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Liberal Tax Revolt Game-Changer?

The liberal tax revolt, as the Wall Street Journal is calling it, is a very important topic -- especially for investors and small-business entrepreneurs. And for new jobs. Read More

The Price of Everything

Irish wit Oscar Wilde observed that a "cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." Read More

On the Intrinsic Value of Precious Metals

It is often said that precious metals have no intrinsic value, and thus the man who claims it as a safe asset and store of wealth has been mislead by superstition. Economists, financial advisors, and politicians of all stripes perpetuate this sentiment. Gold, they Read More

Rethinking Socialized Medicine In Canada

As Washington prepares to implement the White House's health care reforms, no one is talking much about Regina, Saskatchewan, these days. Maybe that's not surprising: With so much work falling on state governments, the news cycle focuses on Albany, Indianapolis and Read More

The Last American Skill

According to a recent "Newsweek" article titled "The Creativity Crisis," research shows that American creativity is declining for the first time. If this trend continues, the nation's economic and national security will be at risk. Read More

Business Knows More than Obama

With a bad-blood, confidence-destroying battle royale going on between Team Obama and business, you would think a highly publicized White House jobs summit would have produced some kind of positive announcement that gives a nod to the business point of view. Read More

The Coming Obamacare Deficits

On a quiet Friday afternoon this summer, the central justification for President Obama's health-care overhaul died a quiet death. On that day, a bipartisan coalition in Congress reversed the scheduled Medicare cuts to physician payments, ensuring that, over the nex Read More

Federal Revenue and the Economy

The Office of Management and Budget reports that total federal revenue more than doubled every decade from 1940 to 1980 (Table 1.3, tables). And from 1980 to 2000, total federal revenue almost doubled every decade, going from $517 billion in 1980, to $1.032 trilli Read More

Racial, Gender Quotas in the Financial Bill?

What one finds when reading congressional legislation is invariably surprising. Take the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, for instance, which was created by merging Senate and House bills. When the Senate returns from recess one of its first actions will be to Read More

States: The New Strategic Defaulters

When we talk about a Greek default, the concern is that Greece is literally unable to pay its bills: more bonds come due than can be repaid in the current year, and nobody is willing to issue Greece new debt at an affordable interest rate. For this reason, any stra Read More

Business-Power Neglect

This whole debate about government stimulus versus austerity, and the impact of these policies on economic growth, misses a key point: It is business, not government, that creates jobs. Read More

A Note on the 4th

As the 234th 4th arrives and passes, a prudent and reflective people should consider the meaning of the date, ponder the ramifications of the events which took place, and examine with a certain tenacity whether the goals set forth in those days have been met and ma Read More

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