy. While healthcare's share of GDP had... Read More

Give Up Abortion for Nationalized Health Care?

Throughout the health care debate, Democrats and President Obama have insisted that Americans who want to maintain their current health care coverage will be able do so. Reform, Democrats argued, would be a win-win, extending coverage to millions of uninsured... Read More

A Perfect Plan Tomorrow

If one studies the major initiatives underway thus far by the Obama Administration, mainly; healthcare, the economic stimulus package, and the cap-and-trade legislation, it is logical that the driving force behind these bills involve Mr. Obama's vision for the Unit Read More

Why Tragedy Will Be Result of Dems Rush to Victory on Health Reform

Last Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi begged, cajoled, and threatened health care legislation to a successful vote in her chamber, albeit by a razor thin margin of 220-215. The administration and House leadership touted this as a landmark vote, which... Read More

On Spending and Keynesian Displacement

Squeezed forth by the global financial crisis, certain detestable economic myths are bubbling through every legislative orifice. As the hand of retribution grips down on the world's monetary system, a gooey slime of absurd premonitions have oozed out of a... Read More

Addicted to Easy Money?

In an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo yesterday, Richmond Fed president Jeffrey Lacker refused to offer any clear sign as to when the central bank might finally end its zero-bound policy and begin raising rates. When asked whether he was... Read More

The Happy Economist

Should there be a Nobel Prize for creating happiness? Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz may think so—he chaired Nicolas Sarkozy's "International Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress" (ICMEPSP? Let's say "ICM), which recommends a ha Read More

The Economics of a Three-Race GOP Sweep

Against the backdrop of high unemployment and a public revolt against a Democratic health-care bill -- which would significantly increase taxes, slash Medicare spending, and massively raise health-care spending elsewhere in a government takeover of our leading grow Read More

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