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A Very Big Ten

The Big Ten Conference touched off a brushfire in December by letting its fellow collegiate athletic conferences know it's planning to expand. When word leaked in April that the conference was ready to pursue an "accelerated timetable," that brushfire became a full Read More

A Short Lesson In Scale (and Global Power Demand)

When considering the global energy sector, one of the most difficult tasks is understanding the gargantuan scale of our energy consumption. Read More

An Important Silver Lining

Amidst all of the fear, panic, and growing stock market doom and gloom, I'd like to offer an important silver lining. It's a little piece of economic optimism. Look no further than the sharply rising U.S. dollar. It has completely stopped inflation dead in its trac Read More

Racing To Save ShoreBank, Spawn Of CRA

The news that Goldman Sachs and a group of other leading banks may ride to the rescue of ShoreBank, by industry standards a tiny institution based on Chicago's South Side, should add a new phrase to the justifications for bailouts. To "too big to fail," add "too go Read More

Politicizing Graduation

It's shades of the 1960s at Syracuse University in upstate New York, as graduating seniors protest the school's invitation to James Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., to speak at commencement on May 16. Leading the "Take Back Commencement" protests is Read More

A Big-Bang, Trillion-Dollar Euro Burial?

Oops. What the European leaders really meant to do with their big-bang, trillion-dollar sovereign-debt rescue was to save the euro currency, not to bury it. But with the cave in by European Central Bank head Jean-Claude Trichet (formerly a hard-money man and closet Read More

Education Without Innovation?

I recently traveled to Singapore to research their national education system. During my visit, I stopped by the campuses of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the National Institute of Education (NIE)--Singapore's only teacher-training institute--to tal Read More

ObamaCare: A NICE Kettle Of Fish

With the presidential ink not quite dry on the health overhaul legislation, Republicans and their conservative allies promise to repeal it. That could prove a long battle, one that could stretch out for years. Read More

The "Moderate Republican" Death Penalty Values of Justice Stevens - Part 2

ANY PORT IN A STORM TO SAVE A CAPITAL CONVICT Solicitude for Suffering Orphans Who Kill Their Parents. Stevens may not fret about torture and terror of rape and murder victims, but he gets positively apoplectic about discomforting condemned murderers. A victim Stev Read More

The "Moderate Republican" Death Penalty Values of Justice Stevens - Part 1

THE VITAL IMPORTANCE OF A JUSTICE'S VALUES Retiring Justice John Paul Stevens has long been the object of adulation. In 2005, President Ford said he was prepared for his presidency to be judged "exclusively" upon Stevens' 30-year record. In the dominant media narra Read More

Keynesian Spending Has Zilch Effect on Recovery

Stubbornness is a bad trait in politics and policy, one that will be punished at the polls this November. Read More

ObamaCare's Deficits

President Obama insists that his health reform legislation is "the most significant effort to reduce deficits since the Balanced Budget Act of 1993." Yet, at the end of March a Gallup poll found that a solid majority of Americans--61%--believe that it will increase Read More

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